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How and Where to Sell Old gold Jewellery?

Are you trying to figure out how to make the most of your old jewellery? Are you looking for a place to sell your gold, silver, or diamond jewellery for cash so that you can put the money to better use later? Well then, you are just at the right place.

This information contains some pro tips about how you can get the most cash for your old jewellery. Read and learn more about the places where you can sell all types of new and old jewellery.

How to Sell the Gold for Cash?

The first step in selling your gold ornaments is to find a trusted gold buyer in your area or online. For this purpose, you may visit different gold buying stores and choose the one that offers you the highest price for your gold jewellery. But in the case of online buyers, don’t forget to confirm their authenticity as you may get scammed.

Prepare the invoice that you received when you bought your jewellery for the first time. It will help in determining the purity of the gold and will ensure transparency during the selling procedure. Follow the trend of the gold price for the day and estimate your value according to the gold’s purity. The last step is just to make the deal and Ta-da! The cash will be all yours.

How to Sell the Silver for Cash?

You can sell your silver ornaments online with just a click of your finger. Since silver is far less precious as compared to gold and diamonds, you may simply search for an authorized website that gives you cash for silver. You may also visit a silver buying store in person.

To find the best silver jewellery buyer in your city, search for “places to sell silver near me” on Google. Choose a highly reputable buyer from the search results. Your jewellery can be mailed to the buyer for appraisal or you can visit them in person .

Your buyer will provide you with a price quote after completing the appraisal of your jewellery. You can strike a deal right then and there if this price is nearly identical to your previous estimate. If not, you can get in touch with different buyers to find out about their offers, compare them, and pick the one who is willing to give you the most money for your jewellery .

How to Sell Diamond Jewellery for Cash?

The first step to getting cash for diamond jewellery is to learn about its value. It can be done by following the 4 Cs of diamond value: colour, clarity, carat, and cut. Confirm these features through the invoice you got at the time of buying. You may get the help of a diamond appraisal service or a lab to do so.

The next step is to look for a trustworthy buyer who deals with diamonds. Search for all the diamond buyers near you and visit them in person. A highly reputable online diamond buyer can also be trusted with the process. Let the buyer decide the value. Compare the value with that given by other buyers. Select the one that offers you the best value. Sell them your diamond jewellery and get the cash for it.

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Where Can You Sell Your Old Jewellery?

You can sell all sorts of gold and silver assets in coin shops, consignment shops, or any other “cash on gold”  facility. If you need a quick way to sell your jewellery for cash, pawn shops are a good choice. Pawn shops, however, offer less money because they are only short-term solutions and are actually designed for smaller loans secured by collateral.

Jewellery stores are the most popular places for people to sell their trinkets. However, some jewellery shops don’t deal with second-hand goods. Retail websites and other cash-on-gold services are other choices in such a situation. There’s a high risk in selling your gold and diamond jewellery online. However, once you have selected a reliable and suitable buyer, you can easily sell your silver jewellery online .

Money You can Get from Selling Your Jewellery

We are unable to foretell the precise figures in which you will receive payment for your jewellery. Most of the time, however, you receive cash for no more than 70 to 80 percent of the jewellery’s “melt price.” The melt price is actually the intrinsic cost of the material. Naturally, it will depend on the material’s purity. What kind of material it is—gold, silver, or diamond—also matters. Selling gold is less difficult than selling diamonds. It also matters whether the gold or silver you are selling is in the form of jewellery or bullion because cash is given against the scrap value of your jewellery .

In any case, by going to a jewellery appraisal service, you can get a ballpark figure of how much your jewellery is worth. They evaluate the material’s purity and the going rate on the market to give you an approximate idea of how much money you can expect to receive for your jewellery. You might be able to determine the value of your jewellery on your own if you have a basic understanding of gemology .

How Can You Get the Best Price for Your Jewellery?

  • Visit multiple buyers and analyse the difference in their offers. You’ll be amazed at how far apart offers can be.
  • Keep your invoice close at hand. It includes all the details pertaining to the ornament’s purity. You will be able to prevent any deception on the part of the buyer regarding the purity of the material. In this way, you can get the maximum cash.
  • Before selling, always conduct an extensive study into gold trends and confirm its worth in order to negotiate with the buyer in the most effective way
  • Selling your jewellery where you originally bought it is the best way to get the most money for it.

they are the only buyers who have a better understanding of the purity of their own ornaments

Expert Tips

  • Take quotes from different buying services. Sell your jewellery to a trusted buyer.
  • If you know how pure your jewellery is, try to calculate its worth before bringing it to a buyer. You may follow the following formula to calculate your jewellery’s worth:

The daily price of metal × purity of the metal (e.g: carats in case of Gold) × weight of metal without stones (in ounces or grams)

  • Ask the buyer how much of a total amount he’s willing to pay for your jewellery rather than asking the price per ounce/pennyweight/gram. It will be easier to compare the values of different buyers this way.
  • Although it’s not mandatory to bring your original receipt with you, we’ll advise you to do it in order to confirm your ornaments’ purity and dodge any discrepancy from the buyer.
  • Make sure the buyer especially deals in diamonds if you are selling diamond jewellery.


If you’re trying to find a reliable buyer for your gold, silver, or diamond jewellery. We’ll make sure to give your assets the highest value possible. Before deciding to sell your jewellery to us, you can rely on us for an appraisal as well. For more information about selling old jewellery, feel free to contact us any time.

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