Docman Connect: The New Way Private GP Provider Care For Patients

It has become a lot easier to care for patients as the London GP Clinic has formed close ties with the UK’s biggest private GP and healthcare services known as the Doctors Clinic Group (DCG). This recent development means that the DCG will be employing the innovative Docman Connect to enhance continuous patient care, lower the use of paper works, and improve the way record is shared between private GPs and the NHS. By this, a lot of stress will be eased, and continuing care will be provided unabated.

But what is Docman Connect?

Docman Connect is a new and modern system of transferring patient care electronically. Here, electronic clinic documents are shared between varying healthcare services safely and efficiently.

Following this, the current paper-based system used by the DCG will be replaced with Docman Connect to simplify giving outpatients’ records (whose consent has been sought) to registered GPs on the NHS.

In a statement made by the Medical Director of the DCG, it was revealed that the Group was all out to provide continuous care for patients either directly or via the NHS GP. Regarding the DCG decision to partner with London GP Clinic, he highlighted the fact that the Group aims to see that the clinic record of patients is safely transferred back to their GPs on the NHS. They chose to employ a functional, flexible system, that is very much in use by NHS GPs in the country.

He also disclosed that the CQC had acknowledged the DCG’s effort during the time of clinic audit, and it is clear how committed they are in providing care that matters to patients.

Why Docman Connect?

At a time like this when there is so much uncertainty, going electronic is a more secure way of sharing patient records, and this is what Docman Connect is all about – this is what the DCG is advocating. Here at the London GP Clinic, our full support is with the DCG as they strive not to slow down but keep up the good work of caring for patients by using a system that manages clinical documents electronically.

With Docman Connect, the document’s entire movement is not hidden but very clear and brings peace of mind to patients even as more effort is put into a secured transfer. This implies that if you are recommended to see a private GP, your health record will be sent electronically to them by your primary healthcare provider instead of the usual method of handing down paperwork.

GPs that are registered with the General Medical Council are offered same-day video appointments with the DCG. The latter has several clinics in London that are open to patients who may not find it easy to see their local GP in this period of coronavirus.

What do DCG clinics offer?

Every area of general medical practice is covered. This includes prescriptions, at-home urine, and blood tests, delivery of medications, referrals to many private consultants plus scans and imaging.

With the aid of Docman Connect, clinical documents of patients that have given their consent will be safely moved to their recommended GP practice.

Is Docman Connect for your organization?

During this covid-19 pandemic, it is obvious that many things have changed and in order not to lose touch with current realities, the procedure for doing things has to be in line with what’s obtainable right now. This is especially true for health and care service providers. The lifestyle and business changes that have come to stay following the coronavirus pandemic have put many persons into compulsory adjustments. To ensure people keep getting medical services like they usually do, the Doctors Clinic Group has come up with Docman Connect.

So, if your organization is providing healthcare solutions including private GP service, it would be great to partner with them to foster continuity in medical services even amid the novel coronavirus – most importantly, the new strain of the virus.

You can visit the Doctors Clinic Group website to learn more about Docman Connect and how it can help your organization. Alternatively, you can contact any of our team members at the London GP Clinic for more information.

Please note that the consent of patients is important when it comes to sharing their clinic records electronically. This is so because clinic ethics ensures that patients’ health status is kept as private and confidential as possible. Docman Connect recognizes this rule and follows it to the latter.

In the interim, we provide useful advice and services when it comes to your health and wellness. Our doctors have years of experience and are friendly, smart, and up-to-date. If you are experiencing any health problem that you’re not sure of, diagnosis is offered here at the London GP Clinic. Don’t hesitate to reach us today.

Hope you find this article informative!!!

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