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Digital Marketing

GoogleShopping And Social Networks

The sale through digital media continues to rise after being the main form of commerce during 2020. For this reason, more and more brands are creating their respective online stores so that they can sell their products and thus take advantage of the best way possible. various platforms that allow it.

In recent times, a controversy has been generated about which platform should be chosen to sell online. If it is better to be present in only one or in several to achieve a greater sales channel , but the truth is that there is no single answer to this question.

Some time ago, the company Google has been thinking of a new way to generate even more traffic on its network and for this it informed all e-commerce users that it intends to use the Google Shopping platform as a free space for selling products. That said, the company founded by Sergei Brin and Larry Page opens the door to the world of e-commerce to continue positioning itself as the default search engine par excellence for all users.


Google Shopping is a section within Google in which you can sell in the web browser , showing ads for specific products depending on the searches made by users. There is a good chance that you have not used it so far, but surely you have seen it (if you live in a country where the Google Shopping option is already available).

The great variant that Google Shopping presents when buying is that it will show your products to users who are actively looking for them. In other words, you will have more opportunities to get sales because your item will appear to people predisposed to buy it.

At the moment, Google Shopping is not presented as the so-called online marketplace such as: Amazon, Facebook Market or Instagram Shop. It is a kind of catalog of articles that is shown to future clients and then redirected to your website. To summarize, while you have your own sales website, Google shows your products to users who have an interest in them. You can contact Social Media Marketing Services Company

According to data analyzed on the online stores that recently used Google Shopping, the following is reflected:

120% increase in advertising impressions on Google Shopping.
90% increase in clicks from Google Shopping Ads.
20% increase in conversions and benefits (purchases or subscriptions).


Marketplaces are considered to be the destined sectors of the different social networks. Instagram and Facebook where users publish and sell articles of all kinds. Brands use it a lot to have a presence on the networks and then be able to link their e-commerce websites.

The particularity that Facebook Marketplace presents is that. It allows you to sell directly from the same Facebook application. While the Instagram Shop serves more as a catalog display of products. Their prices, and then redirects you to their websites. Although They are working so that within a short time. You can buy directly from the network. You can contact Social Media Marketing Services Company

In conclusion, we recommend that the ideal in your online sales strategy to generate more income is to combine the use of both Google Shopping and the channels of the different social networks : Instagram Shop and Facebook Marketplace. What, today, is known as multi-channel web sales to make the most of all the tools available to users and thus generate greater visibility as the scope of your products and services, so as a final result, increase sales. sales and make a difference with respect to your competition.


Good management in social networks is essential to create and maintain the reputation of your company, add value and quality. Nowadays, most users will look for your profiles on networks to complement their information and automatically generate a preconceived idea about the product and/or service offered, as well as the professionalism of the company that offers them. You can contact Social Media Marketing Services Company

How do I know that the management of my profiles on social networks is professional?

When the time comes to hire an online marketing agency that manages your profiles on social networks, it can cause you to doubt whether it is carrying out accurate and quality management . Don’t worry! These are some of the keys to know if your profile is professional :

#1 Define a correct strategy for our networks

First of all is the definition of a strategy . With this, we must ask ourselves the question: “what do we want to achieve?” This is essential to have a specific purpose and know what actions to carry out. In addition, these objectives must be assumable and measurable , in order to be able to assess their evolution later.

#2 Choose a suitable target audience

It is necessary to choose the target audience that we want to address and search what social networks they are on ; A mistake that is repeated in many companies is to think that the more profiles they have on networks, the better. If they are profiles that are not going to be optimized or updated later… it is better not to have them!

#3 Optimize profiles on social networks

Following the line of the above, emphasize the importance of optimizing all profiles on social networks to the maximum. And it is that once we have chosen in which network or networks we want to be present, we must go for it all. Add corporate image, contact forms, links to web pages, blogs… And any other type of information that may be useful to users.

#4 Create quality content

It is more than important to generate valuable and interesting content for our community. “Why do you follow me on Instagram?” (for example). It is essential to ask ourselves this question and know how to answer it. A high number of followers is useless if we do not offer them content that they consider interesting, doing it correctly will give us value and confidence in front of them.

We must know what to publish to delight our community, with the aim of retaining customers and attracting potential customers. It is advisable to prepare a content plan in advance that serves as a guide to meet the different objectives that you want to achieve: generate engagement , promotion of a product or service, relevant dissemination…

#5 Take criticism

In addition, we must be aware that we can come across criticism and we have to know how to deal with it through good crisis management.

#6 Interact with our followers

On the other hand, we have to interact with our community . Questions, surveys, raffles, early response to your questions… We have a thousand ways to talk to them! Offering efficient customer service will help build customer loyalty and get them to choose our brand over the competition. It is essential to be and be.


What does an agency contribute to the management of social networks?

To finish, it is important to understand that. although today almost everyone knows how to handle social networks.that is not an excuse not to do it professionally. Being clear, anyone can “upload” post to a social network (we all do it in a particular way). However, it is more complicated to do it well and for said management to be profitable for the company. For this reason, the agency is going to give you added value that makes your networks one more weapon in the battle of digital marketing.

We detail some of the  advantages that a professional agency can give you in network management :

  • Use the right tools to plan, manage and report.
  • Experience in different accounts. We know what works, and what doesn’t.
  • Images and content made by professionals: writers and graphic designers.
  • Give solutions to your problems. Management is not just uploading, for example, two weekly posts to your feed.
  • Provide strategies to improve your sales channels.
  • Complement this strategy in social networks with other online marketing channels, and even with offline strategies.
  • Stay up-to-date with the functioning of the networks, the new tools and their applications.

These are, in summary,  some of the advantages that the agency offers you against management by someone  “unprofessional”.


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