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Everything you need to know about Bayley WWE


bayley wweBayley WWE was born Pamela Rose Martinez and is known as the American wrestling champion. At the age of 19, she played her first match, fighting under the ring name Davida Rose, and at the age of 23, she won her first victory in the SHIMMER Women Athletes Volume 48. Later that year, she hired Bayley as her and signed WWE, registering her first victory at WWE at the age of 24. Since then, she has won several championships

She quoted:

I was a tomboy from an early age, so I always kept the hair that fell on my face tied up with a ponytail when I was playing, so I didn’t like to have my hair down. I became interested in wrestling at the age of 10, started training at the age of 18, and received hard training for four years in big-time wrestling.

Bayley WWE Childhood


Bayley was born on June 15, 1989, on the outskirts of the Bay Area in Newark, California, as Pamela Rose Martinez. Her father is Mexican-American, her mother is Anglo-American, and she has two older sisters and one younger brother.

Pamela grew up in San Jose, California, and attended an independent high school. She has been a tomboy from the beginning, playing several games such as volleyball and basketball, and participating in track and cross-country races. At the age of 10, she was also interested in wrestling.

As a kid, she loved watching WWE shows. However, her mother did not allow her, mainly because she was playing “bras and panties” games and pillow fights at the time. She began watching regular WWE shows regularly after her parents divorced and soon became a fan of wrestlers such as Ivory and Rita.

The career of Bayley WWE

Bayley wwe
In April 2008, 18-year-old Pamela Rose Martinez began attending a big-time wrestling training class in Fremont, where her head trainer was Jason style. In September, she played in her first match, picking up Davida Rose as her ring name.

She continued training in big-time wrestling until 2012, but from 2011 she began to diverge as well. In October 2011, she made her debut at Shimmer Women Athletes. Since then, he has worked on other promotions such as Hollywood’s NWA Championship Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Destination, and Shine Wrestling.


On March 18, 2012, she defeated Melanie Cruise and Menaribra at SHIMMER Women Athletes Volume 48 in Berwyn, Illinois for her first victory. In December, she signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

In January 2013, she made her debut in the WWE NXT Development Areas program under Bayley’s ring name. On March 20, she made her WWE NXT television debut, losing to Paige.

She won her first WWE victory on September 4, 2013, when she teamed up with Charlotte against Alicia Fox and Axana. However, she couldn’t win any more until January 2014, when she defeated Summerley in a single action and Sasha Banks and Rhea in a tag team event.

In August 2014, she defeated Sasha Banks twice and became the number one candidate for the NXT Women’s Championship. However, she failed to win the championship and lost to Charlotte at the NXT Takeover: Fatal 4 Way on September 11.

On August 22, 2015, Bayley defeated Sasha Banks in NXT Takeover: Brooklyn and won the first NXT Women’s Championship. On October 7, she again defeated Banks in the first women’s 30-minute iron man match in WWE history.

WWE Raw Women’s Championship,

On February 13, 2017, she defeated Flair in the main event and won the WWE Raw Women’s Championship, maintaining her title until she lost to Bliss on April 30’s payback. Since then, she has continued to participate in various championships and lost most of the championships.

In 2017, she established a personal hostile relationship with Sasha Banks. As a result, they began to attack each other openly and verbally and continued to attack until mid-2018. After that, they were asked to attend the council, and as a result, “The Boss and Hug Connection” was formed in July 2018.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

On February 17, 2019, Bayley and Banks won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship in the Elimination Chamber and successfully defended the Tag Team title in Fast Lane. However, on March 25, 2019, he lost the title in a deadly 4-way match at WrestleMania.

In April 2019, Bayley WWE was drafted into the SmackDown Women’s Championship during a superstar shakeup.

On May 19, 2019, Bayley won the “Ladder in the Bank” ladder match and won the women’s championship match of her choice. She won the SmackDown Women’s Championship that night, becoming the first WWE Women’s Grand Slam winner in WWE history.


In January 2013, Martinez is a live event for WWE NXT, a development area based in Florida. For her debut, Martinez wore a mask on the ring and also adopted the ring name “Bayley”. She made several unsuccessful attempts to win the WWE NXT Women’s Championship title in her debut year.

NXT Women’s Championship

Bayley defeated Sasha Banks on August 22, 2014, winning her first NXT Women’s Championship title at the NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn event. Similarly, at the NXT TakeOver: Respect event on October 7, 2014, we successfully defended the title against Banks.Eva Marie, Near JacksAnd Carmella. Her reign ended on April 1, 2015.NXT TakeOver: Asuka at the Dallas event. She failed in an attempt to regain the title in the final WWE NXT match on August 20, 2015.

WWE Raw challenge

Bayley made his WWE main roster debut at the Battleground event on July 24, 2016, as a tag team partner for longtime rival Sasha Banks. She has marked her official debut WWE Raw challenge to the brand WWE Raw Women’s Championship title on August 22, 2016, which was launched. After several unsuccessful attempts, Bayley won the WWE Raw Women’s Championship for the first time on February 13, 2017, after defeating Charlotte Flair. She successfully defended the title at the Fastlane (2017) event and WrestleMania 33.

Alexa Bliss lost the title of the WWE Women’s Women’s Championship at the Payback (2017) event on April 30th in Bayley WWE, ending his 76-day reign. WWE Stars also participated in the first WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal match at the WrestleMania 34 pre-show on April 8, 2018. She was the last competitor to be eliminated by the final champion Naomi.

Family and private life of Bayley WWE

In 2010, while training under Jason Styles, Bayley WWE met Aaron Solow, a professional wrestler on an independent circuit. According to some reports, the two were engaged in November 2016.

The beautiful WWE star hasn’t been officially hitchhiked. At this point her days as a single woman may soon end. In November 2016, Bayley was engaged to her longtime boyfriend Aaron Thoreau. Professional wrestler Aaron Thoreau also performed at an independent wrestling circuit and met each other while attending a California wrestling class in 2010.

Other Interesting and Fast facts

Birthday: June 15, 1989

Nationality: American

Famous: Wrestler American Woman

Sun sign: Gemini

Also known as Pamela Rose Martinez

Country of birth: USA

Birthplace: Newark, California, USA

Famous as: Professional Wrestler

1. Bayley’s growing interest in wrestling was greatly influenced by WWE stars such as The Rock, Rita, John Cena, and Trish Stratus.

2. She didn’t get in the way to meet many people at wrestling events and fan welcoming events.

3. Her obsession with Matt Hardy sacrificed one of her previous relationships.

4. Following Bayley’s up-and-coming career as a professional wrestler, she made her debut in video games WWE 2K17 (2016) followed by WWE 2K18 (2017).

5. The WWE Superstar stands 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) high. She weighs an average of 54 kg (119 lbs) and has a physique that targets fellow athletes for green.

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