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Web Development

How Advance Slack Native App Can Transform The Development Process


Are you motivated enough to work as a developer? Are you just starting out as a react native developer? Or are you looking to take your skills to the next level to beat the future competition? This article is on Slack Native technology definitely going to help anyway. 

In this blog at EMUArticles, we will use the full power of React, Firebase, and CometChat to create a slow clone that will shock your mind.


React is a free and open-source front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces or UI components. It is maintained by Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies.


Firebase is a platform developed by Google for creating mobile and web applications.


CometChat’s in-app communication platform delivers a scalable, secure, and easy-to-use solution that drives meaningful user-to-user engagement for your growing business.

With more and more businesses going remote, but need for advanced mechanisms is on the rise.  Since after the pandemic, we can see many companies have to operate from their homes.  

This is where the management of the organization has been greatly affected.

Be it small or large, and business management plays a crucial role in success. From teams, projects, investment management keep things organized. 

Eventually work from home scenario had made it impossible. but It was the lack of a platform where managers and business owners could check their teamwork.  

But not anymore, thanks to platforms like React JS that have made it possible to develop Netflix clone app, Slack apps, and several other apps to will Definitely shake the future market.  

Let’s Hear Deep About Slack with React Native?

Make a Slack App

Talking about slack, it is a fantastic project management software. It helps businesses keep their work organized. This, in turn, brings businesses to think over the planning of how to make a slack app.

Read to know more about what is making entrepreneurs go for slack app development.

Slack is a free-to-use project management software used by businesses to communicate effectively.  

No matter where the team is, but they can easily chat with each other.  Also,  but manager can have important announcements and chat with the team together. 

The platform not only allows users to have chats but also share files. This enhances productivity and increases the efficiency of the project. 

Why and How To Build A Slack Like App?

Now, this is a big question.  Building a slack app is not everyone’s cup of tea. There is a lot of technology and processes in slack app development.  Let go by each technology step by step:

‍Front-end development

Front-end development involved the tools and process for creating a responsive platform. Here the developers work on different frameworks and build an easy load App

The developer makes sure that the slack app does not take 100 milliseconds to load. Moreover, platforms like React JS, which is used to create and other apps clones, are used in slack-like apps. 

Back-end development 

Back-end development is another process of building an app.  In this, the working of the app is seen.  but everyone wishes to have an app where everything is done instantly.  But for an instant response, there is a lot of data that is created in real-time.  

This data is built into the back end of the application. but All data is stored in the database. On the backend, everything is done from instant response to checking the complexity of the platform.

API Integrations

The success of the app lies in its level of integration. Therefore, when developing apps, taking API integration is a must. Integration is all about the capacity of slack to integrate with other platforms. In a business, several apps are used. 

In that case, nothing is best, but mixing a slow application with an existing platform. With this, you can have easy management and run your operations streamlined.  So API integration is a crucial step to build a slack app. 


Your clone app is not successful unless it does not make users feel secure.  Thereby, reliability and authenticity are a way to get over the security hiccups. When building a slack app, provide a sign-out and sign-in option.  If possible, opt for encryption to keep everything within the app secured. 

Features of Slack That Make It Popular

Slack is a collaboration hub that uses shared channels, search, apps, and integrations to bring people with the right information together. Here we have highlighted some significant slack features that can make teamwork more efficient. Let’s have a look at the features that need to know!

Pinning Messages And Reference Links To Channels

When you are in a hurry, but you always need information. The function of pinching messages to specific channels is an easy method to create collective visibility around priorities. Every direct message can be pin up to 100 messages at once, including files and documents.

Managing And Tracking Documents

Slack applications include many well-known tools and applications that help users to do all their work in one place. Also, it focuses on adding ones to the mix of features. 

The feature of syncing up the file management mainstays helps the user cut major back-and-forth hassle for the busy teams, and they can discuss the files and access them in the channels only.

Advanced Search Modifiers

We all have heard of Google search, and the chances of you finding this writeup are 100% from the google search only. Also, the slack platforms come with additional and advanced search functions that help you find what is required in the snap. 

You can put any term in quiet for dialing up the ideal matches, and you can even add an asterisk after the partial word to search for any specific instance of the fragment.

Using Shared Channels Across Workspaces

Slack helps connect e individuals working in the same organization, even freelancers, remote workers, and contractors. It helps to keep everyone on the same page. What’s much more interesting is that slack can help you to connect with people outside your organization.

Streamlining Your Sidebar

The sidebar in the Slack menu provides options to queue direct messages and channels according to your specifications. But you can also track the media that needs to be checked regularly and the media that will not be lost.

One good thing is that you have the liberty to customize the theme of the sidebar in the slack platform.

So, invite your teammates and start your journey to explore the slack platform’s unique features and functionalities.

Advantages of Developing Slack Native App 

The slack app is coming a long way, providing businesses with ample benefits.  This is the reason the number of people using Slack daily keeps exceeding 10 million. 

And the number is increasing. Let’s Check out the advantages that are boosting slack app development.

Streamlined Communication

Apps like slack are best at eliminating the hiccups within the communication. Here is how it works:

  • Keeps every employee on the board
  • Increase the communication
  • Bring the team together for meaningful discussions
  • Organize simple meetings
  • Aids ineffective communication

Faster Than Other Modes of Interaction

In this era where people expect everything, quick slack comes in. Around 3 million people pay money to use Slack. This is because slack lets users have a faster conversation as compared to emails. 

Slack is a short and furious communication medium.  It is bug-free and does not hang in the chats. 

Easy File Sharing

Not only chats and groups messaging, developing slack apps offer easy file sharing. There are several contents that you need to share when working within a firm.  

Here, you cannot have an additional platform for file sharing. However, building a slack app can help you to have communication and file sharing.

High Organization Potential 

 Slack-like apps increase the organizational potential of the business that uses them. Here is how it keep things organized:

  • Search bar to search chats, particular message or file
  • Ability to pin the vital message or conversations
  • Tracking the work and projects
  • Show date and time of exchange making it easy to set things

Integration is at the top.

Another thing that makes slack-like clone app development is integration ability.  but in the standard slack, there is high integration the Slack clone app offers the same. 

One can easily track the time, integrate it with other projects and time management apps. In this way, the platform becomes more powerful and acceptable. 

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that Slack native app development will offer several benefits to the users.  but People across the globe are investing regularly on slack. 

And as the revenue generated from such applications increases, so does the rate of growth. I hope this information helps you to know how to build a slack app. 

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