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Everything You Need To Know About Mural Painting

Mural painting is a piece of artwork painted on indoors or outdoors walls. These days, it has become the center of attraction. Just because of this art, small or large cities all over the country are becoming colorful and beautiful. People who have a passion for mural art can have a look at tutorials of wall mural painters in Sydney for their outstanding work. From there, you can get tips on how to sketch a mural excellently. On the other hand, people need to know some important information before proceeding with the artwork.

So, here in this article, we are discussing the things that wall mural painters need to know about mural painting. 

Important Things You Should Know About Mural Painting 

Choose Your Place And Protect The Surrounding Area

Firstly, choose the location where you want to sketch the mural design and then, make the space convenient to paint. It is important that whichever place you choose, it has to be clutter-free and spacious.

Additionally, remove all the furniture outside the room for a wide and easy passage to the wall surface and ceilings. It will ease your work and save your time as well.

Secondly, protecting the area is the second most important thing to do. The floor surface, mats, home furniture, sidewalls, and anything you do not want to get stained should be protected. Use plastic to cover the doors and windows as paint rollers cast off the drops that can scatter on everything which is placed on the ground. 

If you are arranging the furniture in a pile, cover it using plastic. Everyone needs to be more careful as some drops of paint may fall so fix the plastic using duct tape. It will hold the plastic and stacks together even if somebody runs into it. 

Furthermore, you can also use canvas drop cloths also as they soak paint drops and provide more safety to the things that are underneath. These are best for covering the carpets. Additionally, this material is easy to spread on the floor and prevents accidents as it wouldn’t cause the ladder to slip away on the carpet. Utilize rosin paper to cover the tiled and wooden floors. Make sure to clean the surface entirely before spreading down the sheet of paper as the mesh trapped beneath can cause scratches. 

Cleanse The Wall Surface

It is right that paint sticks most accurately to a neat and clean wall. If the surface is muddy or greasy, wall mural painters should scrub off the dirt and use soapy water and a sponge to clean the area. 

There can be flakes of previous paint, scars, and other defects on the surface of a wall. Minor defects are not easy to spot, therefore, mark those errors if found any. Seal small holes with spackling compound while the larger ones with the joint compound. 

Drywall cracks near the doors and windows cannot just be sealed using the joint compound only as they can reappear again. Therefore, make use of mesh tape as well with the joint compound. In addition, before you begin your mural painting, apply a primer that makes a stable base and gives a smooth finish. 

Prepare The Mural Design 

If you have a specific mural design, sketch it on the surface of the wall. In addition, use the reference photographs of the mural art of Sydney graffiti artists for preparing the designs. Furthermore, practice the grid method which is a very useful and easy process. With this procedure, mark a grid over a reference photo. 

With the help of a pencil or pen, draw the exact ratio of grid squares of the reference photo on the working area. Assure the accuracy of all the grid squares as the whole mural art is dependent on it only. 

Moreover, the measures of all sides of the wall should be the same as that of the reference photograph. People can also use another method using a projector that will cast the mural design on the wall so that you can efficiently outline it.

Prepare Your Painting Tools

Wall mural painters need to do the mural painting in two different stages. The first step is underpainting which acts as a base for successive coatings of paint. The next one is painting in detail. 

Use latex paints for coloring the large areas such as a painting having a green mountain, blue sky, etc. These paints are available in four different paint finishes: flat, eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss. 

An eggshell paint finish is most suitable for a mural painting. Avoid using satin and semi-gloss, as they are excessively glossy and will make your painting look shiny. Moreover, the flat paint finish is also not a good option as you can not cleanse it off. Eggshell is the right choice because it is easy to clean and can accurately take another layer of paint on top of it.

Moreover, use acrylic paints as these can hold out against the sun rays and resist the changes on being exposed to sunlight. Utilize paint rollers or sprayers to color the huge areas of the painting. In addition, use the paintbrushes to color small and tough spots. 

People should use the right paintbrushes to draw outlines and shades. These parts are a light portion of mural painting, so it requires a proper concentration to present them on a large scale. 

However, if any blunder appears, use the soapy solution for a clean-up. Additionally, put a water container close by to wash the brushes as you would be using the same brushes for various paints. Use paint trays or anything suitable to mix your paints accurately.

Start To Paint

Assure good ventilation before you start to paint the mural design. It is essential that the paint stinks should not be there in the room. For that, you can cross ventilate the area. 

Wall mural painters would likely need 2 or 3 layers of paint to make the mural look perfect. So, stay for at least 30 minutes before applying a new layer.

Note that acrylic and latex paint dries fast in less than 1 hour. On the other hand, if wall mural painters are using other paints, prefer following the manufacturer’s direction as different paints have, distinct drying duration. 

Finalizing The Mural Painting

The last and most important thing to do is examine your mural from a distance. By doing this you would be able to notice the mistakes and then can make the corrections. Thus, it ensures that the artwork is looking perfect from all angles.

Once you complete the mural painting, put aside all the painting tools. Additionally, secure your mural art so that nothing gets in touch with it. Wait for at least 1 week or a month to get the paint completely fixed that will depend on the room conditions.


Mural arts always make your place bright and engaging. It is an incredibly delightful task for those artists who really want their artwork on a big scale.

People always need good preparation for a mural painting. Moreover, be comfortable when sketching your mural design and handling different paints. However, if you require assistance, you can hire professionals for the best design strategy in Melbourne. Though, we have suggested some facts that everyone should know about the mural painting.

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