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Features and Trends of Gothic Fashion

In present scenario, the Gothic style is fairly exploited in modern mass culture. You can find it at runways, in movies, red carpet events, music videos and so on. But yet, the notion that most people have is vague. A conglomeration of associations of medieval cathedrals of Western Europe, warlike and savage Northern tribes, youths with black lips and metal bedazzled outfits, that’s what most people have to say about Gothic. Even though the notion is this, gothic fashion is flourishing.

Gothic dresses

Some features about Gothic Fashion

One of the primary misconceptions are that gothic clothing must be black. It is true that black is the most prevalent colour of Gothic style but it is untrue that it is the only shade in Gothic fashion. Let’s figure out some features that makes a particular fashion Gothic.

  1. Gothic Style appeals to a time, either to the past or future: Long gown, corsets, hats with feathers are some of the main features of the vintage Gothic style. They draw inspiration from fashion trends of the past. On the other hand, goggles, protective masks, rings and chunk-soled shoes that are donned by the cybergoths highlight the post-apocalyptic future.
  2. Gothic fashion does not welcome warm colours: Gothic fashion is aristocratic and cool. As they regard themselves as the “children of the night”, Goths do not wear pastel or bright colours with rare exceptions. One can rarely find precious stones in Gothic accessories and perhaps, this is due to the fact that most jewellery is made of gold, which is unacceptable for Goths. Gemstones are not suitable for the Goths either. But only sapphires and diamonds are used. But on the other hand, semiprecious stones are a popular choice for Gothic jewellery. Pearls too are a popular choice.

Alternative clothing are usually made of satin, velvet and other materials, emphasising dark hues and make them look dramatic. Gothic attire is also frequently adorned with lace and other transparent materials. Leather is often used in the accessories.

  1. Gothic fashion promotes individualism and is romantic:

For the followers of Gothic, this style is more than a couple of cliches that people usually associate theme with. Gothic style is a way of self-expression, promoting individualism. The clothes speak out a ton about the person wearing them. It is all about not abiding by the norms. It talks about revolution, and the clothes are a suited symbol of rebellion.

How to recognise a Goth in the crowd?

  • Look for the predominance of black with contrasting accents, like white or red inlays, inserts or other elements of clothing.
  • Other than black, the other dark colours that Goths don are burgundy, green, purple or blue.
  • Straight or flowing lines, clear silhouettes are prevalent in Gothic fashion.
  • The clothes are kinda eccentric.
  • Women’s Gothic dresses consist either vintage clothing or super modern clothes with complex cut.
  • They love wearing voluminous skirts of different sizes.
  • Their clothes include both leather and lace.
  • They slay the corset look, and that too, atop other dresses.
  • Apart from traditional, unisex heavy boots, Goth girls flaunt lacy boots and high or platform heels. Dark colours are the hallmarks of Gothic shoes.
  • Goths are fond of accessories like gloves, gloves, veil and backpacks. Umbrellas, made of velvet or lace, are also remarkable accessories.
  • Goths have a pale face and dark hair. Straight black hair is a classic Gothic hairstyle. A slightly dirty look, very ironically, is considered to be elegant. Such a hairstyle is common for both the genders. They do not put extra effort to emphasise that they belong to a particular gender. Romantic goths on the other hand stick to curls and other fashionable hairstyles. Many goths prefer to dye their hair in ashy or vibrant red colours.
  • Gothic makeup consists of a pale face, with a thick layer of white powder on face, intense eye shadows, black eyeliner, dark or blood-red or black lipsticks. Women also prefer to paint their nails red.


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