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Everything About Executive MBA Program in India

Have you been stuck in the office with a job that’s been limiting your potential and seems to be heading nowhere? It is about time you fix that. And the very best thing you can do at this stage to boost your career by pursuing an Executive MBA program.

So, what is a executive MBA program? Quite simply, it’s an MBA intended for executives, for example yourself.

This higher education program is meant specifically to train executives or people with substantial work experience. It helps professionals increase their knowledge base and enhance their managerial skills for a higher paying, higher-level job. A executive MBA might just be what separates a manager from becoming a managing director.

But how is an executive MBA distinct from a routine MBA, you inquire? And what is the qualifying criteria for an executive MBA? Sure, there is no age limitation to go to school, and why bother using an executive MBA? We are going to tell you why.

Have you ever seen an ads about Horlicks? It is a famous Indian drink mix that’s also a supplement.

But there exist different kinds of Horlicks, there’s the regular one and a Horlicks junior that’s specifically for younger children. Sure, Horlicks junior can be gotten by older kids also, but it will not provide them with exactly the very same advantages. It simply isn’t tailored to their age category and doesn’t function exactly the identical fashion on them. If you observe this analogy, a regular MBA is junior Horlicks, an executive MBA is currently Horlicks, and the age is the amount of years of experience. To elaborate, all these are the parameters which differentiate Executive MBA from routine MBA:


At the fundamental level, the difference between a regular MBA and an Executive MBA is the Quantity of work experience. The normal MBA is intended for mid-level professionals who are searching for a career shift or an chance to enhance their career. The work experience doesn’t generally issue, and you could have absolutely no experience, 2 decades or 3 years to get a routine MBA.

An executive MBA program is especially for senior-level executives that are considering broadening their current knowledge along with developing managerial and leadership skills. Work experience is the most essential eligibility criteria for executive MBA and average programs require students to get 5 or more years of expertise. For this reason, the selection process is competitive and the acceptance rates are reduced. It is relatively easier to get to an MBA program than at an EMBA.

Classes can take place on the weekends, online or during evenings, based upon the program selected. The classes are more intense and focused because of limited time availability. But something that’s similar in both are the core subjects–both have the identical core subjects and just change in their electives. A regular MBA offers more electives and flexibility.


The duration of a MBA is generally full time for 1 or two decades. An Executive MBA is totally different as most of these course are part time and can be as long as 3 years.


A regular MBA enhances a student’s overall personality through case studies, seminars, competitions, internships, together with networking skills. If you wish to do an EMBA on a regular MBA, you ought to be a master in your area. You must have a thirst for understanding and be happy to learn irrespective of age. In addition, you will have to have enough knowledge about your business and the industry you need to go into. An EMBA is a good chance to network with additional high-profile individuals which may put you at a benefit in the future.


one point to notice is that in an average a individual who has an Executive MBA gets a 25 percent greater salary than the one without. Some of the largest MNCs come for executive MBA placements. But lots of students pursuing this program are financed by the firms they work in. An EMBA is not just an asset for personal growth, but also an advantage for the business.

The general idea is that the provider offers you a financed opportunity to pursue an executive school, and you come back to perform for them using a greater degree of abilities. A top recruiters are IBM, Infosys, HCL, Accenture, Reliance, TCS, Apple and KPMG.

Now that we’ve obtained the’what’ out of the way. Let’s talk a bit about why you need to pursue an executive MBA program in India. And, the way to buy in?

Compared to the typical costs of an Executive MBA in the world, that comes out to almost INR 50 Lakhs, this can be significantly inexpensive.

Keep your Job:

The purpose of an executive MBA would be to catch a ladder into the very top of your current career. Doing an Executive MBA program in India allows you to keep on doing your regular day job. You have job protection and job growth, both in one area.

Top Universities:

India has got the biggest names in the Executive MBA area across the globe, which made the QS world rankings list like the IIM-B,” Great Lakes, IITB and WUStL and ISB. We’ll discuss about the top universities in detail so continue reading.

So how can you get to a leading executive MBA application and also do you need to take GMAT for executive MBA?
Pros are numerous but the seats available aren’t. To get into a high B-school there’ll be a rigorous selection process which depends more on your work experience than in your own grades or test scores. It normally has multiple rounds plus you need to prove yourself in every one of these.

Great Credentials:

You need to Meet up with the college requirements. Most colleges accept GMAT scores, but some actually accept GRE score along with CAT scores. A GMAT score above 750 is ideal if you would like to do an executive MBA from IIMs or by other leading business schools. Some universities need

Group Evaluation:

Group talks are usually the very first round. They test your communication abilities, your energy, excitement, and current affairs understanding within a group setting.


That really is one of the most crucial areas of the entry process since this is the location where you display yourself as a valuable candidate for the institution. It helps the university to understand you at a single level — your objectives, aspirations and interests. The essay helps them decide if you are a good fit for the university.


The final destination, the meeting is what determines if you are in or outside. This is definitely the most crucial round along with your whole personality will be judged, beginning from your clothes, body language, your own communicating, and your own profile. This is where you have to show the admissions team that it is possible to add value to your self as well concerning the university.

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Now there are over 25 reputed Indian B-schools offering leading executive MBAs. Listed below are 10 of the finest Executive MBA programs in India, in diminishing order of mandatory work experience.

IIT Bombay and Washington University in St. Louis

India’s first joint degree Executive MBA program by IIT Bombay and Washinton University in St. Louis

Minimum work experience: 10 Years
Duration: 18 months
Price: INR 39,00,000

Indian School of Business, PGPMAX

This is regarded as the very best executive MBA faculty in India. This app has a modular structure, students live in the ISB campus for courses for approximately 62 days.

Minimum work experience: 10 Years
Price: INR 40,00,000
Duration: 15 months

Great Lakes, PGXPM

Among the best executive MBA programs in India. It’s a potential oriented program and worldwide college. It’s always ranked one of the most advanced B-schools from the nation.

Minimum work experience: 8 Years
Price: INR 8,50,000
Duration: 20 months, seven terms over two Years


Courses for the program are held during the evenings or during weekends. Being a government association, FMS has a very reasonable Executive MBA charge.

Minimum work experience: 5 Years
Price: INR 50,000/year
Duration: 2 years, 4 semesters

SP Jain School of Global Management, EMBA

It’s its Aptitude test that has to be accepted, which can be followed by an individual interview on eligibility.

Minimum work experience: 5 Years
Price: INR 15,00,000
Duration: 18 months

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