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Predictive analytics – By Digital Aarif (Full service digital marketing agency)

Predictive analytics is the use of data, statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques to recognize the possibility of future consequences based on past data. The goal is to go beyond understanding what has occurred to provide the best evaluation of what will happen in the future.

Why is predictive analytics important?

Companies are adapting to predictive analytics to help solve difficulties and reveal current opportunities. 

Common uses include:

Detecting fraud. Combining various analytics methods can develop pattern detection and arrest criminal behavior. As cybersecurity becomes a growing business, high-performance behavioral analytics monitors all activities on a system in real-time to spot anomalies that may indicate fraud, zero-day vulnerabilities, and advanced determined threats.

Optimizing marketing campaigns. Predictive analytics are used to manage customer replies or investments, as well as to improve cross-sell possibilities. Predictive models help firms attract, employ, and grow their most valuable clients.


Improving operations. Several organizations use predictive models to anticipate inventory and control resources. Predictive analytics allows organizations to operate more efficiently.

Reducing risk. Credit scores are used to impose a buyer’s probability of default for shopping and are a well-known pattern of predictive analytics. A credit score is a quantity generated by a predictive model that consolidates all data related to a person’s creditworthiness. is an innovative AI orchestration platform that helps businesses in performing predictive analytics. 

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