Ezeparking team said the Mini Hatch (stylized as MINI hatch, or MINI Hardtop in the US), otherwise called Mini Cooper, Mini One, or just the Mini, is a three-entryway or five entryway hatchback initially presented in late 2000 by German auto organization BMW. The subsequent age was dispatch in 2006 and the third in 2014. A convertible adaptation was present in 2004, with the subsequent age continuing in 2008.

The Mini idea was initially divulge at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in September 1997. While the Mini marque was as yet a piece of the Rover Group, possess by BMW. Where it was plan to supplant both the exemplary Mini and the bigger Metro/100-arrangement . The Mini Hatch was the main model dispatch by BMW under the new MINI marque. That was made after BMW’s divestment of the Rover Group in 2000, and the exemplary Mini’s cessation that very year. The new model work by BMW is in fact inconsequential to the previous.

The Mini is creat in Cowley, Oxford shire, England, at Plant Oxford, and, since July 2014, at VDL Ned car (the previous DAF/Volvo plant) in Born, Netherlands. The Mini convertible is, since 2015, just amassed in The Netherlands.


There are 3 generations of mini hatch which are described below:


Ezeparking team said the principal new age Mini Hatch was presented in late 2000, being the main model dispatched under the Mini marque after the first Mini was ceased around the same time. In some European


business sectors, the Mini One were fuel by a 1.4-liter (85 cu in) inline-four variant of the Tritec engine. Yet any remaining petroleum controlled Minis utilized the 1.6-liter (98 cu in) version. From 2004 through 2008, the delicate top convertible R52 was made.

There are various styling and badging contrasts between the models. Including the Cooper S have a particular scoop cut into the hat. The Cooper S additionally has twin depletes which exit under the focal point of the back valance. The non-S Cooper has more chrome parts than the Mini One and has a solitary exhaust. The Mini One D has no noticeable exhaust pipes by any stretch of the imagination.

In certain business sectors, like Australia and the US, just the Mini Cooper and Cooper S are advertise. Other trim lines of note, sold in shifting business sectors all throughout the planet, are the Mini Seven, Mini Park Lane, Mini Check Mate, and Mini Monte Carlo.


Ezeparking team said BMW presented an all-new, second era of the Hardtop/Hatch Mini model in November 2006, on a re-designed stage joining numerous elaborate and designing changes. It utilizes the Prince motor, the engineering of which is imparted to PSA Peugeot Citroën and is intended to be more practical and eco-friendly,

MINI HATCH 2nd Gen-Ezeparking

and is produce at the BMW Hams Hall motor plant in Warwickshire, Great Britain. It was design in the United Kingdom by BMW Group UK Engineering, in Munich, Germany at BMW Group central command, and by other outsiders, BMW Group recruit Italy. design Giugiaro (IDG) in Turin, to organize the designing, including the turn of events and approval of the body, construction and body of the new Mini. Key Production Associates from influenced regions in the get together cycle at Plant Oxford were favored to IDG for the span of the form to guarantee a smooth combination of the new model back in Oxford.

At first dispatch in the Cooper and Cooper S trim levels; the reach was finish in 2007 with the Mk II Mini One. An efficient adaptation called the First was include in 2009. From April 2007 a diesel was accessible badge as the Cooper D. Which was enhance in 2010 by the lower control One D and in January 2011 with another 2.0 L diesel badge as the Cooper SD.


The third era Mini was uncover by BMW in November 2013, with deals beginning in the primary portion of 2014. Ezeparking team said the new vehicle is 98 mm longer, 44 mm more extensive, and 7 mm taller than the active model, with a 28 mm longer wheelbase and an increment in track width (+42 mm front and +34 mm back). The expansion in size brings about a bigger inside and a boot volume increment to 211 liters.

Six all-new motors are offered for this Mini, 4 petroleum, and 2 diesels: two models of a 1.2 liter three-chamber petroleum with either 75 bhp or 102 bhp, a 1.5 liter 3-chamber petroleum with 136 bhp, (BMW B38 motor), a 2.0 liter 4-chamber petroleum (BMW B48 motor) that produces 192 bhp for the Cooper S, and a 1.5 liter 3-chamber diesel (BMW B37 motor) in 2 degrees of force yield: 95 bhp and 116 bhp (Cooper D), and a 2.0 liter super diesel inline-4 (BMW B47 motor) that produces 168 bhp (Cooper SD). These motors are mate with a decision of either a 6-speed manual, a 6-speed program, or a 6-speed sports program gearbox.

MINI has likewise delivered an all-new model called the MINI 5-entryway (AKA 4-entryway in US, F55). It is showcase as a 5-entryway rendition of the new third era Hatch. The base MINI 5-entryway is 190 lbs. heavier and 6 inches longer than the 3-entryway MINI Hatch models. With comparative execution qualities and more load space.


Ezeparking team said the Mini Cooper/Cooper S (2001–2006) won the North American Car of the Year grant in 2003. The vehicle won the 2006 vehicle of the year at the “Das Goldene Lenkrad” grants in Germany. MotorPress.ca granted the F56 MINI JCW with their “Driver’s Car Award” and “Top Pick” grant giving it a rating of 8.3 out of 10, adulating its driving attributes and motor.  Fifth Gear granted the Cooper S their Best Small Car of 2006 honor.

The Mini brand delighted in amazingly solid deals and client reliability in the US, while simultaneously being evaluated most exceedingly terrible for issues found in the JD Power study. In 2009, Mini positioned last, 37 out of 37 brands, in the JD Power. Initial Quality Survey, having landed second to last the earlier year. The study gives similar load to issues from something was brok, and issues because of the vehicle proprietor discover them hard to utilize, new, or befuddling.

The eccentric controls found in Minis, like non-standard windshield wiper or inside lighting switches, were consider both “issues” that hurt Mini’s positioning in the Initial Quality Survey, and furthermore as recognizing “peculiarities” that, over the long haul, caused proprietors to develop to cherish the vehicles. This added to mark devotion and moderately solid deals, and growing the quantity of US Mini vendors, amidst the 2008 downturn and car industry emergency of 2008–10.


The Mini brand thoroughly enjoyed incredibly strong arrangements and customer unwavering quality in the US. While at the same time assess most really horrible for issues found in the JD Power study. In 2009, Mini situated last, 37 out of 37 brands. In the JD Power Initial Quality Survey, having landed second to last the prior year. The examination gives comparative burden to issues from something broken.

The issues due to the vehicle owner finding them difficult to use, new, or overwhelming. The unusual controls found in Minis, as non-standard windshield wiper or inside lighting switches, were view as both “issues” that hurt Mini’s situating in the Initial Quality Survey, and moreover as perceiving “idiosyncrasies” that, as time goes on, made owners create to esteem the vehicles. This additional to stamp commitment and modestly strong arrangements. Developing the amount of US Mini merchants, in the midst of the 2008 slump and vehicle industry crisis of 2008–10.

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