Guide to Hiring an Armed Security Guard

Security services are the most important factor when it comes to keeping people safe at home, places of business secure, and monitoring shopping centers or any other public place. Highly trained armed guards and security guards are entrusted with the responsibility of keeping every day safe and secure. Amongst the security guards in San Diego, Direct Guard Security Guards in San Diego have been the most reputable security service company with copious experience in providing excellent security services, trained security guards, armed guards for airports, events, organizations, businesses, VIPs, and all other entities. We provide an all-in-one solution to both residential and commercial settings with live monitoring, mobile support, audio and visual deterrence, IP camera hosting, and all the other available technological surveillance systems. Besides the digital tracking and monitoring, our security guards in San Diego are trained in the traditional monitoring approaches well. Here are some of the types of security guards one can choose from.

Types of Security Guards in San Diego:

Just like mobile patrolling, virtual guard services are similar. Security guards monitor your location from a remote site. They keep sending analytics to the respective departments and if there is a problem, the respective authorities are dispatched to counter the problem. This service is not only convenient, it is also cost-effective. Also, this service is offered 24/7. Virtual security guards are the best choice for businesses that wish to spend less finance on their security protection needs money and still be able to avail the best security guards in San Diego.  


Besides the types of security guard Diego, you should also consider some of these qualities to ensure your business, household, or any other location gets the most qualitative security guard. Some of these qualities are:


  1. Health 

Security guards need to be healthy and fit to perform their duties well. A healthy security guard would not only be a display of strength but can also control unexpected situations if the need arises. So, if the security guard exercises and maintains a healthy lifestyle, it shows his commitment to his profession as well. 

2. Flexible and Hard-Working

From patrolling to guarding doors, a security guard should be available to adopt any role that is required from him. He has to make sure he is giving his best in his duties. 

3. Communication Skills

Besides guarding and looking tough, a security guard needs to be a good communicator as well as an empathetic person. He should be available to resolve disputes and solve threats before they arise. 

These are just some of the many qualities of an excellent security guard. However, these are some of the main ones to help find out the best security guards in San Diego 

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