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Top 3 homemade food delivery apps

We are just recovering from the pandemic that engulfed the whole world. It was a reminder for us to pause and see that we are not taking care of our health. With a busy life and a tasty option, people were inclined toward fast food. But after the pandemic and with the help of social media, people are coming to realise how important health is. Many people have started eating healthy and homemade food rather than processed food.

Day by day, people are becoming more aware of the importance of eating healthy. Some are opting for healthy dishes, cooking at home, fruits, and exercise. Still, the major component stopping people from achieving the goal of a healthy lifestyle is time. Humans are known for finding solutions to the most difficult problems. For ordering things, we have an online delivery system. We have social platforms to connect with people. We even have an app for ordering vegetables. In the same way, some apps exclusively work for homemade food delivery.

How are homemade food delivery apps helping us?

There are many people for whom maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not easy. These are the people who are staying away from their homes for jobs and studies. For them, it’s not easy to cook every day. And, it is hard to find local homemade food services. And sometimes, most of the family members are working, so it’s not easy for them to cook either. If they decide to keep someone for cooking, it can turn out to be a bit expensive.

In such cases, homemade food delivery apps come to their aid. Food delivery apps save you time and provide you with healthy options. Let’s take a peek at the top three apps working for homemade food apps.

Top three homemade food apps.

  • de’HoFoo

de’HoFoo is one of the best food delivery apps known for providing delicious and hygienic homemade food. It was started with the purpose of providing authentic homemade food and women’s empowerment. They stand for “Ghar ka khana, Direct Ghar se.” If you like, you can check their website for the details. 

Services offered by them

They offer all Indian meals. They also offer specials as per the season. The food they provide is from the local chefs in the area. If you check out their app, you can see the distance from the place you are ordering from. They provide healthy, delicious, and authentic homemade food.

They also have a tiffin subscription that is weekly-based or monthly-based. You can order anything from breakfast to dinner. The homemade food the home chefs sell is freshly prepared. If you are concerned about hygiene, all home chefs working for them are FSSAI certified.

When you order something, you get a complete description of the food item. You get to know about the quantity, its category, etc.

Currently active: As a start up, the food delivery services are available in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, and Nashik. But with time, it will be available all over India. 

How to order

Ordering food is very simple. Once you download the app and open it, you get two options: foodie or home chef. If you want to order food, go for the first option. If you want to join as a home chef, check out the home chefs option. Once you join as a foodie, you will see a list of items you can order. You will get a detailed description of the order. Select what you want to order and it’s done. Don’t miss the opportunity for good health. Pick up the phone and order now.

App link: de’HoFoo 

Corner for home chefs.

They don’t charge any commission from home chefs. They believe in the empowerment of women or, in general, individuals. The requirements for home chefs are a passion for cooking and an FSSAI certificate. If one doesn’t have the certificate, they will help you acquire it. One can join them using their app. Anyone with the will to cook can become a home chef. So what are you waiting for? Open the app and join now.

  • Mealawe

Mealawe is a food delivery app that delivers food from nearby kitchens. They serve regional homemade food prepared by home chefs. Their motto is, “Joh khao Wahi Khilao”.

Services offered by them

Once you place an order, it will reach you in a few minutes. You can choose to order in advance or order daily. They provide you with all the Indian regional cuisines. You can choose the quantity you are ordering. So, you can order a little or in a large quantity as per your preference.

How to order

 You can use their app to order. Once you log in, you will get the dishes and the list of home chefs you can order from. Choose the dishes you want and order them. 

Corner for home chefs. 

They are providing a platform for home chefs to show their cooking skills and earn money using them. They aim to create entrepreneurs in every home.

  • Homefoodi

Homefoodi is a food delivery app that provides you with homemade food by their home chefs. They provide you with a variety of regional dishes. They have around 1,000+ dishes available. Their motto is, “ Ghar Ghar Startup”.

Service offered by them

You can order anything from breakfast to lunch. You can either opt for subscriptions or make a daily order. They provide home catering services too. You can talk to their chefs to get customized food options. 

How to order

Once you open that app, you will see the details of ordering. You can choose anything from the menu. You will notice the distance between the home chefs from whom you are ordering. Choose the dishes you want and place an order.

App link: homefoodi 

Corner for home chefs

Their website has Information on how to join. They finalise the home chefs by visiting the homes themselves. There is a list of home chefs on their website. They provide a good opportunity for home chefs to show their skills and make a name for themselves.

Benefits of ordering using food delivery apps:

  • Time saver: Ordering homemade food online saves you a lot of time. Generally, cooking requires many other things to be done. It includes shopping for vegetables and groceries as per requirements. Then, wash and cut the vegetables. It is followed by cooking roti, dal, sabzi, etc. After all, it’s done, there are the cleaning and washing utensils. But when you order food online, all you have to do is place the order and wash the utensils you use for eating.
  • A good employment opportunity: When you order homemade food through the apps, it benefits many of the house chefs who work for them. They provide you with healthy food, and you provide them with an earning opportunity. Many local chefs have their own small food businesses. Using food delivery apps, they can get a large number of customers. Plus, apps like de’HoFoo have zero onboarding fees. It gives a good opportunity for anyone wanting to show their talents and get an appropriate appreciation for their work.
  • Health benefits: The home chefs working for apps like de’HoFoo, mealawe, or homefoodi use oils and spices that they use in their own homes too. Proper care is taken while cooking. The food made by them is not only delicious but also healthy.
  • Cost cutting: Eating out or packing food is expensive. When you order homemade food from an app that offers reasonable prices, like de’HoFoo, you save a lot of money.   


Homemade food delivery apps, like any other app, can turn out to be very useful. They save our time and health. Let’s work together and build a healthy and happy society. We will not lose the momentum towards a healthy life. We will take a healthy step every day. When we put our all into our work, let’s also give our best to live a healthy life too. Let’s make complete use of the resources and platforms available to us. Using the apps, we are not only doing something for our health, but we are also providing an earning option for many. With their home delivery services, let’s save our time and take care of our health at the same time. Download the app now and ease your way into a healthy lifestyle.

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