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Fine chemical industry of the world’s most developed have to push the United States, West Germany and Japan

There are many kinds of fine chemicals, including inorganic compounds, organic compounds, polymers and their complexes. The characteristics of having a common production technology are: 1) variety, fast update, continuous product development and application technology development, research and development costs, such as research funds for traditional Chinese medicine, often account for 8% – 10% of drug sales. This led to technology monopoly and strong sales with high profit margins. ② Product quality and stability of the original product requires high purity, which intensifies the future not only to ensure physical and chemical indicators, but also to pay more attention to the use of performance, often using a variety of testing methods. These tests have a long life cycle and complex equipment, and many test projects involve human safety and environmental impact. Therefore, there are many regulations and standards for fine chemical products management. Such as USP (see Pharmacopoeia of the people’s Republic of China, British Pharmacopoeia), pesticide management regulations. For the products that do not conform to the regulations, they often insist on the national improvement to achieve the specified objectives or prohibit production. ③ Fine chemical production process is different from general chemical production, and its production process includes not only chemical synthesis (or isolation of natural substances, extraction), but also formulation processing and commercialization. In the process of chemical synthesis, most of them start with basic chemical raw materials, and then produce fine chemicals such as medicine, dyes, pesticides, organic pigments, surfactants, spices and so on. The process of formulation processing and commercialization is the nature of commodity, process and processing technology formulated and manufactured for various products, and their unit operations are roughly similar. ④ Mainly intermittent small batch production method. Although the production process is long, the scale is small, the unit equipment investment, the cost is low, needs the complex engineering. ⑤ Strong commodity, user competition, research and production units should have a comprehensive application technology to provide technical services for users.

The most developed countries of fine chemical industry in the world have successively promoted the United States, West Germany and Japan, and their product output ranks first, second and third in the world.

In recent years, the domestic fine chemical industry is paying attention to a problem: the development trend of fine chemical industry in the 21st century. Since the late 1990s, China has decided to increase investment in energy, information, biology, materials and other high-tech fields. Because the traditional chemical industry has not been listed in the priority of national development, some people regard it as sunset industry. However, this is not the case. Because of its special position in the national economy and the close relationship between energy, information, biochemistry and material science, fine chemicals play an important role in China’s modernization drive. More importantly, fine chemicals have become an irreplaceable and indispensable part of the national economy. Here, I am confident to tell you that fine chemical industry is still a sunrise industry in China and even in the world, with a bright future.

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