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Have you read some new features in macOS big Sur11.2.1.

What is new in the new macOS big Sur 11.2.1? I am not the only one who is asking that question as this new operating system from Apple has features that are a bit different than the older version of Mac OS X. I will look into some of the new features of macOS and see if they might be something your business or personal needs. But first, let us look at what is new in the new operating system.

For users of Apple’s new Mac operating system, new features of macOS are continuously being introduced into the product line through regular updates. The latest operating system from Apple has been equipped with features that include the application, the Health app, and the Safari browser. However, many users have asked what is new in the new macOS big Sur 11.2.1. Here we will take a look at some of the features of the new operating system, and what they can mean to the user.

Some new features in macOS big Sur 11.2.1:

macOS big sur

As Apple has brought significant changes in the way in which they develop operating systems, they have also added new features to the older versions as well. In this case, one of the new features in macOS is the Maps application. The Maps application was first introduced in the previous version of Mac OS X, Tiger. However, with the new features of the new operating system for new versions of Leopard and Mountain Lion offer better images from satellites. In addition, it now includes turn-by-turn navigation, Address book integration, and live check services.

Live photo feature:

One of the biggest new features in the new operating system is that of the Live Photos feature. I am sure that you have seen the default photo album on the home page of the system. Now you can use your webcam to capture your desktop in a still mode and then add a video to your account for sharing to other people. This is the second feature that was added to the standard home page of the system.

The first one being the Safari web browser. So, technically, both the features are already present, but the update to the photo album should be added to the default set of features.

Improved Mail app:

Another thing that is new in the new operating system is the improved Mail. You can now access your email in multiple applications in one application, which will save you quite a lot of time. Plus, Mail will also allow multiple accounts for multiple mailboxes. If you have multiple Gmail accounts or any other accounts, you can have all of your mail in one place.

The Health app of the new Mac OS X is also receiving several new features. One of the new features in the new version is the function, which offers support for third party apps, as well as integration with Gmail, Google+, and Yahoo! Mail. In addition, the function includes options for controlling multiple tasks from one location, like sending a message to an employee from their work device.

Enhancements in Safari Web:

An additional feature in the new operating system new features is the Safari web browser. It offers improved security features, including sandboxing and privacy protection. They have also made changes to the way Safari works with Internet Explorer. For example, in previous releases of Leopard, right click on an image and then select “Proceed” to go to the next page.

However, in the new release, you can simply click the “Tools” icon found in the toolbar and then click” Safari” to go to the website in Safari. In addition, in earlier releases of Leopard, double-clicking an image in the background of the web browser would cause the image to disappear.

Improved face recognition feature:

Yet another new feature is the new Face recognition feature. With previous versions of Mac OS X, if you took a picture with your digital camera, and then tried to view it in the Photos application, you would get an error message, saying that your image is incorrect. However, with the latest version of the operating system, you will be able to see a preview of your image in the Photos application.

In addition, the feature also includes a “lisha” feature, which allows you to see your photos in the News app without having to download them to your computer. Other new features include improved video playback and Safari improvements, such as the feature that will let you browse through your stored passwords.

Finder App:

Also, you can have access to your folders in Finder. And this is one new feature that will allow you to manage and access your folders in an easier way. Another new feature that is new in the operating system is the new file manager. Now, it can even work with the Document Viewer, which means that you can open a document in your old Document Viewer and edit it in Finder. This new feature allows you to edit a document in its native format.

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Bottom Line:

Overall, there are many features that have been added since the previous version of the operating system. One important feature is that the native integration of the Core Ink feature into Safari. In addition, there are various security updates that have been included in the release. What is new in the new macOS operating system is only going to continue to get better with time.

One of the most desired features in the new macoperating system is the addition of Siri to the operating system. Apple’s Siri can provide help in several different aspects of your Mac, making it extremely useful for those who enjoy using their Mac but are less familiar with the operating system.

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