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Easy Fashion Tips

When you’re trying to dress up and dress up, ladies may face a few problems that men can’t imagine! A plunging neckline, no shape or rubbing your on the thighs… Bohemian Beach Boutique shares some of the most effective fashion advice to deal with these minor daily issues within the flash of an eye.

Do you feel your neckline is too slender?

It’s a Help, my boho dress is super beautiful, but with this ultra-sexy neckline, I don’t think anyone will look me in the eye…

Do you have a large chest or a small breast, and your neckline shows more than it should? We’ve got you covered. Some cosmetic tips that will protect your privacy.

Wear a tank top underneath your clothes

A camisole with a neutral shade or tones that complement your outfit will allow you to create a more traditional neckline. The tank top will appear very minimal with its thin straps and the fit that only covers the chest. You can even blend it with the color of the dress or blouse if your shape permits it. Discretion guaranteed!

Fix using double-sided tape

Another way to hold your cleavage in place and prevent it from slipping excessively out of hand is by using double-sided tape. Put a small amount of tape around the edges of your neckline, and press it into your skin. A hidden fashion trick!

Make use of earring pins or a ring.

By joining both sides of your neckline together using the help of a brooch, pin, or earring by bringing them together, you can stop your neckline from getting too long or deep. This is quite clever.

Is Your silhouette not sufficiently defined?

We’re not all fortunate to have Monica Bellucci’s luscious figure, with its feminine curves and a wasp waist. But, H-shaped women can rejoice because there are some simple ways to change the shape of their bodies visually.

Make sure you tie your shirt by tying it with an elastic band.

A simple and elegant method to define your waistline is to tie a knot using the protruding fabric to reduce the length of your shirt. Begin by crossing the two halves of each side, and then using the tip, create the shape of a bun. Then, tie the entire by using the help of a stretchy.

Use your belt in different ways.

If you’re a little androgynous body, you can use your belt in an open and low position to ensure it sits comfortably upon your hips. Are your shoulders not as big as the hips? Choose a dress with a trapeze and place your belt above the chest to even out the volume. This makes your hips and thighs appear more polished.

Isn’t your bra prominent enough?

The style of your dress as well as its style of neckline. Your bra might be revealing a bit too excessively. Don’t panic! There are solutions available to ease the issue.

Take off the straps and choose an open-back bra.

Smaller breasts can remove the adjustable straps, particularly when wearing dresses that have elastic over the waist. Also, you can wear a strapless bra to provide support while keeping the cut of your blouse or dress.

Get rid of your straps.

If you have a strapless top or a neckline that’s off the shoulder, The ideal solution is to cover the bandages completely. To do this, you should only keep one strap by passing it through your back and hanging it from the other hook. Make sure you tighten the buckle with an adjustable strap to secure it. For an open-neck top, cross the straps on your back. No one will be able to tell!

Do you not know which direction to take your gorgeous forward?

Suppose you own a large collection of foulards and scarves in your closet. You can use these items and add some flair to your outfit.

Dress it up with your favorite hairdo

With their silky materials, colors, as well as patterns, they are great for adding a boho style to your outfit. A foulard can be tied around your wrist, around your waist, or in your bag.

Turn your foulard into a crop-top

In the summer, tie a foulard around your chest as the short-sleeved top. You’ll get a beautiful and unique bohemian style top that you can tie according to your preference. Pair your scarves with long skirts and palazzo pants for a relaxed vintage style!

The clothes are worn out, and you’re in a hurry?

Although natural materials are extremely comfy, others, such as linen and 100 100% cotton, tend to get wrinkled if garments are not folded correctly. Are you not a fan of ironing? But don’t fret; we’ve got some great strategies to simplify your life!

Get rid of wrinkles in a snap.

To bring wrinkled or creased clothing to its original appearance, it is enough to apply a little water before drying out on a hanger. It is possible to hang it and then spray water over it before letting the garment air dry. After a quarter-half an hour, your outcome is already much better! Are you short on time? Hang it while you shower. The steam will complete its job.

Iron clothing that is lightweight with an iron with a flat surface

What’s like iron, however, less bulky and light? It’s a straight iron, Of course! With its steel plate that is heated, it’s a powerful tool to smooth clothes. Smooth the folds but avoid spending too much time in the same spot to avoid burning the fabric. It’s practical and won’t take up much space in your luggage!

Do your thighs rub in the summer?

What’s more uncomfortable than the sensation of skin friction as temperatures rise? When your thighs come into contact, they can feel the heat, particularly when you sweat. Redness, irritation, pain, and, sometimes, scratching… thighs which rub can be a major issue. We don’t often talk about it, but it is evident that this issue affects many women, not always obese ones! A question of body types! Luckily there are a few tips and tricks to aid you in avoiding this issue.

Wear biker shorts, or anti-friction bandages

Wear the clothes of a cycling shorty or put on a cotton or microfiber shorty under your skirt. Due to its soft material, it is ideal for helping in stopping chafing. Its purpose? To ensure that the skin gets stuck and to hold the slip. You can also apply a top layer on top of Vaseline or baby-changing cream specifically designed to reduce irritation. Another option is to purchase elastic bands with anti-friction, which you can wear as stockings. For a small amount, there are good models.

Use natural powder

As you are aware, sweat is the main cause of chafing legs. Thus, mineral powders can aid in reducing the effects of sweat and, consequently, the tiny irritations. Instead of talcum powder, make use of cornstarch and white clay, which will effectively cleanse sweat. Don’t be afraid of redness. Enjoy your swimsuit!

With these fashion-forward tips, you have no excuses for not wearing your best boho tops and dresses. Do you have any life-changing ideas to provide us with?


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