Guide To NFL 2021 Game Picks

The NFL is a premier American Football competition that involves 32 teams competing for the NFL championship. It’s ultimately decided by the end of the season, during the Super Bowl tournaments held once a year in February. These 32 games get divided into National Football Conference-(NFC) and American Football Conference-(AFC). Then sub-divided into four teams. We are bringing you the most incredible matchups and NFL game picks so you can get your weekend loaded with NFL football. 

Falcons 4-11 against Buccaneers 10-5

Two weeks ago, Falcon had a 17-0 win over the Bucs at halftime-which made them the only team holding the Chiefs to less than 20 points last week. Although, they’ve not been able to close out games. The Bucs still hope to put four quarters as a final tune-up while heading into their first postseason since 2007. And yes, they want to go streaking into the playoffs. If they win, it will be their fourth straight win.

Falcon is at 8.3 percent break-even probability, and most got mystified by a few of the coaches recruited this offseason. But if you’re for the offense, Arthur Smith is one of the best hires you will appreciate. He is said to have such success as an offensive play-caller.

Bold predictions;  Mike Evans, Bucs receiver, is our daily sports pick. Two years ago, he had 110 yards receiving against Atlanta and 181 against Detroit last week. But on Sunday, Falcon will hold him to 55 yards. Tom Brady, Bucs quarterback, will surpass 300 yards passing, which will be for a third straight game. And that will mark the first time of doing so since 2017 in weeks 2-4. 

What are the stats? With 36 passing touchdowns, Brady has already made a team-record this season. At age 40, this season, he can become the first player to have 40 passing TDs. His counterpart QB Matt Ryan has 24 passing touchdowns, and if he pushes more, he can reach 25 for the ninth time. 

Playoff; Buccaneers got eliminated from the NFC South race, and they locked up a playoff berth. The Falcon, too, was shown the door from the playoffs, and according to the projections, they might end up with the NFL draft’s third pick. They may have a chance of finishing with at least a top-five game picks. 

Dolphins 10-5 against Bills 12-3

As the Bills get locked between No. 2 or No. 3 seed in AFC, they have a tough decision to make;

Should they rest their starters while risking playoff positioning by losing to Miami? That means allowing an entry of a division rival into the postseason. They may also risk injury, play their starters, and secure home-field advantage through the first two rounds. So, if Bill’s stars play, they will have such an impact on the outcome. 

Bold predictions; The cornerback’s Dolphins, Xavien Howard, is in our daily sports pick. He will get his 10th interception of the year. He will be the first defender to get double-digit picks in 13 years. Antonio Cromartie got one in 2007.

QB Josh Allen from Buffalo has not made it a habit of torching the Dolphins. He gave 17 touchdowns and three interceptions. Miami and Bills are game picks to watch, as Miami defense works on Bills. The Big question is whether Allen or Matt Barkley will get the most reps, considering the team has clinched the division?

Chicago against Minnesota

Between these two-game picks, the Vikings have the advantage at the quarterback side-outside Watson’s trade. Although Kirk Cousin’s passes can sometimes go amiss, he delivers accurate passes better than an average NFL.


Vikings 6-9 against Lions 5-10

As we know, there’s a new regime coming in Detroit; we might see some deep-in-the-playbook games in the finale. That will make this matchup more exciting. 

The Vikings have an advantage because of their skill-position players. Their pass-catching unit and running backs have produced the second-most WAR of any other skill position group last season. The Bear was in the 12th position in the same category. Losing Allen Robinson gives the Vikings an advantage. 

Mike Zimmer can piece together a defense better than the total of its part, and that’s why Vikings are still holding him. As the young defensive backs continue to grow along with Danielle Hunter’s return, this will give Vikings the strength they need to succeed in 2021. 

As things turn into a complete rebuild and playoffs entry, Zimmer can break the year. Or can he? The bounce-back prediction for Zimmer’s defense, along with Cousin’s above-average quarterback play, should keep Vikings admissible in the North. 

Prediction; If Mathew Stafford plays quarterback despite an injury he sustained in week 16, it might be his last game in Detroit. The Lions have an oppressed organization, and they require a clean slate. So, expect to see the new office before the game starts. 

Stats: Justin Jefferson Viking’s receiver has six games and 100+ receiving yards in this season. 

NFC North Division

Buckle up and prepare to watch teams shifting from being overvalued to undervalued. 

Green Bay pops in our daily sports picks because it’s the second-most likely team to win a division, but they may need to repeat 75 percent of the time to break-even. All that may seem reasonable for Green Bay, but there are more reasons why the Vikings should be number two. Detroit may have a litany of change that may make them one of the worst teams in 2021. 

NFC South Division

Coming to the South, you will find game picks in this division having the most mispriced lines. As Buccaneers are fresh off their Super Bowl win, they have a probability of 53.25 percent of winning the division. If you get the correct assumption of the No.2 team, that’s pretty low. 

Drew Brees’ retirement may have the Saint’s future market evaluated, as their 33.3 percent break-even is one of the worst bets of this offseason. And it’s their subsequence drop that will add some value to the other participants in this division. 

Despite Carolina’s playmakers being at the skill level, they still produced the lowest WAR of any unit in this division. Carolina will get to see Joe Brady for one more year.

AFC North Division

Once again, the same mindset applied as you try to identify a winner in one of the best football divisions last season. 

Lamar Jackson secured his first playoff victory, and this turned things around for the Ravens. However, this didn’t silence the doubters, as Ravens struggled when forced to play behind. 


They seem to have the same issue with their defense as they over-rely on the blitz to generate pressure. It allows them to beat up on minor opponents, but it also opens opportunities for the best offenses in the NFL. There’s almost a 50 percent break-even probability and better pricing found in this division.

In conclusion, and there you have the NFL guide that prepares you on what to expect in 2021. Also, keep checking the daily sports picks to be in the know. Have fun as you enjoy your favorite team, and always remember to make smart bets. 



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