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Global Leader: Discover Your Potential With the GTML™ Certification Program

Global Leader

What makes an effective global talent management leader?

Global leaders need more than the technical skills to stay effective in the global market. Besides exhibiting leadership skills, the global leader must also be able to focus on how business results must be driven.

GTML™ certification program for the future leaders of tomorrow

The Talent Management Institute (TMI), an internationally recognized leader in talent management addresses strategic competitiveness by providing certification programs for the budding elite leaders. The GTML™ certification program offered by TMI establishes the expertise and proficiency allowing organizations to achieve excellence in the field of talent keeping human capital management as a core focus.

Talent management programs are designed to develop your skills into a future world leader in your field. The GTML™ program is highly recommended for leadership roles in HR.

Six reasons why you should choose TMI’s Global Talent Management Leader Certification:

  1. Gain direct access to one of the world’s renowned Wharton courses online:
    1. Managing Social and Human Capital
    2. People Analytics
    3. Global Trends for Business and Society
  2. Direct access to the TMI Body of Knowledge (ideally for the authorized education providers only) and the TMI Universal Knowledge Framework (TMI-UKF™).
  3. Opportunity to learn from TMI’s flagship publication – Talent Management: The TMI Handbook for Practitioners.
  4. You also gain exclusive access to the learning resource – Talent & the Future of Work that covers the latest insights on how work, workplaces, and workforces are transforming and how corporations and HR leaders are deploying Talent Management to combat talent challenges.
  5. Gain the opportunity to learn from #Talentastic! – teaches you how to re-tune and re-boot personal conduct and professional approaches to become a highly-trained HR and Talent Management professional.
  6. Last but not the least, an e-copy of the exam guidelines, keeping you prepared for any challenges you may face while preparing for the examination.

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Organizations must understand the need to build talent management to sustain the workforce. Hiring, onboarding, developing, and deploying the right talent are some of the responsibilities a global leader needs to hold accountable. Instead of following an untailored practice to implement global talent management, these are the five strategies a global talent management leader must follow.

  1. Maintaining a balance of global and local needs: when operating in different countries, organizations need to have a clear understanding of how to respond to the local needs while maintaining a coherent HR strategy.
  2. Cultural embeddedness: companies have started integrating their core values along with their business principles into the talent management process – performance management system, hiring process, and leadership activities, etc.
  3. Alignment with strategy: global leaders must ask themselves this question, what kind of strategy should we follow given the kind of talent we have, or what kind of talent do we need? Companies must be able to adapt to changes and transform their talent approach when needed.
  4. Involvement of management: a successful company knows they will be needing broader ownership to run a successful business plan. The involvement of a manager is a must.
  5. Internal consistency: implementation of practices may not work if done in isolation. Thus, it is always better to have the company’s talent management practices fit in properly with one another.

Get yourself involved in the new world of global leadership.

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