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Handy packing tips to move house easily?

Are you moving soon? Packing all your stuff into boxes can be quite a chore. You may be wondering where to start, but a number of handy tips on handling the move smartly will always come in handy. To avoid having to pack everything at the last minute at the same time, start packing on time. Still, need help? Hire a moving company!

You can sort out and pack everything you do not use on a daily basis month in advance. For the rest of your stuff, use the following tips. Room by room: The best way to pack is to do it room by room. Take some boxes to the room and start packing.

Sort before moving

One of the important moving instructions is to pre-sort your belongings before you start packing. Do you have stuff you don’t need and have been gathering dust for years? Then put them away. It’s a shame if you pack the stuff in boxes, move it and take it with you to your new home, only to find out that you don’t do anything with it and really shouldn’t have moved with it. Arrange protective packaging material to avoid stress during packing. You can also purchase them from Britwrap protective packaging.

Packing clothes

At first glance, packing your clothes for the move may seem like a big and tedious job. Taking all the clothes out of the closet one by one, folding them, and putting them in moving boxes is anything but ideal. Fortunately, this is not necessary because clothing can be packed much more easily according to these packing tips.

Leave the clothes on the hangers and tie a few pieces of clothing together in a garbage bag. In this way, it is easily packed and protected against dirt during the move. You can hang the clothes from the moving van in the closet in your new home.

Packing glassware

Plates and glasses are often fragile. Glassware should therefore be packed extra carefully so that it does not break during the move. Of course, you want your plates and glasses to arrive in the new home in one piece.

You do this by wrapping your fragile glassware in towels. To make them extra sturdy, seal the towels with tape. Then place the towels and contents in boxes and make sure that the contents are firm and still. This means that fragile glassware such as plates comes across intact, and your towels are also packed.

Keep screws separate

The next of the packing tips is about screws. If you have to take furniture apart for the move, you probably have a whole pile of screws that came out of the furniture. It is important not to lose it when moving to make it easier to assemble the furniture in your new home.

Therefore, it is smart to put the screws in a sturdy bag. Write on the bag which furniture the screws belong to and tie the bag tightly. Keep all the bags with screws together or stick them with tape on the part of the furniture.

Moving books

Do you like to read? There is a good chance that you have a cupboard full of books that all have to move with you. You will certainly be happy with these moving instructions. Books are often among the heaviest things you have to lug around when you move house. A convenient way to move books is to put them in trolley cases.

This way, you don’t strain your back, and you can roll the suitcases with books into the moving van. This way, you no longer have to pack the suitcases separately, which is ideal. However, make sure that you do not make the suitcases too heavy. Moving boxes are a good alternative to a suitcase.

How do you pack books for moving?

Efficiently pack your books before moving When you place your books upright in the box, orient the front towards the sides of the box. The same way your books are on the bookshelf. Laying out the books is also a safe way of packing your books for the move.

Keep cords apart

You only see how many different cords you have in your house when you move. Dividing these over boxes can be annoying, but the following packing tips are handy. First, pack the cords separately and label them, so you know which cord belongs to which appliance after the move.

Before packing the cords, it is smart to take pictures of the cords. In this way, you will later know exactly which cord belongs in which device in which way. Thanks to these moving instructions, you will have your TV and modem connected to your new home in no time.

Moving jewelry

Transporting jewelry can be very tedious as they often get tangled up. Fortunately, there are also various packing tips for jewelry. For example, put small earrings in pill boxes or another small box.

Another useful tip is to poke large earrings through a piece of cardboard, so they stay together. Next, you thread a chain very cleverly through a toilet roll to prevent it from getting tangled during the move. Then, while packing, you put the jewelry in ziplock bags so they don’t get lost and all stay together.

Moving toiletries

A major annoyance while moving is finding out that a shampoo bottle has leaked or that a perfume bottle has broken. So one of the packing tips is to pack it extra well. For example, put a piece of cling film over the bottle’s opening and then put the cap back on.

You can then pack the bottle in a washcloth and/or in your toiletry bag or ziplock bag. In this way, the toiletries are extra protected. If something does go wrong during the move, then only your toiletry bag or the bag underneath will be thanks to these handy tips.

Moving boxes for the first day

After the move, you are probably very tired and no longer feel like looking for your toothbrush, pajamas, mobile charger, or toilet roll. The following packing tips are very helpful in avoiding this. You can pack these items in one or more moving boxes so that you do not have to start a search for these things on the first evening. Moreover, store your food in a chilled packaging box to prevent it from spoiling.

Also, put in it important things like medicines and passports, so you don’t lose them during the move and keep them in a separate place in your new home.

How long does packing house take?

How long a move takes can vary from 2 hours to even 10 hours and depends on two important factors: the time it takes to load and unload all your belongings and the time it takes to get from place A to place B. to drive.

Something as important as a move should not be taken lightly. When we have put the last box in the right place, you can take some time for yourself. All in all, it has been an intensive period. First, enjoy your new accommodation and make sure that you are not overzealous with unpacking on a moving day.

Just start the next day in peace. This way, the stress of moving will not affect you even after the move.

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