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Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing Student Accommodation in Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria and Australia’s second-largest city. It is located in southeastern Australia, near the southeastern coast of Australia. Melbourne is a vibrant city filled with continuous progress in both work and pleasure. It has an abundance of activities for students to engage in outside their studies and you can find some of the best student accommodations Melbourne.  This metropolitan city houses more than 136,000 people

Melbourne has major 7 Australian universities spread over 5 campuses namely, the University of Melbourne; RMIT University; La Trobe University; Monash University; Victoria University, Swinburne University of Technology, the and University of Divinity. More than 340,000 students are taught in Melbourne universities and that includes approx. 138,000 overseas student istanbul escort population.

 Apart from these, there are other universities in Melbourne such as Australian Catholic University, Charles Darwin University, and CQUniversity. Undergraduate, graduate, and master’s courses offered at the universities of Melbourne are in the field of fine arts, music, science, agriculture, commerce, design, oral health, business studies, IT and engineering, architecture, education, law, criminology, teaching, and more.

Types of Accommodation in Melbourne

Generally, there are two types of student accommodation in Melbourne, namely, University Accommodations and Private Student Housing.

University Accommodations: 

Many colleges provide student residences where you can reserve a room. There is, however, a negative side to this excellent arrangement. The number of available places is limited, and you have no control over what you will receive. The biggest perk of this university accommodation is that you will live close to the campus so you get to save time and expenses on traveling.

Private Student Housing: 

Private student housing is the name of the game if you wish to live independently and be somewhat social. You can choose from a range of Purpose Built Student Accommodations or PBSA that have furnished rooms, flatshare, or even house shares. These PBSA are  specially built to give full comfort to students.They are perfectly built in the sense to give a full home feeling to an overseas student.

These are fully furnished with many facilities that are needed by an overseas student. Most landlords will require that you pay 1-2 months’ rent as a deposit together with 2-6 weeks’ advance rentals before moving in. There are some PBSA where you can get your own space with a bed, personal bathroom, shared kitchen, and a common lounge. A huge percentage of students who choose to live in PBSA varies from a studio apartment to a one-bedroom apartment. These are fully furnished, with access to WiFi (especially for those addicted to Netflix, web series, games, etc.). Some of these housing arrangements provide TV rooms, game rooms, social rooms, etc.


Essential factors to consider before finalizing Student Accommodation in Melbourne

Before you select a place to live in Melbourne, you need to consider a few things. These factors will help you find the best student accommodation. You can also discuss this with your college or institution that provides student accommodations before finalizing anything. You can search your student accommodation Melbourne on a trusted website. Universityliving is such a website who provides premium student accommodation to students with many offers. Universityliving is globally leading website for student accommodation in Australia. 


 Location is important as it can affect your safety and living expenses. Proximity to university is of prime importance as you don’t want to waste your time, money, and energy on commuting. You should avoid living near a major road as noise pollution might become a problem for you.


 Your budget is another key factor that makes or breaks your Student accommodation in Melbourne. You can choose from studio apartments, one-bedroom apartments, two-room flats, and so on depending on your budget. You got to pay less amount if you choose fewer amenities and vice versa.

Furniture and Facilities: 

Make a list of all the furniture and facilities that you need from your student accomodation. Then compare the same with what actual accomodation has to offer. It is wise to go for places that have more furniture and fittings as it will save your money and time. Facilities such as laundry, wifi, refrigerator, kitchen appliances, private bathroom, rack in bathroom, oven, washing machine, etc. can be essential for you depending on your preferences.

Sharing Options:

 Whether you wish to live alone or you want to share the accommodation with friends is entirely your decision. However, if you choose to share an apartment with people whom you don’t know, make sure that the PBSA provides 24/7 emergency assistance and security features like CCTV cameras, etc.

Safety features:

 Make sure that your student accommodation in Melbourne provides all the necessary safety features like CCTV cameras, security guards, smoke detectors, etc. PBSA are very secure and safe in compare of university student accommodation and have high 24/7 security services. These are essential for any PBSA since international students are worried about safety.


 It is important to find out whether your landlord will check on your rental property periodically or not. If you live alone in a house share make sure that it remains clean and tidy all the time. If you have flatmates, keep communication open to avoid any untoward incidents. Check for this before finalizing your agreement with the PBSA.


 You can choose a place where you have several Indian students. So that it becomes easier for you to adjust and make new friends without being too homesick. Moreover you can choose your society which has a studious environment. Society which have more greenery and a silent environment.


 Check for people who have already stayed in the PBSA. You can also check for student reviews on social media websites or blogs before finalizing your decision.

Cost of Living:

 Check what you will be spending as a monthly rent plus other extra costs like electricity, water, internet, etc. It is better to ask your future housemates about this before finalizing your decision. Moreover the average rent for a one-bedroom flat is around $370, and for a two-bedroom to four-bedroom flat, it varies between $410 to $495. Consider electricity charges as $450 per quarter, water $250 per quarter, gas $156 per quarter, and a single meal in a day can cost you around $20 or above.

Traveling Expenses:

 How much will you have to spend on traveling from your PBSA to the University? This is a very important point as the transport facilities will play a significant role in determining your budget. You can also commute with friends and avoid unnecessary expenses if you choose proximity to the escort istanbul university.

Terms of rent agreement:

 Finalizing an agreement is based more on your gut feeling than anything else. Make sure that the terms of the rent agreement are according to the best interest of the students so that you can continue living here without any tension. Also give a thought to the advance deposit, security bond (if any), etc. before you sign the dotted line.

 If you are not clear about your preferences, it is better to have a conversation with your parents regarding this. It is also important to compare the rental prices in different PBSA’s before finalizing student accommodation in Melbourne. Before you make the decision on where to live in Melbourne, you will need to consider all these factors and make a smart choice.


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