Due to the corona virus crisis, many flights have been canceled

Due to the coronavirus crisis, many flights have already been canceled. In the event of a flight cancellation, travelers are entitled to compensation according to EU passenger rights. Of course, this also applies in other cases if the plane does not take off. Millions of passengers around the world are affected by the pandemic. Moreover, thousands of loved ones who have jobs abroad can’t come back to their home country to meet their families and stay with them. Therefore, they are staying far away from their home. The following explains whether and when the right to financial compensation exists and how the claim can best be made.

Flight cancellation – checking and enforcing compensation.

If a flight is canceled, it is very annoying. However, according to the European Passenger Rights Regulation, passengers are entitled to compensation in many cases. But it is difficult to enforce the rights. The demand is often not answered. On the Flight-right website, it is quick and easy to get compensation for a flight canceled to calculate. But the airlines are also happy to avert legitimate claims. The travel law expert will be happy to enforce them for the passenger. In this way, the chances of success are much higher than if passengers themselves send a letter to the airline. Unlike construction companies, a commission is only paid if the compensation is successfully enforced. So there is no cost risk.

When do passenger rights apply and what is the right to compensation for travelers?

There are many possible causes for flight cancellation, for example, underutilization due to the coronavirus or technical issues. Passenger rights apply to flights in the EU or if the flight is operated by an airline based in the EU. The same situation is with most of the countries around the world, including America.Then they have to pay compensation. The exact amount of compensation depends on the length of the flight route:

– A short distance up to 1,500 km: $250

– Medium distance up to 3,500 km: $400

– Long-distance over 3,500 km: $600

It is important to collect relevant information and evidence at the airport, such as replacement tickets, evidence photos, and supporting documents. It also makes sense to let the airline tell you the reason for the flight cancellation and have it confirmed in writing, and to exchange the contact details with fellow travelers. Passengers can request an equivalent replacement transport from the airline because they are entitled to a free rebooking to get to their destination. From a flight delay of five hours, it is possible to withdraw from the contract and get a refund of the flight price.

Exceptions: When is there no right to compensation?

If the airline is not to blame for the flight cancellation, the passenger rights do not apply. We are talking about exceptional circumstances, such as political instability, terror warning, extreme weather conditions or other security risks. In these cases, there is no entitlement to a compensation payment. If the airline notifies the traveler of the cancellation in good time, he is also not entitled to compensation. The information must be given at least two weeks before the planned flight.

Passengers who are affected by a flight cancellation or a flight delay are entitled to support services such as food, drinks, telephone calls and, if the plane does not start until the next day, a hotel night including transfer if the flight is delayed two hours or more.What will be the future and when everything is going to be restored? Nobody can predict. Besides, the situation after the pandemic is over is seemed to be critical. Flight businesses are predicted to be growing exponentially once the outbreak is over.


There is talk of a flight cancellation if the planned flight was not carried out. Frustration and anger are understandable. Control on oneself can reduce the probability of various health issues. But in many cases, passengers are entitled to a compensation payment of up to $400. The following applies: the longer the flight route, the higher the compensation. The dispute with the airline is often lengthy and hopeless. Airlines usually block private inquiries and rely on “exceptional circumstances”. Travel law experts help enforce the right to compensation. The advantage is that there is no cost risk. You only pay a low fee if successful.



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