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Essential Shotgun Accessories for Hunting and Shooting Sports

While a precise rifle and iron sights may be just enough for you to hunt down game animals or participate in shooting sports, certain accessories may improve your experience and make it more enjoyable.

Shotgun accessories are suitable for both seasoned hunters and those new to the sport. They can increase your accuracy and help you maintain your sharpness during shooting.

The following list of essential hunting accessories will help you step up your hunting game.


A bipod is a two-legged support for your shotgun. If you are working on achieving higher accuracy, a bipod might be a game-changer for you.

There are three types of bipods based on their position: standing, sitting, and prone bipods.

If you’re planning to hunt on flat land and anticipate medium-range shots, a sitting bipod can help steady your shotgun and allow you to see above the tall grass or bushes.  These are 10-14” bipods which can fit varying hunting scenarios.

If you are, however, anticipating hunting in prone position and on hilly terrain, you’ll need a 7-10” prone bipod. This is the most stable bipod height, but isn’t recommended for shooting uphill or hunting in tall vegetation.

You might want to choose 12-27” bipods if you prefer shooting uphill in a sitting position and/or over tall brush. This bipod is not convenient for shooting in prone position and is less stable than bipods with shorter leg lengths.

Ammunition Case

When hunting, you may find yourself in conditions that are not suitable for your ammo. That is why an ammunition case can come in handy and can keep your ammo safe and dry. Picking your ammo and a lightweight ammunition case at Natchez shooting supplies can allow you to carry your ammo with you, safe and protected, for longer periods of time and in various weather conditions.

Keep your ammo case accessible to you so you can reload your shotgun at any moment by getting an ammo holder.


It’s hard to imagine going hunting and carrying your shotgun around for hours without a sling. Besides that, a sling allows you to use your hands in case you need to tie your laces, use a flashlight, or move a branch carefully while passing through woods.

On top of that, a sling can help stabilize your shotgun by drawing the stock towards your shoulder and keeping your aim steady.

Choose a sling which is adjustable, weather-resistant, durable, and has a comfortable shoulder pad. There are even slings with quick-detach system which allow you to attach your shotgun to your pack.

Rifle Bag

This is one of the must-have accessories if you’re a shooter or a hunter as it keeps your rifle protected from the outdoor elements. It also makes it easy to transport your shotgun.

There are many good affordable rifle bags, so you don’t need to splash out.  But if money is no issue, you can also go for more expensive rifle bags with foam padding, extra storage, adjustable straps, etc.

Magnification Throw Lever

Magnification throw levers allow shooters to transition swiftly between the targets. They also let you zoom in and out in one quick motion.

You can simply attach a throw lever to the scope’s magnification ring and adjust it to your needs. One thing that can make things even easier is a scope with textured adjustment controls allowing for more precise set-up.


Every hunter knows the importance of not making a sound when a game animal enters the scene. This is of even greater importance when your prey is sensitive to noise. To ensure you’re hunting game doesn’t escape use a suppressor to reduce the sound of gunfire. This simultaneously protects your hearing too.

Lens Caps

To keep your scope’s lenses clean and clear and aim properly, make sure you get lens caps. Although some scopes come with lens caps, others require a separate purchase.

One thing to pay attention to is choosing the appropriate size for your objective lens.

Laser Lights

Hunting at dark, or in less visible areas or times of year, calls for laser light beam attachments that can drastically increase your accuracy. You simply need to attach the red laser lights to the rifle scope and aim.

If you, however, wish to use laser lights during the day, make sure you pick the green light lasers specifically designed for daylight, as the red ones are only suitable for nighttime.

Hearing Protection Gear

Last but not least, protecting your hearing as a hunter or a shooter is something you shouldn’t take lightly. Why not both be able to hear everything while hunting and prevent the ringing in your ears that may bother you for hours and leave with permanent damage?

You can purchase a pair of electronic ear muffs or less noticeable ear buds of higher quality for prices ranging from less than $50 to $150. You can also get durable and comfortable custom-fit protection for little less than $300 and never worry about damaging your hearing again.


Going hunting or participating in shooting sports with nothing more than a shotgun and accompanying ammo is just fine. But why not make it great?

Shotgun accessories can improve your shooting experience and provide you with protection you need for both your shooting gear and your hearing. With their affordability, there is no excuse for not making hunting a little easier.

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