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How Costly Is Hair Transplant? Is It Easily Affordable For Everyone?

A hair transplant is a surgical method of restoring the hairline. In this method, the hair follicles are moved from the donor area to the recipient’s area to treat hair loss and thinning.

A hair transplant technique is considered an effective remedy for pattern baldness, but it can be an expensive method to adopt. You can have the best hair transplant in Islamabad at affordable rate because the clinics their have one of the most experienced surgeons and they charge not too much.

How costly is hair transplant?

Hair transplant surgery generally costs between $2000 – $15000. Some elements that affect the price of the procedure are discussed below:

  • Surgeons: It is common that the skilled in their respective field charge higher than the less experienced ones. However, the higher rates do not define the experience of a surgeon, it is better to research the surgeon and the treatment to avoid any risk.
  • Type of Hair Transplant Surgery: The two different types of surgeries cost differently, Follicular Unit Strip Surgery and Follicular Unit Extraction are the main types. Both have different rates so the cost will depend upon your choice or your eligibility for either of them.
  • The number of hair follicles moved: The increase in the cost highly depends upon the number of hair you want to be harvested. A small patch or a few hair follicles will charge less than compared to more hair follicles, a large patch, or complete scalp transplantation.
  • Area: The increase or decrease in hair transplant price is also affected by the living area. The areas with higher living costs may cause the surgery to be expensive. Moreover, competition plays a great role in the prices, places with less competition and few hair treatment clinics tend to charge high.
  • Travel/transportation cost: Apart from the clinical expenses, the travel cost is also oodles. Searching for the right surgeon, pre-surgery and post-surgery visits to the doctor add up a lot to the expenses. If the clinic that suits you the best is located at a long distance from your place, get ready for a great transportation cost.
  • Medication: Post-surgery medications for pain relief also tend to make the procedure costly.

Does the Hair Transplant procedure costs per graft?

Yes, the hair transplant procedure costs per graft. The hair transplant cost per graft is $5 to $7. However, it sometimes changes according to your personal needs and when the number of grafts increases the count of 1200, the graft price comes down.

The cost of a procedure also depends on the surgeon, a 2000 grafts hair transplant cost is up to $4000. Similarly, a 5000 grafts hair transplant cost can be higher, but it can vary according to your area. Complete research is vital before you make the final decision.

What should I expect after my hair transplant surgery?

The recovery after a hair transplant surgery is quick and risk-free. You will be having a few bandages to cover your wounds or stitches in case of FUSS treatment. Taking proper self-care after the surgery quickens the healing process and brings you soon to your normal routine.

Now let us have a look at the hair transplant before and after precautions:


  • Wash your hair properly before visiting the surgeon
  • Wear something comfortable, as after the surgery you can’t pull clothes over your head
  • Make proper transport arrangements
  • Quit smoking and alcohol before surgery, ask your surgeon for details
  • Talk to the surgeon about your fears about the surgery, get proper knowledge about the after-effects of the surgery


  • Apply ice to the wounds to avoid swelling
  • Sleep in a position that doesn’t make your wounds feel painful
  • Do not pull the implants or touch them to avoid infection
  • Avoid heavy exercise at least for 14 days
  • Take the pain killers and the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor regularly
  • In case of any unpredictable situation, contact your surgeon right away

The new hair grows within months, while the transplanted hair falls within 6 weeks to give way to a new hairline. Overall, hair transplant is an expensive hair restoration method but a best way to get your hair transplanted. You can look for hair transplant cost in Islamabad where you will find one the best clinics which offer affordable rates with top notch facility. You don’t have to worry about anything once you make a deal with a reputed hair treatment clinic they will arrange everything for you.

Hair treatment procedures in some cases require follow up surgical procedures, by choosing the right clinic or surgeon with affordable cost you can have your follow up surgeries easily and at lower cost as well. We have provided all the deep insights which you need to learn before starting your journey of hair restoration. Study them well and be informed before making any choice. An informed decision won’t let you regret anything later.

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