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Digital Marketing

Easy Steps to More Digital Marketing Course

Increasing a website in research, creating a fabulous email newsletter, and getting advances from social systems are duties of an internet marketer. But such abilities are required by a business owner, a scheme administrator, and a copywriter – in common, any professional whose job is relevant to advertising on the Internet. In this article, we’ve rounded up different Digital Marketing Course for 2021 – short and long, from free to completely stiff. Finally, there is a proper one for the practicing marketer, business owner, copywriter, and in general, anyone who desires to understand what internet marketing is.

  1. Free digital marketing courses to get you started with the profession
  2. Paid Digital Marketing Courses

Free digital marketing courses to get you started with the profession

Before you pay for a lengthy study, you must first understand whether you generally enjoy doing internet marketing. For this, a short marketing training is suitable, which can be completed for free.

Digital Marketing Courses on eLama

Elama is a service for advertising automation and management on one platform. The company is implementing a small educational direction in parallel: the site has a Digital Marketing Course section. Here you can take two short courses: the basics of contextual advertising and search advertising in Yandex. Direct. What you need if you want to start promoting your site.

Also, take a look at “Webinars” – every week, the company organizes one or two free webinars on tools, settings, and features of online advertising. The presenters are mainly specialists of the company.

Digital Marketing Courses at PPC. world

The PPC. world educational portal offers free courses on internet marketing. There are four of them: the basics of Facebook promotion, VK advertising, search engine optimization, and Google Ads. There is no feedback from teachers, but almost all courses have intermediate and final tests for self-examination. As a last resort, you can leave a question in the comments under the video. The editorial staff of the portal will answer it.

On the portal you can also read articles and news about Digital Marketing Course, there is a small section with vacancies. I especially advise you to look into the “Poster” section – here you can see announcements of paid and free courses and webinars on Internet marketing topics.

GeekBrains – Internet and Digital Marketer Free 

A free mini-course on internet marketing of six lectures, each about an hour long. Here you can get a general understanding of the profession and basic knowledge of contextual advertising, SMM, content, SEO Training Course, and web analytics.

SendPulse Mini Courses

In the free section of our Academy, we have collected miniature courses on Digital Marketing Course that will be useful to specialists for working with mailings and chatbots. We teach the basics of email marketing, contextual advertising, analytics. We show you how to create chatbots and beautiful email templates and increase the deliverability of your emails. Courses on the basics of targeting on Instagram and Facebook, search engine optimization, and landing page creation are also coming soon.

Paid Digital Marketing Courses

In this section, courses are arranged by degree of “hardcore” – from short and cheap to long and most expensive.

“Academy of Digital Reserve” – ​​a complete basic course in Internet promotion

In this course, you will learn the basics of digital marketing, website analytics, social media and advertising campaigns, contextual advertising and SEO, SMM, and how to return and retain customers.

On a pleasant note: you buy a subscription, not for a specific course but access to all the materials of the Academy for a certain period. So at the same period, you can read 11 more courses, watch video guidance on setting up exhibit cabinets and campaigns in social networks and get notified with the valuable checklists for a marketer.

Tilda – Textbook “Digital Marketing from Scratch”

Tilda has put together a course on Digital Marketing Course in the form of 10 long reads – straightforward and intuitive. The information is selected for beginners:

  • Create a landing page.
  • Start SEO, SMM, and content marketing.
  • Set up contextual advertising and email newsletters.
  • Conduct A / B testing.

The beginning of each lecture can be read for free.

From the pleasant: an unusual format of the course in the form of long reads. If you are better at absorbing text than video, this is your option.

TexTerra – course “Internet Marketer.”

The TexTerra Internet Marketing course comes in several versions. The most budgetary one is not to the flow – you will immediately access all lecture notes, homework assignments, and additional materials, but without checks and feedback from teachers. Or you can wait for the next stream and study with a group in real-time – online lectures, homework with verification, communication with teachers and fellow students.

The training lasts 33 hours and covers all the main aspects of Internet marketing: market positioning, CRM selection, website development, web design, content, SEO, SMM, analytics.

On a pleasant note: projects from the course into the portfolio and the best students from each stream receive letters of recommendation from the agency.

WebPromoExperts – “Digital Marketing Specialist”

Thanks to the course, you will receive a demanded and promising profession in just four months. And even if you are already working in Internet marketing, the Digital Marketing Course will help you deepen and systematize your knowledge. The system has 25 lectures, where you will study all areas: SEO, paid advertising, SMM, chatbots, email marketing, and complex Internet marketing. In addition, a practice assignment and test support each lesson.

On a pleasant note: for students who do not have their project for work, access to the Weblium platform is provided, where you can create your test site for work. All students are given access to valuable services for almost $ 400.

Convert Monster – “Digital Marketer 3.0”

Convert Monster promises tough, hands-on training in Internet marketing. 31 lessons in the program. Each with a task with a deadline. Although the emphasis in training is on creating a landing page and its promotion, you can come to the course with your project or make it from scratch. As the students note in the reviews, the program is suitable for those already familiar with the basics of Internet marketing. Otherwise, it will be challenging to study.

From a pleasant one: each participant gets their curator. Who will help for another month after the end of the course. The company also promises to help with the exam for Google and Yandex certificates.

Skillbox – course “Digital marketer from scratch.”

The course on Internet marketing at Skillbox will introduce you to all modern digital channels. You how to launch contextual and targeted advertising, do SEO and SMM. In the program. I will note interesting points. There is a block on reputation management in search results and a block on the legal aspects of advertising. Essential knowledge for a marketer, which will not include in all courses.

From the pleasant: according to the description, the study will take only 3-5 hours a week – a comfortable pace even with busy work.

IMBA – the profession “Digital marketer.”

Ingate specialists prepared the Digital Marketing Course. In addition to the standard blocks. The program includes work with marketplaces and CPA networks and a bonus course on soft skills. It will teach you how to create a team, distribute tasks, and motivate people. The description promises that students will be able to start a career in marketing as a specialist in advertising channels within three months.

From the pleasant: possible employment in Ingate or partner agencies and a curator of this very course.

Digital Marketing Course is changing very quickly: new technologies, new algorithms for search engines, and social networks. Today you are using the tool, and after six months, it is already ineffective. To get out of the race, you need to constantly learn. Systematize knowledge and get new ones, preferably on a solid practical basis.

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