Frequent Pain in the Right Waist? Beware of This Chronic Disease!

Because they are often under great pressure, the risk of suffering from disorders such as pain is also great. Injuries and infections can also occur and make the situation worse.

Of the various waist pains that occur, usually the lower right area is often painful. So what are the causes of sciatica back pain? Is there a chronic disease that requires treatment as soon as possible?

Causes of pain on the right side

Pain in the right side of the waist can be caused by many medical conditions ranging from mild to dangerous. Here are some causes to consider.

1. Intense activity

Strenuous activity can also cause lower waist disorders, especially on the right. The purpose of this strenuous activity is to work in the fields, to lift heavy objects and to carry something large.

This condition cause’s pain in the back as the muscles will be pulled and damaged. Ligaments around the hands and the spine can also be torn.

2. Narrowing of the spinal space

The spine has space inside. This chamber is used to protect the marrow, blood vessels and nerve tissue. If this area is narrowed, severe pain may occur.

Strong pressure can trigger inflammation as well as stiffness. This pain in the spine usually spreads to one waist, whole waist, buttocks and spreads to the legs.

3. Kidney problems

Pain in the lower back, right or left, is related to disorders that occur in the kidneys. If the kidney has an infection, the pain spreads to the waist.

Besides infections caused by recurrent urinary tract infections, kidney stones can also trigger problems. Kidney stones block the passage of water to the bladder and cause pain around the waist.

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4. Appendicitis infection

If you often experience pain in the right abdomen and other digestive problems such as diarrhea. Most likely, it can be caused by an infection that occurs in the appendix or appendix.

This infection makes the appendix inflamed and can spread to other organs nearby. Surgery is usually necessary if the inflammatory condition worsens.

5. Ulcerative colitis

This condition disrupts the lining of the large intestine. This layer is usually injured, purulent and sometimes bleeding. This condition causes pain in a part of the waist.

6. Endometriosis

Endometriosis is the emergence of abnormal endometrial cells in the tissues outside the uterus. For example, it develops on the cervix, fallopian tubes, up to the ovaries. This condition can cause severe back pain.

The pain that occurs can occur at any time or near your period. The blood that comes out is more so as the woman weakens and sometimes experiences nausea and vomiting.

7. Pelvic inflammatory disease

The inflammation that occurs in the pelvis usually occurs as a result of infection with sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia. When the disease is contagious, it is highly likely that the pathogen can spread to the uterus, ovaries, or fallopian tubes.

Women with this disorder usually also experience fever, chills, nausea and vomiting, pain during sex, and abnormal discharge from the vagina. Pain in the lower abdomen that radiates to the waist is also common.

8. Effects of pregnancy

Pregnant women will gain weight very quickly. This condition triggers the function of the bones of the waist to support it down. The impact of pain will become more and more important.


Not to mention the pressure exerted by the fetus which continues to grow under the stomach. This condition makes it difficult for women to stand for long enough. Even sleeping or sitting should be supported.


9. Testicular torsion

The testes which belong to men have channels for transmitting semen and also blood flow. If a man experiences testicular torsion, the duct will twist and cause the vessel to block.

The blockage that occurs in these blood vessels can lead to organ death. In addition, the pain that occurs is not only in the groin but can spread to the right or left waist.

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When to see a doctor?

Pain in the lower right waist can be caused by many factors, as discussed earlier. If with mild pain relievers and compresses the pain is gone, it means that there is no need to worry.

However, if any of the conditions below have appeared, it is best to contact your doctor immediately.

  1. The pain was getting more intense and could not be resolved easily. Once dry, it will reappear with a very strong taste. This condition can make it difficult for sufferers to carry out their daily activities.
  2. The back muscles experience cramps and stiffness, which makes them difficult to use for walking and activities that require a lot of strength.
  3. You have nausea, fever and sometimes vomiting. Under severe conditions, you may have diarrhea.
  4. Blood appears in the urine and urination is very disturbing.
  5. The body feels weak every day and therefore cannot do any activity.
  6. Disorders that occur in the lower right part of the waist can be caused by problems with the spine, digestive tract, and kidneys.

To find out what is the cause, the examination should be done as soon as possible. With proper examination, pain triggers can be identified.

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