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Does A/B Testing Help in Conversion Optimization?

A/B testing is simply the method of comparing two options to get the best result. Fundamentally, it is used for software applications or websites to decide which one is more successful. Let’s learn more about the a/b testing tools that are available. So, without wasting the time, let’s read the below written segments. 

Why a/b testing important?

A/B compares two versions of the same web page to detect which one leads to more conversions. When it is shown to various visitor groups simultaneously. However, the comparable categories could be webpages, webpages, apps, elements.In short, it can be said that a/b testing tools comparison makes the work of software engineers easy.

Best  A/B testing tools

Whether at an agency, in house or as a consultant, if you have some work pertaining to conversion optimization, you need a/b tests for sure. Following is the list of the popular a/b testing tools.

Adobe Target

It is a popular tool that is used for personalization and combines targeted testing. It is fundamentally, 3- step process. 

AB Testing Tools

The foremost step is to create the variant. After the creation, targeting the variant based on visitor segmentation, customization of goals is done and finally settings for the test. The most exciting feature is automated personalization.

AB Tasty

AB tasty tool is a simple-to-use tool, reasonably priced, that serves as a good starting point for companies which are just about to begin conversion optimization.

With the help of this tool, you are able to quickly put together the variants and test. It helps in receiving real time reports with full confidence.


It is an advanced tool that offers methods from A/B testing blended with machine learning to deliver optimal experience automatically, for each user.


You can use your own data to execute experiments across the web, desktop and mobile  with the help of the enterprise-grade, real-time Wasabi A/B Testing Service project, which is fully API-driven. 

It has a lot of features, such as quick, simple to use, and has only a few tools. Wasabi is a platform for experimenting with Intuit products like TurboTax, QuickBooks, and more.


With the assistance of the split testing framework Django-lean, you may create tests in Python , JavaScript, or Django template code and it provides administrative views for you to use when analyzing the test results as well.

Google Optimize and Google Analytics

If you talk about the experienced optimizers then in that case, experienced optimizers, who are just beginning their experimentation adventure, Google Optimize is especially advised for them. 

These tools, which are a Google product as well, enable you to test various website versions and determine which one performs best and design. 

Because it’s endorsed by Google Analytics, you can also benefit from having a powerful research tool at your disposal. You can conduct straightforward A/B testing, multivariate tests and split URL tests with Google Optimize. 

But if you want to run more intricate tests as well , then it’s best to upgrade to Optimize 360, which has much more robust testing features and services.

Five Second Test 

With the help of this tool, you can test any aspect of a website even including the logo, copy, wireframe, graphic design and graphic design, and thus receive insightful and qualitative visitor feedback. 

This information can also be used to improve the look of your page and to direct your business metrics in the desired direction.


A feature management tool called Unleash offers a summary of all features in all of your services and applications. The platform equips engineering teams to execute A/B tests using feature toggles and precise user techniques.

Unleash can be used to specify the road map for your studies, but it lacks several essential resources for managing A/B tests from beginning to end. To consider the results of your experiment, you must connect it to an analytics tool like  Mixpanel or Google Analytics.


One of the most cost-free website creation tools and greatest tool is Petri Wix, which uses Petri as its testing platform. It includes toggles for the feature toggles and thus  A/B testing throughout the whole product experimentation lifecycle. 

Petri constructs filters to choose which user group to include in your experiment, makes it simple to gather user behavior data and use feature toggles to manage internal implementation specifics and gradually roll out features.


Vanity is a Rails development framework that is experiment driven and  datastore-independent . It is an useful free A/B testing tool for businesses who use Redis as their message broker, cache and database.

Vanity selects two options for an experiment and calculates a z-score to determine the likelihood that one variation would outperform the other. Additionally, it shows you the likelihood of the ideal moment to stop the experiment and make conclusions. 

Out of these tools, some are best free a/b testing tools and some are money charged.

Benefits of using A/B testing tools

There are several benefits of the best A/B testing tools . It helps in increasing user engagement, reduces bounce rates, minimizes risk, increases conversion rates and effectively helps in creation of content. 

Ab tsting tools

Using an A/b test has positive effects on the mobile app or website. The best part of using a/b testing tools is that these are easy to implement and are also valuable from a learning perspective.

Effective Content

In case of improving the conversion rate or answering a single question, a/b testing is used to improve any experience over the time. It helps in extracting the maximum amount of value from the production tests and thus helps in increasing the return on investment.

Reduce bounce rates

With the assistance of A/B testing analytics one can optimize easily what is needed.The main goal is to keep people on the website as long as possible.Thus, you can lower the bounce rates and maintain visitors by testing what works the best for them.

More Active User Engagement

Using a/b testing tools is an adroit strategy to boost user interaction and enhance your website’s content. A/B testing aids you in making changes to your content which in turn increase engagement when you assess the findings of a test and use them to guide your future selections. Moreover, you can test the color of a button on your mobile application or website,  

For example the color that generates the most clicks then can be observed. It’s astonishing how much of an impact a simple modification can have on engagement. Once the A/B test has been completed, you can determine which variation performs better and preserve it as well.

Usage of A/b testing tools can be done in many situations. These tools can be used by designers and product developers to improve user experiences by changing particular page elements to create a new design variation. 

The best a/b testing tool is necessary for user engagement, mobile application onboarding, and in-product experiences, but it is only successful when objectives are established beforehand and hypotheses are tested.


In the end, if you also want to have free A/B testing tools, then you must contact Trident AB as it becomes easy to grow business using the tool.

Moreover, if you still have any confusion or query related to your concern, or want to know about a/b testing examples, then you can visit the website to vanish all your doubts.

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