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Eyelash-Growth Serum: What Works, What Doesn’t

Almost everyone seems to be after long, alluring eyelashes. Volumizing mascaras can only do so much and eyelash extensions can cost a fortune, but luckily, the beauty gods have blessed us with eyelash growth serums. They’re specially-formulated to give you the luscious, plentiful eyelashes of your dreams—and they really do work.

Thankfully, there are plenty of other powerful active ingredients (like peptides and hyaluronic acid) common in non-Rx lash serums.  Most of the brands on the market rely on active ingredients that condition your lashes to fortify against breakage and moisturize your hair follicles to nourish future hair growth. (Here’s a full explainer on what’s in your eyelash serum.)

Heads up: Most eyelash serums will take at least a month to start showing full effects because your lashes are on a 30- to 45-day hair cycle. Even then, thicker lashes are never really guaranteed. However, the safe application of these over-the-counter options will, at the very least, ensure your lashes are hydrated and strengthened—which is always a win!

looking for a formula that contains biotin, peptides, or lipids. Biotin is a B vitamin and helps lashes grow longer and thicker and stimulates the growth of additional eyelash follicles. Lipids condition and moisturize the lashes, and peptides specifically act on the skin cells of lashes to create a healthier foundation and boost volume.

Important to note: For some people, these formulas may cause sensitivity or an adverse reaction—itchiness along the eyelash line is one common side effect. Some might only be able to use an eyelash growth serum a couple times a week instead of every day.

Why NourishLash?

What made Nourishlash truly outstanding to me was that it wasn’t just a product for women, it was for men and women. Then it was the matter of animal testing which was against this company’s policies, and the fact that the ingredients were all organic and vegan. Putting aside these essential points, Nourishlash as a pioneer in lash serum market, has recently introduced a new and improved formula and packaging to create the best, safest and most effective eyelash growth serum on the market. Full nourishlash reviews

Nourishlash’s trendy packaging makes the product compact and aesthetically pleasing, and it easily fits in my purse and blends in with my other makeup products, making it less obvious I’m using a eyelash serum to boost my lashes. Plus, they had a 60-day money back guarantee which showed they were really confident in their product.

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