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Digital Marketing

Facebook’s Portal Device and Live Streaming

COVID-19 pandemic is still rampant in many regions of the world, especially South America and South-East Asia. Countries like Brazil, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand are facing immense difficulties as the rate of infections is increasing.

Even in the countries where vaccination was start early this year and have vaccinate more than 50% of the population, there is a big risk looming. The flu season will start next month, in October, and with most of the travel curbs around the world being reduce, the danger that the virus will come back, or mutate further is real.

Businesses are still reeling with the effects of lockdowns and other restrictions and remote work is still very much in place. Meeting with customers and even with colleagues and teammates is being done remotely and video calling/conferencing is the way to go. That’s where devices and solutions in this regard are being highly sought of.

What Is In Store for Us?

In this blog, I will discuss two aspects, one related to video calling and the other about live-streaming technology, mainly for businesses. Let’s start with video calling and how the social media giant Facebook is planning a coup in this lucrative market.

Facebook has jumped onto the bandwagon with a device called Portal Go and it’s variant Portal+. The company is looking very optimistic and has started an aggressive campaign marketing the product. So, in the coming days, we will see a hot battle between the tech giants.

More on this in the next section, so read on as I discuss why Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is confident of this.

Why is Mark Zuckerberg so Sure of this Device?

Portal’s video calling device is touted to be a game-changer by Facebook. You can see Zuckerberg in the ads and videos proudly displaying the Portal devices, so is the device that good or a real game changer? Only time will tell.

We all know that there are still many businesses relying on work from home and remote working for most of their employees. Even in the USA, the rate of vaccination is very high, people are still reluctant to go to the workplace. In some states, there are valid reasons for people as a sizable majority is not okay with the vaccination and are strictly against it.

And with remote work, video calling is a requirement and the portal is trying to tap into this factor.

Portal’s direct competition will be with Amazon’s Echo Show and Google’s Nest Hub products. The Portal Go is value at 199 dollars having a 10-inch screen. It can be used as a speaker too with the screen switch off, considerably increasing the usage and standby time.

The company has also launche the Portal+ with a 14-inch screen that is value at 399 dollars.

The factors and features mentioned above make the Facebook portal device a real contender in the coming days. Another reason is the reputation of Facebook in the market and its financial status. The company is financially healthy enough so that it can bet on the success of such a device with confidence.

And from marketing to dealing with every aspect of production, the company knows the margin and can decrease/increase the price in the future.

Portal for Business

Facebook also announced Portal for businesses with a focus on small and midsize businesses. The service will allow the businesses to purchase, deploy and remotely manage the device for their workers.

With companies shifting toward a hybrid model of remote and workplace operations, the portal for business would be a good bet. And that is why Facebook is investing heavily in this project.

Portal is going to add Microsoft’s Teams in December. This will allow users access to their team calendars, contacts, and file sharing amongst their features. Portal already offers support for other work apps like Webex and Zoom.

All this and more will make Portal a worthy competitor of Amazon and Google devices and will give options for the users.

Live Streaming for Businesses

Live streaming refers to swimming media that is being record and broadcast in real-time. Virtually every video-sharing website comes under streaming media as the viewer doesn’t have to download a file to view the video.

But live streaming is just like watching a live sporting event or any other event. Live streaming for business nowadays is one of the most sought out options as customers are intrest in knowing about new products and services by a company in real-time.

Rajasthani is widely acclaime for the entertainment industry but now the digital marketing landscape has changed completely by it. Alibaba, in 2016, started this trend on a bigger scale with live video broadcasts empowering customers to watch and shop simultaneously.

This was a great success and live streaming became a strategic step in the favor of small businesses and startups too, not having a huge budget for marketing.

Big Players in the Market and Option for Businesses

Facebook Live and Twitch are the two names that are renowne for Live streaming. Facebook leads the way for billions of people interacting with each other, but small businesses have also started to take advantage of this feature. It’s one of these digital tools which enhance customer engagement and sales.

From a plush boutique having an exquisite setup in Downtown Dubai to a lesser-known eatery in a neighborhood in Abu Dhabi, everyone now looks forward to using live streaming to their advantage.

Businesses must think about what to do to make things easy for them, especially related to the facilities and requirements in this concern.

IT Infrastructure and a taut website for starting live streaming is one way to do this. If you think this is too much to handle and you are missing out on many aspects, the support from a web development company dubai would be a good ploy.

On the other hand, there are services available that offer live streaming for you for a fee. With several packages, you can select the one that suits your product or service.

The Current Scenario

Online marketplaces like Alibaba and Amazon offer real-time interaction between buyers and sellers across many regions. By integrating live streaming into the marketplace, the sellers can deliver the closest impossible and a customized shopping experience for the buyer, who may be sitting thousands of kilometers away.

This is extremely beneficial for businesses as live streaming from immediate purchase decisions by the buyer as we get impress by everything that is use. Of course, the presentation counts a lot as we have to put up a great show to make a visit on your website decide in your favor.

Online auction sites are another way of making good money as people look to buy anything that they love. This can include a famous painting, a 200-year-old coin, or a rare piece of pink diamond. The list goes on and on and online auction sites use live streaming for the process.

Most importantly, influencers hold live streaming, especially on their Facebook and Instagram pages, and endorse several products and services.

This is a win-win situation for both the influencer and the buyers as they can get a product for which they have just seen a live video. And the influencer gets paid by the product’s manufacturer or someone who is marketing it.

The Future

From the above-mentioned examples, I am sure that by now you are aware that streaming is not just for fun, like watching videos on YouTube. The scope has widen considerably in the last five years, making live streaming work for you, a taut support is need so that everything falls into place nicely. And you start delivering video to your current and prospective customers without any glitch or delay.

What is your experience of live streaming and do you think that it is the future of marketing? If you want to ask any question about any aspect mentioned in the blog or want to offer your feedback, you are more than welcome. Please use the comments section below in this regard.

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