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Enjoy A Unique & Premium Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

An average Evening Desert Safari Tour in Dubai will offer you all the cultural entertainment and adventure that you want. This is the perfect time to explore the vast, untouched sands of the Middle East. An Evening Desert Safari in Dubai is an unforgettable experience that will leave you wanting more. A typical Evening Desert Safari includes a trip to Dubai. Here you will see the camel riding, water riding and viewing the sand dunes.

Desert Camp

Other destinations include a visit to the desert camp, a traditional Bedouin village. The Bedouin camp is home to a large tribe of tribespeople who live by the Athakor mountain range. They have a number of traditional dancing and gathering activities that you can join.

Camel Riding

After this, you will visit the desert dune bashing and Camel riding sessions. The camel riding session allows you to stand on top of a camel and enjoy the view of the landscape of the area. The desert dune bashing session will allow you to try your hand at a belly dance show. Unlimited shisha has been known to mix well in Dubai.

Arabic Food

The trip ends with a desert camp dinner where you will be treated to traditional Arabic food. You will also have the option of a sojourn to one of the desert’s seven-star hotels. The Bedouin village is an ideal place to end the journey; however, you can continue the experience by taking one of the numerous car hire services available. This gives you a choice of visiting a variety of locations and experiencing the desert safari at your own pace. The price for a hotel pick up and drop-off is usually calculated based on the number of passengers.

Other Activities

Another way to experience the desert dune bashing and camel riding are by taking one of the Dubai sports tour trips. These tours include all-inclusive sports and activities that are facilitated by well-trained experts. You will have the option of visiting the Dubai Marina, a luxurious water park and then return to your luxurious accommodation. Other activities include sky diving, windsurfing, rock climbing, and so much more. However, the all-inclusive tours offer some great inclusions; you will have the option of meeting local Bedouins, experience traditional Arabic cuisine, enjoy the nightlife of Dubai, and meet some of the local tribesmen.

sunset henna designing adventure

For a fun-filled day, why not consider a camel riding and sunset henna designing adventure. Riding along on a beautifully decorated camel will allow you to discover the desert’s beauty as well as the local Bedouins. Henna designing is an art practised by the rural Bedouins who create beautiful designs on the skin of camels using natural plant dyes. Upon arrival at your destination, you will be offered unlimited soft drinks, tea and coffee, along with delicious local cuisine.

For an ultimate desert safari experience, try the Night Safari. This tour activity is a combination of driving through the night to a different location, walking and hiking in the desert, swimming at the local resorts and staying at a comfortable hotel or resort before bedtime. This is the perfect way to explore the desert and have a fun-filled desert safari at its best. Each participant receives a map and can choose a safe camp according to their level of experience.

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To complete your Dubai desert safari, try the exciting bash at the local nightclubs. At the end of the night, you can even have an alcoholic drink from the camel or take part in bash with local Bedouin tribesmen. This is a blast from the past that will leave you craving for another desert adventure soon.

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