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How can Social Media help to Improve your SEO


Are you a business owner starting with new SEO strategies to generate online business? Have you made social media marketing part of your SEO strategy?

If your answer is NO, this article is a must-read for you, and if it is yes, it will help you get better leverage from your SEO and social media-integrated marketing plans.

“The context in which you engage online and how people talk about you online can impact what you rank for.” — Gary Illyes

Though social media channels are not direct contributors to higher SEO rankings, links that we share across various social platforms will increase your brand exposure to a great extent.

Then why do we need social media to be part of our SEO strategy?

Because they influence your SEO in the following aspects:

  • Substantial content allocation
  • The sustainable lifespan of posts
  • Enhance online visibility and organic traffic flow
  • Gain brand recognition and reputation
  • Boosts local SEO

Social media has a vast indirect influence on your SEO results. If we dig deep, we discover that Bing ranks pages with more shares higher than pages with fewer shares.” Bing’s Webmaster Guidelines affirm that claim. So, when it comes to Bing, social shares play a pivotal role in SEO.

When we talk about Google, the search engine has clearly stated that social media is not a direct ranking factor for their search results.

Several studies have found a correlation between social shares and rankings.

There are many direct and indirect ways that social media promotions and shares will be helpful in your business SEO process. We will discuss some of the main ones here.

  • Social Media Means more Visibility and Eventually more Links   

Regularly creating and publishing informative and relevant content and sharing it with targeted audiences will eventually make them brand loyal.

They will read and share the articles with their friends and followers, and they will do the same in return, creating a social circle.

Content creation is the best way to attract attention to your site. Content can be in the form of blog posts, Videos, Infographics, or Podcasts. They will provide you with a marketing persona and information that gets you returning audiences and driving leads.

It is content marketing, and it needs properly channelized distribution channels to reach targeted readers. Here is where social media steps in. So, by sharing your posts, the audience amplifies your content and shares it further.

It will increase your visibility, generate backlinks, and improve traffic. These social signals will notify Google that the site content is remarkable. These signals can indirectly improve search rankings.

  • Gets Content Indexed Quicker by Social Media Postings

Many content marketers use their social media outlets to get their pages indexed by Google faster. Once they have fresh or repurposed content published on their site, they instantly start sharing it on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to get clicks

It signals Google that there is a page to be crawled and re-indexed. Social interaction data also helps improve SEO Content.

Social interaction data includes CTRs in the SERPs, time on page, and on-site and bounce rates, which are bits of interaction data that search engines use to rank content. You can also improve these metrics by testing and measuring interactions on social media.

To do this, filter out the best engaging social media post and use its insights to structure page titles and descriptions similarly. Then, if people click on a post they will also click on that article when they see it on a SERP.

Social interaction data can help improve SEO title and meta description so one can use it to determine topic clusters to build.

  • Social Media Supports Search Demand Generation and Audience Identification

Compared to other marketing channels, social media optimization helps SEO in unpredictable ways. Sharing content on various social channels helps engagement not only on those platforms but also helps pull visitors to the website to boost visibility.

“Social media will help build the loyalty of your current customers to the point that they will willingly, and for free tell others about you.” Bonny Sainsbury

Research what they need. What are their beliefs, feelings, and desires? Once you have this information, you will be aware of their general tendencies such as where they spend online. OR

What are they looking for? It will help find keywords for targeting relevant audiences who are likely to do business with you. This understanding, coupled with content promotion on the right platforms, increases the success ratio of your integration of social media with SEO. You will also realize the power and benefits of link building once you have ample content across various channels.

Write blogs and target them towards specific demographics on Facebook to fine-tune SEO strategies. You can also check through a/b testing which type of content works well with which demographics. By integrating content writing via social media, you can increase the organic search of your blogs by more than 100%.

  • Conduct Keyword Research through social media

Following social listening, trends help discover new keyword trends for your content. It shows what the audience wants to read and follow. It will help with the rankings.

How social media helps SEO

The above image highlights the relation of social media supports SEO through community listing, engaging in various communities on social media to gain authority in search engine rankings and thereby improve your SEO strategy and execution. Social listening will eventually help you:

  • Find unlinked brand mentions and turn them into links because link building remains the core of any SEO strategy
  • Connect new links to your site by knowing where and how your backlinks are built.
  • Find guest blogging opportunities.
  • Build a healthy brand reputation through better occasions of being visible.
  • Social Media Helps Produce Fresh Content Ideas and Own SERP Results

Ask your online marketing team to enlist all original comments and questions you get on various SM platforms and share those with SEO copywriters.

Content writers can then generate blog ideas or product descriptions, and other website content to satisfy those. Your search engine visibility and SERP results will improve by following this process.

Your business’s social media pages rank higher in search results if you use social channels like Facebook for your business SEO efforts.

Powerful social profiles can rank highly for branded searches, so ensure professionally filled profiles with reviews to make your business look legit and trustworthy.

  • Leverage Two-Way Retargeting

Two-way retargeting means ensuring you use both side audiences to grow the traffic to the other platform.

If you created a viral video on Facebook, make sure the next article you publish talks about that, and you boost that post to all those who engaged with that video. It will help increase traffic on your website and on the FB video.

Most entrepreneurs focus only on retargeting website visitors. Make sure to create assets for the purposes of engagement and a marginal intention of building a retargeting audience.

Also, read some Local SEO factors to follow for better results.


Even when it may not be an official fact that social media plays a vital role in the way search engines may visualize or value your brand, with the above-stated points, we make a valid point of the importance of social media presence and creating value out of them.

Being consistent is the key to success here, as only then can you generate a valid backlink network for your site and pull in the traffic. Make it easy for people to share your posts across platforms. Place share buttons strategically.

To get to the point of guidance on content creation and focused SEO strategies, you can hire professional help or contact a digital marketing agency for the same.

Ankit Parashar

Ankit Parashar is the founder and director of ABK Digital, a leading digital marketing agency catering to clients of all industries across the globe. He has 10+ years of experience in marketing, spearheading deal-making, strategic partnerships, sales, and business development.

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