Fix QuickBooks Error The File Exists with exiting steps

What is The file Exists Error in QuickBooks?

The user might face the file exists error in QuickBooks while functioning on various accounting features, like paying scheduled liabilities, opening a state/federal form, and also while downloading the payroll update. As discussed above, the user might see an infinite error message on the screen indicating this error. There are often multiple factors causing this issue, which we are visiting be discussing afterward.

Causes of QuickBooks Windows Error ‘The File Exists’

Being a daily error, there are a pair of things which is able to be the cause behind QuickBooks Error – “The File Exists”. So, here are a variety of the foremost common ones that you simply just might mend.

  • The very cause is an inactive Internet connection on the system
  • Also, Improper and outdated Firewall
  • Another cause is often wrongly configured Internet security settings
  • Outdated QuickBooks Desktop application file can also be one such reason
  • The user might end up during this error if the QuickBooks is being interrupted by Windows User Account Control
  • User doesn’t have admin rights, then he/she might end up during this error
  • Improper QuickBooks Installation causing errors

Troubleshooting methods for QuickBooks Error ‘The File Exists’

As you’ve got seen, there are many things which will be the cause behind the presence of the error on your system. that’s why there are a variety of the Troubleshooting steps which can facilitate your to repair ‘The File Exists’ error in QuickBooks for Windows completely. So, tell follow all the steps within the presented order:

Method #1: postpone UAC in Windows Settings

  • The very initiative is to travel to the Windows settings
  • And then, looked for UAC option
  • Just just in case the UAC feature is turned on, make sure that you simply turn it off
  • The last step is to reboot the system

Method #2: Check for QuickBooks Desktop Application Updates

Another method that one can opt for is to check for QuickBooks desktop application updates

  • For this, the user has got to open the QB Desktop and click on the Product information option under the Help Tab.
  • And then, choose the correct year and version of your QuickBooks software from the drop-down list.
  • The subsequent step is to click on search so proceed by clicking Get the foremost recent Updates Option.
  • Once the user has located the relevant files, save the information on your system’s desktop.
  • After the downloading process is complete, run the installation process, and ensure to follow all the on-screen instructions perfectly.
  • Lastly, reboot the system once all the updates are installed completely.

Method #3: Re-Register QuickBooks.DLL and.OCX file using reboot.bat file

Other methods to urge obviate this error are often to re-register the QuickBooks.DLL and .OCX file using reboot.bat file. The steps involved during this process are as follows:

  • The very initial step is to exit from the QB Desktop Application
  • Now, Right-click on the QB icon on the Desktop and choose Properties
  • And then, the user must click on Open File Location and find the folder where the reboot.bat file is present
  • Visit the folder where the file is present and run the file as an administrator
  • At the instant expect the transmission to open and shut up for once.
  • At the highest of this process, reboot the system, and repeat the strategy during which the error was showing.

Method #4: Allocating full control access to the user

The user can also select allocating full control access. This process can help the user in getting eliminate the error to a much extent. The steps involved during this process are as follows:

  • The very commencement is to right-click on the QB icon on the Desktop and choose Properties
  • Click on Open File Location to open up a menu. Here, delete the whole file address
  • Now, Right-click on the QB Folder and choose the Properties option.
  • After that, under the protection section, click on the Edit option then select Add option
  • Here, select Everyone so click on the OK button.
  • After this, you’ll select the whole Control option so click on Apply.
  • To finish the tactic, the user should reboot your system and take a look at acting on the files again to check for the error.

Method #5: Fixing “The File Exists” error while printing forms issue

If just in case none of the above methods worked in your favor, then during this case, you’ll perform the below steps:

  • Start together with your Desktop and Press Windows + R keys, type control then hit Enter
  • You decide on the Devices and Printers option
  • Here, Right-click on the device and choose to Remove on the printer with which you’re facing issues
  • Exit QB Desktop and open task manager from either the taskbar or using the CTRL + ALT + DEL key shortcut
  • Locate the QBW32.exe process under the strategy tab and right-click thereon
  • End the strategy and click on Yes if a confirmation prompt appears on the screen
  • Now, you’ve got need to navigate to C drive > Program Data > Intuit > QuickBooks (for QuickBooks Premier users) or follow C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Intuit\(QuickBooks_version)\TSPrinterSettings\ (for QuickBooks Enterprise users)
  • Here, find and delete the file named QBPRINT.qbp. Once done, reboot the system and take a look at it to print again.


If all the solutions mentioned above are followed in the right manner, then the chances are that the QuickBooks Error the File Exists problem will be fixed. In case the problem persists and the error is present, you can contact our QuickBooks Enterprise Support team for quick and precise solutions.

Thanks for visiting us and spending your valuable time in reading this blog post. We hope this article might help you to get rid of the issue.

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