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Health and Fitness

How Autophagy Works? 

Autophagy is a vital cellular mechanism of cleaning the body from cancerous and damaged cells. It basically means self-eating, and it represents a real example of a catabolic process. As with any catabolic process in our body, its primary function is to dissolve damaged components and transform them into energy. This may sound strange and, after all, like self-destruction, but it’s not like that. It recycles components from above in the new ones used for cellular repair. It has a huge role in balancing our immunity system and destroying hazardous cells of cancer. Shortly said, Autophagy helps us to maintain homeostasis. 

How Does It Work? 

Every human cell is composed of a nucleus, cytoplasm, enclosed within a cellular membrane. The cytoplasm is made of proteins and organelles responsible for the normal functioning of our bodies. During Autophagy, a semicircular membrane, also known as phagophore, forms and closes around some of the molecules in the cytoplasm. That new formation is called an autophagosome. It fuses around the unique organelle lysosome, which contains digestive enzymes. They have a significant impact on food digestion in general, but it breaks down the contents of autophagosomes in this case. It leads to their release back into the cytosol that will be further used in metabolic processes. 

Autophagy and Fasting 

Autophagy occurs in your body naturally, but many people are trying to find a solution to trigger this process. Well, fasting is a solution. During fasting, people go without food for extended periods on purpose. You know that hormones that regulate sugar levels in our blood are insulin and glucagon. They work on an opposite principle. If insulin goes up, glucagon goes down. As we eat, the insulin goes up, and if we fast, glucagon levels are increasing. That’s how we can trigger the autophagy process, but fasting is way more beneficial than you thought. 

By stimulating Autophagy, we clean our junky cells and proteins that our bodies don’t need for normal functioning. They are all broken down into components named amino acids. In the early stages of starvation, the level of amino acids increases. They are being delivered to the liver for gluconeogenesis—the liver stores excess glucose in the form of glycogen. When the fasting process starts, glucose level drops, and the liver converts glycogen into glucose and releases it. Then, the liver breaks down the fat to create ketones to provide a new energy source for the cells. Their further travel continues by their transformation into glucose through the tricarboxylic acid cycle.  

We heard from guys from dentistry Harrisburg NC that it’s scientifically proven that fasting increases growth hormones and reduces the aging process. 

How Long to Fast to Trigger Autophagy? 

It’s completely individual how long it will take for your body to start the autophagy process. Depending on your metabolism, it’s recommended to fast for two to four days. If it’s too much for you, allow your body low liver glycogen lever, and it’s necessary to fast for at least 12-16 hours. People from weight loss clinic Chicago told us that you’d have to fast for at least 24 hours if you are one of those who would like to use Autophagy for losing weight. After that period, this process becomes more intensive, and it’s great if you continue for 48 hours. But if you would like to try a faster way, read something about lipo-c injection.

Is Autophagy Good or Bad? 

Some of the consequences of building up old junky cells are forming cancerous cells or causing neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Alzheimer’s disease is a result of abnormal tau or amyloid-beta protein that gums up the brain system. Some of the newest research has proven that Autophagy can destroy a percent of these hazardous cells. If you are interested in this process, do not do it too often. Life is all about balance, which means cells growing during eating and their cleansing during fasting.

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