Differentiate Between CerMark, TherMark, and LaserBond 100

The increase in industrialization has resulted in a higher demand of product marking for personalization and identification. Therefore, laser marking is a popular, informative, and helpful study. It brings you close to an easy way of producing patterns, designs, and images on a surface.

For long, people have been using manual methods such as painting and markers to draw and write on surfaces. But they do not find ideal results through these methods. Poor marking appears with the use of paints for example. And while you use markers, the colors fade away over time. Considering these shortcomings, a new method is available for use that uses laser bonding technology.

A unique aspect the word bonding. While many consider laser technologies to just strike and burn, bonding appears different. In addition, bonding is an additional tool that helps to neither burn the surface nor leave the mark. Often, laser machines burn through the surface and the pattern likewise. But bonding technology helps to keep the surface clean and the mark long lasting. In essence, you find a surface that carries a neat presentation.

This bonding is ideal through a laser machine. Additionally, different bonding sprays and markers help the technology and the device. The purpose of the laser is to direct the beam into producing patterns. But if it burns the work, there will be no end result. Thus, these bonding sprays help to aid the result by keeping the laser beam striking the place. And thus, it will keep your required pattern intact to the surface.

Popular laser bonding sprays include:

  1. CerMark
  2. TherMark
  3. LaserBond 100


Before we begin, you will find a key differentiation among several bonding sprays. And this relates to the materials they work ideally on. While laser striking remains similar on all surfaces, the results differ. Not every surface behaves similar to the others when subjected to laser.

Thus, you will need ideal and effective sprays. For this, we ensure you give you CerMark that is ideal for use over metals. When laser strikes a metal, it burns the surface. However, the brining is wavy and will cause you required pattern to miss the marks. Thus, the spray will help to keep the laser direction positive. Consequently, your work will appear clean, and neat likewise for a good presentation.

Why CerMark is Perfect as a Bonding Spray

While many sprays will come afterwards under the discussion. But CerMark leaves a mark when considering a laser bond. Although many features appear standard or identical to others, but it is about the ones that stand out.

CerMark is capable of offering:

1. Bonding Strength

A bonding spray is brought to improve or introduce bonding strength for a firm marking. But if the bonding is weak, the marking will not stay for longer. CerMark avoids this issue by offering a bonding result that will only get off through a sand paper.

2. Chemical Safety

Many sprays offer an itching effect when contacted with human skin. And thus, people have to wear safety equipment to ensure a safe use. With CerMark there are no risks when in the contact with your skin.

3. Coating

CerMark ideally works with surfaces that do not carry any coating. Hence, you can clean the surface with any lubricant or oil afterwards or before using this bonding spray.

CerMark Works

A few notable and useful works using the spray include:


Sometimes, the requirements remain simple but look for ideal support. We tend to look for the perfect product but lack to understand that an ideal product is the requirement. When you consider CerMark, there appears an ideal choice. With great benefits, you even find the capabilities they spray carries. But often we have to rely on specific products when the laser engrave is unique.

Not many of us know of a laser engraver using CO2 technology. For such cases, TherMark appears as an effective choice. You will find benefits identical to CerMark. But the utilization is different alongside applications and methods for application. In short, this is your other top choice when engraving metals but with a CO2 engraving machine.

The Unique Operation of TherMark

Often sprays come with the primary ingredients that make it. These include chemicals and other necessary elements. But they do not contain another option to offer a rapid cleaning. This means, if you intend for a quick cleaning, you will have to work externally and apply another cleaning agent.

Even CerMark does not offer a rapid cleaning mechanism to you. But TherMark does. The sprays carries water as an essential ingredient. The operation of applying the spray brings in the water so your engraving cleans up rapidly. In addition, you can use a clean fabric cloth to remove the water and impurities easily.

TherMark Products

Each of these TherMark laser bond products come with water. Thus, cleaning efficiently and easily is the benefit you receive.

LaserBond 100

When you pick for a perfect product, you find great options within. These include ideal options to work with, best way to access surfaces easily, and great benefits. Laserbond 100 is a perfect laser bonding spray offering best benefits to the users. Its tendency to offer basic positives against metals make them a perfect choice. In essence, a choice that is reliable.

In contrast, you can find great clarity on your final product through LaserBond 100. The spray guarantees a work that will highlight black engraving marks solidly. These sprays carry a great laser bonding technology to produce permanent marks effectively. And also to dry the marks for a quick permanent marking.

LaserBond Benefits

This bonding spray carries benefits that relate to its identity and elements that make it. However, some benefits come along the product that relate to the engraving work. These include:

1. Permanent Marking

To produce a permanent impression of the engraving work, the spray carries effective nanoparticles. They absorb the laser energy strongly and produce a rigid work.

2. Fully Tested

LBT100 comes from several testing for a perfect usage. In essence, the tests conclude that the spray is able to retain marks at high temperatures. Moreover, the marks remain solid against acid and solvents likewise.

3. Superior Formulation

The permanent marking that occurs through the spray happens through the elements of the spray. They absorb the laser energy extremely quick and at high temperatures creating strong bond among particles. Hence, a strong bond results.

Metallic Benefits

LaserBond 100 brings useful benefits that help against engraving on metals.

We have mentioned all the major brands available in the market for laser marking. Laser bonding tends to be the perfect laser bonding additive for marking the products permanently without damaging the surface of the substrate. In order to find the laser bonding spray online click here and try it on your own products and and mark the products perfectly without any damage.

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