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FAQ page for e-commerce: why it is essential and how to build it

When we talk about content marketing for e-commerce, we mainly refer to: 

  • Site texts;
  • Description of the product sheets;
  • Category and subcategory descriptions. 

In reality, there is another page, often forgotten, which instead takes on a rather important role, namely that of the frequently asked questions page, or even better known as the FAQ page

I often don’t pay attention to this page when I browse an online shop. However, I recently had some problems related to the shipping method, which I solved simply by reading the page of frequently asked questions and answers

It is a great help, and it saves you a significant amount of time when you have a problem, and you are in a hurry to solve it. 

FAQs are essential for two primary reasons: 

  • They answer users’ questions and therefore help the customer care activity;
  • They help the indexing. Indexing is the phase in which the search engine collects, analyzes, and stores data to facilitate a quick and accurate search for your site’s information, going to intercept the query. The query is usually used to indicate a user’s request using a search engine whenever we look for something on a machine related to your business. 

The Topic of This Post

  • 1 FAQ for e-commerce: what this page is for
  • 2. Is the FAQ page part of the SEO strategy for better positioning of the site?
  • 3 If you have an e-commerce, what should your FAQ page contain?

FAQ for e-commerce: what this page is for

As always, practical examples can help us a lot to make concepts understood. 

Imagine walking into a physical store – let’s say it sells kitchen appliances – and spotting a fantastic blender. 

It is the first you buy, so you have no idea what the characteristics a blender must have to be considered excellent. 

So you start looking around, looking for the salesman. You are ready to fill him with questions, and he is probably prepared to escape from the nearest exit. 

Seriously, what usually happens is this: 

“Hello, good morning. I wanted some information about that blender on the left shelf. Can I refer to her? “

The clerk nods patiently and is ready to answer all your questions: one by one. 

Once you have all the answers, you will proceed with the purchase. 

Here it is. That cannot happen when you browse online. There is no sales clerk ready there waiting for your questions. 

But you have the questions, though, and you want answers. So you are not willing to buy without having clarified all your doubts. 

So what are you doing? You start looking for a number, trying to contact the online store, and talking to the customer care department.

But what if that’s the whole process reduced in terms of time? 

Furthermore, having a written answer would allow users to read it multiple times until all doubts are clarified. In this way, the phone call to the customer care department is made only if necessary. 

– obviously, this if you have not already entered a chat service to answer all user questions promptly – 

That’s what the FAQ is for. And why they are essential to e-commerce. 

The frequently asked questions pages are always helpful in reality for any online business, not just for e-commerce. 

When buying online, the problems that we encountered are many. The most frequent are related to shipping methods, associated costs, and any returns. 

Then there are all the specific questions related to a single product, but it would be better to insert the frequently asked questions within the product sheet. 

Not many do it, but it would undoubtedly be beneficial for one conversion. In web marketing, conversion means when a user takes a specific – measurable – action that is important to your business. Examples are access to the site, the visit of successful. 

The FAQ page is part of the strategy SEO. 

Absolutely yes. The FAQ page should be structured thinking, on the one hand, to answer users’ questions in detail, and on the other hand to enter those queries related to the e-commerce business sector, which can then help the site to rank more easily. 

Let’s take an example. 

If your e-commerce sells suede shoes, research on how to clean suede shoes might be helpful. 

Be careful, though, because it doesn’t have to be an article. For that, there is the blog. A blog (short for “weblog”) is an “online newspaper” or informational website, which displays information in reverse chronological order, with the latest …, to which, among other things, you can easily refer via an internal link. 

The FAQ page must contain clear, direct, and simple answers. 

Users, in this case, really want the Answer to be direct, without too many words. 

Here is a sample of what you could post on the FAQ page. 

  • how to clean suede shoes
  • how to clean blue suede shoes
  • how to clean light suede shoes
  • how to clean beige suede shoes
  • how to clean black suede shoes
  • with what to wash suede shoes
  • what suede shoes are cleaned with
  • how to clean suede shoes at home

I used Answer the public to show possible queries related to the topic, which could be used as frequently asked questions.

All the tools dedicated to researching keywords, free and paid, contribute to making the search even more specific. 

In this way, your e-commerce could be found by a potential customer, also thanks to the FAQ. 

So, yes, for sure, writing the frequently asked question page is also an essential factor in indexing your site. 

It would be very wise to intercept queries before writing frequently asked questions. 

It would help if you remembered that this page must respond only to one criterion, the user side: utility. 

If you have an e-commerce, what should your FAQ page contain?

Ecommerce, whatever product or service they sell, have more or less always the same problems. 

Here is a list that a friend and colleague of mine – owner of important e-commerce in the pharmaceutical sector – helped me compile. 

I think it can be beneficial if you are thinking of revisiting your FAQ page. 

FAQ format for e-commerce: which ones can be the most effective

There are “formats” for writing FAQs for e-commerce that tend to be more successful, as they are more effective. 

For example, all questions starting with the following formats:

  • How to do
  • How to get 
  • What to do if 

Usually, all the most searched questions by the user start like this, which is why inserting these formats can help make your FAQ page very efficient. 

Another tip, but this also depends a lot on the communication style of the e-commerce, would be to write the questions just imagining the person who is asking us the question. 

I am then using a simple, direct tone of communication.

Do you remember the example of the salesman in the appliance store that I did just above? Here yes, that could be the logic to follow. Imagine writing questions in the FAQ, precisely as if you were the customer walking into the store and asking the clerk for more information.

The clearer and more straightforward your communication will be, the more customers will return to buy on your insurance e-commerce because they will know that on your site, they find the quality that that is looking for and all the information they need.

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