Five Habits of Low Self-esteem People

Low self-esteem people are low confident in what they can achieve, on their power to accomplish something. For that reason, they rely more on others’ failures than on their own success.

The feeling of low self-esteem makes the person usually demotivated to reach their goals.

Here we list a few habits that characterize low self-esteem person.

Without further ado, let’s explain each one.

1) The Habit Of Comparing

The habit of comparing oneself to others and feeling low is a sure sign of dependence. Denying your uniqueness, you betray yourself. Evaluating yourself through others, you will never know yourself.

 If you are constantly ignoring the source of your strength, you are doomed. If you do not figure out what to do with your life, there will be those who will do it for you.

2) The Habit Of Competing

To have a zealous desire to be better than someone else is to hide the feeling of being worse than they are and trying to prove otherwise. While the restrained ego is your only incentive, your life will become a race.

There will always be those who are better than you are and who have more than you do. Your goal should be to be yourself, not better than your friend or neighbor. Only an unhappy person tries to prove that he is happy, only a dead person tries to prove that he is alive, and only a coward tries to prove that he is brave.

3) The Habit Of Hoping

By refusing to believe in yourself, you live in hope and expectation. You hope that someone will pick you up, or there will be someone who will guide you through life. You are always waiting for something and do not know what to expect. You live in fear of life, but the responsibilities scare you more.

Living by someone else’s script and someone’s tip, you are depriving yourself of the magic of life. Fortunes are not found on trampled roads but uncharted paths. Once risking and turning on your turn, you will find that you do not need any guides.

4) The Habit Of Seeking Approval

When you do not know your worth, you have to resort to an evaluation of others. You do not do what you want in search of recognition but what will bring you merit. Your ego does not know satiety.

The more recognition you get, the more you need to reinforce your worth. It turns out to be a vicious circle, and it is possible to break out of it, realizing that your value comes from within rather than from the sum of external evaluations.

5) The Habit Of Manipulating

When you do not believe in yourself, you use others to achieve your own goals. You become a manipulator, and you have to resort to all sorts of tricks to achieve your goals.

When the old buttons are stuck, you have to grope for new ones. This develops your sleight of hand, but not faith in yourself. Using and belittling others you do not strengthen your self-esteem. Instead of manipulating, find out how to motivate yourself.

Bottom Line

Get your self-esteem back in a challenge that needs to be embraced to find happiness in your career and personal life. Avoid comparing yourself with others all the time is just one step. If your college friend got far in his career than you, it’s not because of your lack of intelligence or lack of luck, but it’s a set of decisions that made most of the difference.

Comparing usually brings competition, which will not ever make you satisfied with where you are. Competition always makes you want to be something else. It will also follow another bad habit, which is always waiting for approval. After you win, you want to show off someone and wait for their approval and recognition. This is useless, and you will realize it sooner or later.

The low self-esteem person is always expecting that something can happen to change the course of their lives, but as stated here, it never happens without hard work.

Last but not least, when you can not be what you want, you start manipulating people.

Knowing the problem is already the first step to solve it. If you read this until the end, most probably, you’re on the right track.

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