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House Movers Cost For A One Bedroom Apartment Locally?

Moving can be expensive, and highly stressful. However, hiring the right moving company can take a load off of your shoulders.

Unfortunately, you cannot escape the company charging you a certain amount for the services they provide, you just need to make sure that the qualities match the cost.

One of the biggest concern anyone has during a House Movers is the moving cost. Even if you are doing a one-bedroom apartment move it is bound to be difficult, and you will have to hire professional movers.

The exact amount that you will be charged will depend on the distance of your move, whether you require any special services and the company you work for. 

Though it is always better to get an in-home estimate here are some of the things you can consider:

Costs Of Moving A One-bedroom Apartment

The local movers will typically charge you by the hour, which at an average will amount to $100 per hour if you are hiring two movers and a truck.

One bedroom moves tend to usually take between three to five hours that would amount to $300 to $500 for labor itself. 

You have to make sure to ask your movers detailed questions about when they will be giving you an on-site estimate.

The prices will differ as they depend on the floor your apartment is located on or the availability of parking at the entrance of the building.

Make sure that you let them know of all the important information about the building when you are getting an estimate so the movers can give you a more accurate quote. 

Moving Your One-bedroom Apartment On Your Own

If you do not want to hire movers, and would rather do it yourself, then you will need to enlist the help of your friends.

You will also need to be up to date with all the supplies beforehand so there is no trouble on moving day.

The things you will be purchasing are packing supplies that will amount to $40 to $100, and a truck rental that will cost you $19.95.

Why You Should Hire Professional House Movers

If moving was already not a stressful job, moving from a large townhouse or to one, or a mansion is an even bigger menace.

There is just too much involved while moving from such large areas. You will always have a premonition of forgetting something important during your big move.

If it is a move just down the block, it may not be a big problem unless the new occupant is not a friendly person, but if you are moving states or cities, this can be a deal-breaker for you.

The modern-day mansions have too much room to fill and when you are picking all that important and the unimportant stuff to load it into the truck, you will have to make sure the sacrifices are more than the gains.

Unless you are willing to create a fleet of trucks for your move, picking the most needed items will be the toughest decision because of the copious items and precious additions you can take along to your new location.

In normal settings, moving is effortless as most of the furniture is affordable and can be bought back at a good bargain then be carried all the way while occupying more space which could fill other items.

So, by hiring professional house movers, they will make sure your moving problems are mitigated and you are stress-free from the planning, assortment, and lifting of heavy and expensive items from your townhouse or mansion.

The premium mover companies in Los Angeles have highly-trained staff members which take great care and handle your items like their own.

EVOM is one of those professional movers companies which has been doing that for its homeowners and movers of all kinds.

How do we work? We are a marketplace linking you and the most trusted, certified, and professional movers by our interactive and user-friendly app/website.

All you have to do is to sign up and choose from the list of professional movers you desire. And yes, we support townhouse and mansion movers as well.

That’s right, EVOM has movers for all purposes. The next step is to schedule your move by providing information about the items, routes, destination, and anything which can help calculate an affordable and justified price.

Once done, you have to wait and let the professional movers handle your move.

So, are you ready to move with EVOM? Reach us at our website ( or email us your query at If you are a mover and want to join the team, you can email us at Moving has never been this easy, affordable, and convenient especially for your special townhouse or mansion that has so many items you cannot let go of easily. Visit us now!

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