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Expensive And Cheap Options To Have A Better-looking Bathroom

Which is the place of your house that almost every guest is going to visit? Oh yes, the bathroom. Being in an incredible bathroom will make you wish you had one just like it.

If you want to be the envy of all your friends, then you need to make a few changes.

Improvements always involve a budget. So, don’t worry here you will have some ideas that are not expensive. Some of them will be. Just check your finances and be honest about the things that you can afford. Even you can make your bathroom look vintage & classic in your budget, but for that you need to look for all things.

Or go step by step. You can improve one aspect of your bathroom, and a few months later, change other things.

  1. Change the Bathroom Tiles

If you want to do a full makeover, then you really need to do this. You can check ideas on Pinterest of bathrooms and see which style you like the most. That way you can acknowledge the things you love. With that in mind, you can choose the perfect tiles for your floor and walls.

You have also a less expensive option here. It can give the impression that you just put new tiles. So, we will give you an amazing tip. As you may know, as time passes, the tiles joint can become darker. This happens because of the mill. If you find deep cleaning tedious, then just paint the grouts.

What? Yes, as easy as that. You just need to purchase a grout pen. Read the instructions and have a little time to paint all the grouts that you have. With this, your tiles will look brand new.

bathroom design ideas

  1. Change the Shower head, arms, and rails

Just change this item of the shower. It will be better if you choose a modern model for them. The shower heads come in a lot of forms. They are circled ones, squared ones, rectangles ones, etc.

Also, there are some really nice, but expensive that can give you several options for the type of water droplets that you want. It depends on the budget that you have for this.

Sometimes the shower head, arms, and rails look old due to the build-up of plaque.To get rid of it, you just need white vinegar and a plastic bag. Fill the bag with the vinegar and close it with a rubber band with the shower head inside. Also, this same method works for the arms. If you leave it longer, then you will have better results.

  1. Paint the Bathroom Ceiling

Changing the color of the ceiling will work really well. You may think that when someone goes to the bathroom and doesn’t put attention to that part. However, as a matter of fact, people do pay attention to it. So, take a day of your weekend and have fun at the Home Depot or your local paint store.

The important thing here is that you take your time to pick the right color. Neutral colors are the old reliable ones. They are a temporal, and they go with everything.

If you like to go with the trends, then pick more bright colors.

Try to pick 3 different tones of the color. So, you can check which is the best one for your bathroom.

bathroom improvement ideas

  1. Purchase New Accessories

For sure there are some must-have bathroom accessories, that every lavatory needs. But you don’t need to have a boring version of them. You can choose them in a modern style. Or a vintage one. The sky is the limit.

If you like your old ones but you think they need a boost, then paint them. There is a special paint that resists humidity. Just make sure to use one of these types of paint. If not used, then the paint runs the risk of cracking or falling.


Now you know easy ways to improve your bathroom. You have expensive options and cheaper ones. So, don’t hesitate. If you like to improve your bathroom, then go for it. Remember to create a budget. That way you can know which part of the bathroom you can spend more money on.

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