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Getting Your PCR COVID-19 Test done for Your Travel Destination

It’s unfortunate that as parts of the World are experiencing a decrease in COVID-19 cases, the UK is considering toughening restrictions because of increase in COVID infection cases. Now there is an emphasis on showing a COVID-19 negative result certificate before being granted entry into European countries.

Purpose of PCR test

The major purpose of the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test is to identify if a specific antigen activates certain response from the immune system. Through an examination of the swab collected from the throat of individuals, the PCR test can identify certain antigen coded to COVID-19. PCR test is also able to determine if a patient is in the early or late stages of COVID-19. Because of the amount of manpower needed for this process, the NHS has made use of other COVID-19 test options.

Taking your PCR test

When you decide to take your PCR test in London, you would have to choose one of the many private health care centres because the NHS has stopped PCR tests. Every test has to be CE approved to ensure that it meets up to health standard. The test is performed after a throat swap if first taken from the person of interest; this could be done by your healthcare provider or in situations like what we are currently experiencing in the UK, you would be asked to take it yourself with public health UK guidelines.

After testing and result has been compiled, your certificate would then be sent to you either by email or mail 24 or 48 hours, depending on which service you required.

The following services should be available to you from your Healthcare provider;

  • They should be affiliated with a laboratory that adheres to ISO 15189 standards
  • The COVID-19 PCR test should be approved by public health UK
  • They should have options to provide the PCR travel certificate in 24 or 48 hours after testing
  • There should be a health care officer available 24/7 on a dial-up line to answer your enquiries
  • Clinic appointments and other necessary certificates should be available at an affordable price.
  • Results should be as accurate as possible

When is a PCR test necessary?

For travel purposes, it is necessary that you take your PCR test in time so result certificate would be out before you travel. You should contact your travel agency in-order for you to know the time frame you have to submit the result. Also, ask your service health care provider when the PCR test result would be out so you can compare time frames.

Cost of PCR test

Various private healthcare providers charge different amounts to carry out PCR tests on individuals. Rest assured you won’t be breaking the bank because you can get the test done for as little as £150. Even if you are feeling financially generous, you won’t spend more than £250 depending on how urgent you need the result. Usually, a result required to be ready in 24 hours would cost more than one that would take 48 hours.

If the COVID-19 PCR test is positive

If the test comes out positive, then the healthcare providers would guide you on the next step where you and your family would have to be isolated. There would be an immediate follow-up to track down individuals you may have come in contact with. For further info visit the NHS website

If the COVID-19 PCR test is negative

This can occur in two instances; you may be negative with symptoms or without symptoms. If you are negative without symptoms, you can continue with your travel plans, but if you have symptoms, you should follow up with NHS guidance.

PCR tests requirements for Italy bound travellers

For those who intend on travelling to Italy for the holidays, the good news is that you presently don’t require a PCR COVID-19 test to travel. But for individuals coming from countries with high infection rates, it is mandatory that they present a negative PCR test result to the Italian airport authorities. With the recent hike in infection cases in the UK, it is very likely that protocols might change any time soon. Don’t forget to wear your face masks and hand gloves when you are heading to the airport.

If you are travelling to any other country, ensure you do proper research of their COVID-19 test rule and regulations as well as their infection rates. Have your Fit to fly COVID test result certificate with you at all time to avoid unwarranted procedures that would delay you from your flight. If you are travelling with family and friends, also ensure that everyone has a copy of their negative COVID-19 result because if just one person is positive, you would all have to be isolated according to WHO guidelines. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself while you can, eat right and exercise.

Contact at to get your test to travel certificate for Covid-19.

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