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Backup of QuickBooks File “Restore Failed” Error

Even though Intuit’s QuickBooks is tremendous accounting software and helps people easily manage their accounting tasks, but still it’s not barren of errors. one of the foremost basic issues, which users generally face, is ‘restore failed.’ The error has displayed in two formats, and these include ‘Restore Failed: this is often an invalid format of post-QuickBooks 2007 Backup file,’ and therefore the other one comprises ‘Restore failed: Can’t remove log file’ It happens once you are restoring the info from QuickBooks backup files.

Causes Of Unable to revive Backup Issues

  • You’ve got included some special characters (@, #, $, %, *) within the Company file name.
  • You’re trying to revive a backup over an existing company file.
  • Backup was restored from a transportable drive to a network drive
  • The backup was made during a newer version. Example: Backup was created within the version 2016 and now
  • You’re trying to revive it within the version 2017 or 18 of QuickBooks.
  • The file you’re trying to revive isn’t a Backup file.
  • The company file is either corrupted or missing.

Ways to Resolve the error

Solution 1- When restoring the backup don’t overwrite the prevailing company file

When you are saving the info that’s getting restored, you would like to browse to the folder where you would like to save lots of the file and alter the name of the corporate file from its existing name

Solution 2: Remove special characters ( / \ < > ! $ ) from the file name for your company file

  • Attend the folder where you’ve got stored the Backup file.
  • Locate the file and right-click on an equivalent
  • From the drop-down list, click on Rename
  • Now remove all the special characters from the name.

Solution 3: Copy your backup from your flash drive or network drive before restoring it

Insert the flash drive in your system or if you’re on a network system then attend the folder where the Backup file is stored. Copy the file and paste it on your local computer then attempt to restore the backup. Intuit has recommended copying your backup file to your desktop before restoring it because it keeps the Backup file safe.

Solution 4- Restore the backup data of QuickBooks within the same versions

If you’re trying to revive the QuickBooks data from a more modern version to the old version, then the restoration process would inevitably cause errors. confirm that both the QB versions are same and there’s no incompatibility

Solution 5: Copy a Backup file to a replacement folder before restoring it

Sometimes you’ll face issues because the folder where the Backup file found gets corrupted. Due to this, you’ve not allowed to revive the backup. you’ll get to attend the folder, copy the Backup file and restore it to a replacement folder then attempt to restore the backup in QuickBooks.

Get Support for Error Restore QuickBooks backup files

The provided steps will easily take you out from the problems that you simply face Error while restore Quickbooks backup files. However, if you’ve still unable to revive the backup otherwise you haven’t ready to understand any of the steps then you’ll get in-tune with us by dialing our toll-free QuickBooks Support phone number 1844-857-4846.

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