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Everything You Should Know About the Perfect Guitar Set Up!

Whether you are new to playing the guitar or a pro in this matter, you always know the pleasant outcome of your efforts when the instrument is doing well. But sometimes no matter what you do, the outcome isn’t as pleasant as you aspire it to be, and you are constantly looking into the problems behind the same. And most of the time, you aren’t even aware, but the problem may be as minute yet important as the ideal guitar setup.

Why and How a Perfect Guitar Setup Bits of Help in the Better Sound of Your Guitar?

Whether you have a wooden guitar, an organic one or a device that’s made with a temperamental material (one that gets impacted with changing temperature and humidity), regular maintenance of these stays important for a perfectly playing guitar. And one of the most important maintenance criteria of a nicely working guitar is its perfect setup. Yes, most of the time even a newly bought guitar shows a setup problem, but this is only because the instrument is perhaps tempered or affected because of the transportation and packaging procedure. (Otherwise, the factory sends the guitar with the correct setup to you.) And for proper maintenance, you have to ensure that you are sending your guitar for setup in Melbourne to ColourTone Guitars. They know the right tactics to level your instrument accurately for you and make it perfect. So, what do they do? Read to know!

Changing of strings

Experts will check if the strings are working fine. If not, they change the same and replace it with new ones. Also, if they think that you are a beginner or the strings are too thick or heavy for your usage, even then they will replace them with thin and fine ones.

Cleaning the nuts

Sometimes your setup gets affected because your guitar isn’t serviced for long. In such a case, the experts will clean the nuts properly so that the strings are fitted perfectly in the corresponding grooves.

Adjusting the truss rod

You can’t have the right guitar set-up if the neck of the same isn’t placed well. And for this, you have to adjust the truss rod optimally. The effect of the same can be seen in the proper position of the guitar’s neck.

Setting the right intonation

The right set-up of your guitar also involves a perfectly balanced intonation. And for this, you have to shorten or lengthen the scale length of each and every string. And this intonation is done accurately only if you have professional experts carrying out this task for you.

These steps are extremely important for the perfect set-up of your guitar. Apart from these, the expert technicians also oil and clean the fretboard, check the electronic components of an electronic guitar, adjust the pickup height, regulate the nut height to the proper level. Now that your guitar is set-up properly, all you have to do is concentrate on how your fingers play with it and create the musical magic!

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