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Digital Marketing

Handy Apps for Writers for Producing Best Content

Whether you’re writing landing page content for a Chinese B2B platform or thinking about publishing your own book, it needs to be perfect in every sense. All the writers are extraordinary people with creative minds but even the best need some help sometimes. We are here with some apps for writers that can help them in different ways.

The experts are aware of most tools in the lists and recommend them to the newbies as well. Every tool and app has its pros and you can use multiple tools or just one depending on your needs.

So let’s learn about how these apps for writers can help any new or seasoned author, publisher, or writer.

Useful Apps for Writers for a Flawless Writing Experience

Writing is fun, but you have to be careful with grammar and a lot of other things. You can proofread your write-up several times and miss some minor mistakes in it.

To help you perfect your craft, you can use these apps for writers and make your content flawless.

1. Hemingway

If you want to make your writing bold and clear then Hemingway is your go-to app. It is rich with many features such as the word counter, and a readability score meter as well.

The main reason why you should Hemingway is because of its smart suggestions to make your write-up more clear and precise. It highlights any kind of complexity i.e. if a sentence is hard to read or understand or is too long, the Hemingway app will suggest you modify it. if there are any kind of grammatical errors, it will suggest you the fixes. On the other hand, if there are any other ways to improve the readability of your write-up, Hemingway will help with that as well.

Hemingway is free to use and it is recommended for the writers who write blogs, guest posts, or any other kind of digital copy.

2. Cliché Finder

If you are ever stuck thinking of your write-up has lots of clichés then you can use this one of the amazing apps for writers. Cliché Finder is exactly what the name says.

It is very simple to use. You just paste the content in the box, the app scans it and gives you a cliché report. It helps in reducing overused words and terms makes your writing more clear, precise, and easy to read.

Although it is not always bad to use clichés, when you do, you should know about it. So think of it as an essential tool especially when you’re writing an eBook or a book. So do check it out asap!

3. Marinara Timer

A lot of you may have heard about the Pomodoro Technique. If you use it then great, if you don’t then you need to get onto it.  Pomodoro Technique is a time management method that helps you with productivity. It is based on simple rules, you work for 25 minutes, take 5 minutes break, and repeat the cycle.

Marinara Timer app alerts you to take breaks. However, it is not specialized for writers only but it is very beneficial for them. It reminds you every 25 minutes to take a break for five minutes and then you can get back to work. However, if the 25 minutes working and 5 minutes resting thing isn’t for you then you can set the timer to your needs as well.

You must get up and walk at least once every hour to stretch your back otherwise you could be the next hunched-back because of sitting in the same position for hours. It is healthy and necessary for every writer to have this app. It keeps you relaxed and actually increases your productivity.

4. Grammarly

Now to one of the most popular grammar checking apps we have ever known. Of course, there are many other premium options but what you get for free with Grammarly is incredible.

It can help you correct grammatical errors, punctuations, spellings, and other readability errors. Grammarly offers a premium plan as well with some extra features. However, if you don’t feel like paying, you can keep using Grammarly for as long as you want for free and proofread your work with ease.

Grammarly is available as an extension on Google Chrome as well as MS Word as well. You can proofread everything on your browser on the go as well.

For instance, if you’re writing an email, and misspell something, forget an apostrophe or a comma, or if the tone is not right, Grammarly will tell suggest you live improvements. It stays active the whole time and can save you from a lot of trouble and we can say that it is one of the best apps for writers and anyone who does any kind of writing digitally.


These apps for writers are not a luxury but a necessity in this era. You can save a lot of time & energy and improves productivity as well.

So start using these apps for writers and make your work easier and better today.

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