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Guide to Help You Install macOS Big Sur

If you’ve been waiting for the macOS Big Sur, you’d be glad to know that it is now over. This upgrade is now available in the Public Beta version and a Developer Preview version. It promises to be the biggest and better update for your MacBook when compared to its predecessors. The final version of this update will be available late this year. But with the Public Beta and Developer Preview version, you can enjoy the new features without any further ado. Remember that the final version will include more and better features than the update available now. And the currently available versions might have a few bugs and errors which won’t be there in the final version due to the software finalization.

The macOS Big Sur will bring positive and robust enhancements in the performance of Safari, AirPods, Messages, Mac’s control center, Photos, Mail’s sidebar, Mac Catalyst, Widgets, and notifications. And the update will be available on the following Mac systems:

  1. MacBook Pro (2013 and later)
  2. Mac Pro (late 2013 and later)
  3. MacBook Air (2013 and later)
  4. iMac (2014 or later)
  5. iMac Pro (all models)
  6. Mac Mini (2014 and later)
  7. MacBook (2015 or later)

Now that you’re sure about downloading the macOS 11 Big Sur Beta version on your device, make sure that you take the backup of all the essential files, photos, documents, etc. It is not that the update will delete all your files, but as a precautionary method, you should not skip this step. So, even if something goes wrong in the procedure, your data will remain safe, and you can restore your data whenever you like.

Enroll in the Apple Developer Program 

If you’re about to get the Beta version of the macOS 11 Big Sur, you’ll have to enroll your device in the Apple Developer Program. Begin by going to the Apple Developer Program enrolment website. It will bring you all the details that you have to fill in, and you’ll require your Apple ID and feed in all the necessary information it asks. For enrolling in it, you have to pay $100 (approx.) or €69.

Now, let’s move on to downloading the Developer Preview of macOS 11 Big Sur. After signing in to the Apple Developer Preview, you’ll be able to download the Develop Preview version. Use the following steps on the website:

  1. You’ll find a Download button in blue color. Click on it and log in to your developer account.
  2. Then it will direct you to a new page, from where you have to find and click on the Install Profile button. The file will start to download.
  3. In the Finder page, go to the Downloads folder and select ‘macOS Developer Beta Utility.’
  4. Give a double-click on ‘macOSDeveloperBetaAccessUtility.pkg’ file. The installation procedure will begin.
  5. On the other hand, System Preferences will automatically open on the screen. You can check the update procedure there.

Restart your system if the procedure doesn’t seem to start. Then, go to Mac’s App Store and click the Updates button.

  1. After the installation procedure completes, you’ll find a new window opening that asks you to agree to Apple’s terms and conditions.
  2. Accept it and continue to follow the instructions appearing on the screen.

Sign up to the macOS Public Beta

To get all the power-packed action from macOS Public Beta, you have to head to the macOS Public Beta signup page, and log in to your Apple account. Confirm your choice to join Beta. Then you’ll find a list of steps and instructions to follow on your screen. Before moving ahead, make sure that you take the backup of the files.

As you continue to follow the instructions and steps, Apple will provide you a link to install the macOS Public Beta Utility. Continue to follow the instructions appearing on the screen to download the Beta update successfully. This procedure takes a lot of time, so please be patient with it. After downloading it, you’ll receive another set of instructions for installation. Soon you’ll find an Apple logo and a progress bar appearing on the screen. Let the system do its job.

After the lengthy procedure gets over, you’ll be notified about the next update on the Beta version. You can choose to skip the update as well.

These versions might come with a few bugs that might end up crashing and freezing your device at times. For a stabilized version, we’d recommend you wait for the final version of the update. If you’re eager to get the latest build of macOS 11, you can purchase it at the macOS 11 Big Sur Developer Preview.

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Source: Guide to Help You Install macOS Big Sur

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