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BusinessGraphic DesigningServices

Free Letterhead Templates & Custom Graphic Design Online for Your Business

A stylish and unique letterhead is your chance to add branding to all of your business communications. Letter writing is a formal way to communicate between two parties or persons. It is one of the best ways to offer valuable information associated with the business. With the expansion of the eCommerce sector, people have started to write good business letterheads and make custom letterhead formats in terms of importance and usefulness. These are two elements put to use for promoting or selling new products. Let us find out more about letterhead templates and custom graphic design.

Why Do You Need Letterheads?

Some of the reasons to consider custom graphic design and letterheads are as follows:

  1. Conveys Business Details

Letterhead and custom graphic design conveys the most crucial details about your brand or company. These two elements offer an overview of your company’s vision and improve the sense of reliability. Use the best letterhead format to provide the best to your customers.

  1. Boosts Marketing Strategies

A letterhead is a potent tool you can use in your marketing strategies to attract customers. It eventually improves sales by turning the target customers into paying and loyal customers.

  1. Offers Correct Contact Information

Letterheads offer prospective clients and customers the correct contact information so they can connect with you in case they want to make any transaction with your company.

  1. Advertises Your Brand

A custom graphic design and a letterhead silently advertise your company or brand to all future clients and customers. It forms the face of your company and improves transparency as well.

  1. Showcases Professionalism

Custom graphic design shows your professionalism. Additionally, it showcases your brand and what it represents. You can use the logo to boost your branding by relating your business and brand.

The Best Business Letterhead Templates

Some of the best business letterhead templates are as follows:

  1. Technology Letterhead

Earlier, companies used letterheads strictly in print. Currently, they are used on digital documents as well. Some tech companies are not into utilizing paper. If you are one of them, your business letterhead can be designed with a full-page bleed, as there is a chance that you will not print it on paper. Thus, you don’t have to consider the edges and margins.

  1. Landscape Letterhead

If you are into landscaping, use a business logo with a popular plant. Landscaping and gardening are all about greenery. Thus, include a green touch to your business letterhead. You must retain the logo on other branding materials, such as business cards.

  1. Fitness Letterhead

While considering a professional letterhead format for your fitness center, use hierarchy for effective communication. Arrange your information from the most important to the least important. Include socials, your website, and contact information. These are as important as the sender, message, recipient, and company.

  1. Healthcare Letterhead

Please make use of cool colors while designing letterhead as they attract customers. Although it is applicable for almost every letterhead, it is especially relevant to the healthcare sector as they keep the calmness of the audience intact.

  1. Academic Letterhead

Use a badge or crest to represent the organization for an academic letterhead. Build it with images and icons accurately capturing the institution’s personality. You may use a color scheme and crest to offer character to the letterhead.

  1. Event Management Letterhead

To brighten the letterhead, use bright accent colors to bring a cheerful mood. You must have seen entertainment letterheads with purple, pink, and red hues, as these color schemes are related to wisdom, kindness, love, vigor, and courage.

  1. Home Improvement Letterhead

Some good letterhead formats consist of a watermark. It is sensible because it draws maximum attention to your brand without taking up space on the document. It is beneficial if your business is in an industry such as home improvement, where some documents need significant space. Put some of the design images on backgrounds as watermarks. You need to free up some space for extra information.

  1. Finance Letterhead

Make use of imagery for facilitating marketing and branding. For example, if you own a law firm, use a set of scales to create an impression of justice. This kind of imagery helps your audience to relate to you automatically with the law. It can prove to be a potent tool when it comes to marketing.

  1. Real Estate Letterhead

Some real estate business owners may want to include multiple company details on letterheads. It is natural because, being a real estate business owner, you need to deal with different types of properties, some older, some new, some for rent, and some for sale. You can include socials and contact information to state your locations. However, you do not need to put every detail on the real estate business letterhead. Instead, it would be best to consider your audience.

  1. Food and Beverages Letterhead

A hospitality business can do a lot when it comes to embellishing. You may use unique images and effects to tell people about your business. For example, if it is a restaurant, a watermark of a person with cutlery or some pictures of food will serve the purpose.

Custom Graphic Design Templates

There are several graphic design templates, but all the best ones are stated below:

  1. Graphic Designer Template

The artistic experts can include a unique touch on the letterhead format by focusing on typography. Play with multiple fonts and mix all types to create an excellent graphic design. Please make use of typography and make it as unique as possible.

  1. Corporate Template

Turn up the contrast and use professional colors to develop the best graphic design ideas. White and black, green and blue, and silver and navy blue are the classic combinations for giving your graphic work an excellent look.

  1. Professional Template

Keep your professional graphic design templates professional and straightforward. Ensure the design will not distract your audience from the document’s content. Limit the accent colors to the bottom and top of your document. Please make use of 2 or 3 colors so that it gets the needed attention.

  1. Small Business Template

Keep the graphic design simple for your business and use the available space. You may add information if needed and keep extra room for it.

  1. Certificate of Appreciation Template

You must make a Certificate of Appreciation graphic design template with total care. Keep it customizable as much as you can. Try to work accordingly, whether it is for fun, recognition, or formal purposes.

  1. Facebook Post Template

Use the best graphic template for brightening up the newsfeed. If you want an impressive Facebook post idea, you must have the best template. Ensure it goes well with the marketing strategy, networking, and regular communication.

  1. Twitter Post Template

Your Twitter account deserves the best. You need to understand your business motives and end customers. Plan the graphic design accordingly. Your Twitter post needs to be fancy to attract maximum customers.

  1. Business Card Template

Use the best colors and contrasts to create the best business card template. Your business card templates must have the correct fonts and styles to attract a maximum number of potential customers.


Customers have become well aware of the things happening around them. So, it is best to make wise decisions when it comes to choosing a letterhead format. Keep things simple, and do not overdo things. Keep up with minimalism to attract the maximum potential customers to your business or brand.

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