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hair transplant turkey

Turkey Med is a clinic based in Istanbul that specializes in a variety of medical services such as hair transplant.

including hair transplant using the FUE, DHI. and Sapphire fashion. gastric sleeve surgeries, and treatment for dental implants.

Cases do not have to go void to get the personalized care they want since the clinic is staffed by professed medical professionals who can give a variety of treatment druthers.


What is Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair transplantation is a simple surgical procedure done by rooting hair follicles from areas characterized by thick.

and strong hair and redistributing those follicles in areas suffering from hair loss or baldness.
This operation is the most effective result to get relieve of the problem of hair loss permanently. and the operation is carried out through original anesthesia.

Hair Transplant done by surgeons and specialists which handling the surgeries with high position experience & professionalism.

Hair transplantation can be in one session or in several sessions, depending on hair loss stage.

in this step we can also choose the stylish suitable fashion for your case
Second Planning which is the most important step when you be in our clinic.

we check your patron area hair again and calculate the number of grafts which we will do during the surgery.

draw the lines and choose the suitable tools to use during the surgery

Third Hair Transplant Operation. this step will be done by the medical platoon typically done in 3 wayhair grafts birth.

Channles, and implantation) or in 2 way like Dhi hair transplant.

this operation could take 7 to 8 hours to be done or could be done in 2 surgeries in 2 days

so like a summary we need to do discussion to give the stylish accurate information and get good result for your hair transplant surgery
please communicate our medical representatives and get all the details if you suffer of hair loss and look for result for it.

Beard Transplantation

Is it Possible to implant beard hair?

Still, beard transplantation is an ideal result to get relieve of this problem permanently
If you suffer of weak beard hair.

or empty spots in the beardarea.Men’s demand for beard and mustache transplantation has increased significantly.

as studies have shown that over to 40 of men aren’t satisfied with their beard.

The success of beard, goatee, or mustache transplants depends on the skill of the surgeon who performs these operations, as they’re delicate and technical operations that bear high chops in order to get stylish results to appear at a high position of naturality.
In TurkeyMed, we’ve specialized surgeons who have experience over times in hair transplantation. which guarantees that you’ll get the most anticipated result of beard and mustache transplantation.

Female Hair Transplant

Can a woman have a hair transplant?

25 of women suffer of hair loss in their continuance. which can have a negative impact that may affect a woman’s life significantly.

and it can lead to a cerebral problem or indeed depression in some cases.
The issue of hair loss in women is frequently related to aging,post-pregnancy.

or indeed thyroid complaint. so people don’t give the issue any significance at the begininnng, but may be related to the family’s inheritable history.

thus, we advise any girl or woman suffering from hair loss to probe the cause of this hair loss that she suffers from first before taking any other action.

After making that opinion and knowing the main reason. she can take the applicable treatment like some types of special creams.

minoxidil sprays and vitamins or go for a hair transplant as a last choice for this problem

You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow.

Is it Possible to implant Eyebrow hair?

Still, Eyebrow transplantation is an ideal procedure to fix it, If you lost your eyebrow hair or you suffer of thin eyebrow.

The success of eyebrow transplant depends on the skill of the surgeon who performs these operations, as they’re delicate and technical operations that bear high chops in order to get stylish results to appear at a high position of naturality.

What to Expect After Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Results

After broadcasting the hair from the patron region to the philanthropist area or bald area incontinently after being removed from the patron area. it may take up to 18 months for the hair to growget thicker.

and come fully mature. The hair will begin to fall out after four weeks of hair transplant. Following hair restoration treatment lasting between three and five months, the follicle will be left before in a safe manner. and new hair will begin to grow.

After two weeks Hair Transplant Results

After two weeks, the case will notice that they’re beginning to lose their hair.

which is a natural part of the development process but is known to aggrandize the dears of anxiety and stress.

At this stage. hair separation is to be anticipatednonetheless. it’s pivotal to make the point that the separation of the sole structure of the hair that contains an important portion.

the root follicle, is safe and doesn’t compromise its integrity.
The process of slipping creates a new hair structure.

which is nearly generally healthier than the former bone .

There won’t be any more significant shifts being between now and the coming month.

After four months of hair transplant

After four months, the hair that was lost will begin to come back; but, since it’s weak and unfit to access the crown.

it’ll produce a skin complaint called asfolliculitis.However, you should see a dermatologist so that you may get prompt treatment, If the pain is too important for you to take. It’s possible for some individualities to confuse folliculitis with aninfection.However, on the other hand. it’ll be accompanied by other signs of inflammation, If it’s an infection. Within a week’s time. both the folliculitis and its symptoms will begin to ameliorate.

Increased hair growth viscosity frequently develops between the fourth and eighth months. There are still patches weak hairsfragile– looking hair, but the beginning structure is perfecting all the time.

After eight months of hair transplant

By eight months, the hair had grown visibly, and its rate of growth had accelerated. In a time, could be small changes in the hair. The operation’s end outgrowth will come incontinently apparent at that time. It may take a many months for indeed minor changes to take effect in that time you can see the final hair transplant results




Through our medical platoon. we give multiple treatments in the medical services sector

Hair transplant by FUE, DHI and Sapphire ways, Gastric sleeve operations. dental implants and treatment
We offer treatments that our platoon of croakers and surgeons specialize in.
They’re among the most educated in their field. and you can rest assured that you’re getting honest advice and treatment acclimatized to your condition.

We’re fastening on quality, not on low prices as we believe that low prices is always available far and wide.

turkeymed pukka hair transplant center in lemon we’re recognized to serve you.

and inquire about anything related to hair transplantation

Good luck to all, we offer you an excellent service

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