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How Diego’s Powers Work in Netflix’s Umbrella Academy

The audience made acquaintance with Hargreeves and their powers in the initial season of the hit show Umbrella Academy. But season two brought forward a new angle to Diego’s character and his supernatural abilities and it’s time we discuss that. Created by Steve Blackman and further developed by Jeremy Slater, the show dwells in the life of an abnormal family. All the adopted siblings are superheroes and come together to demystify their father’s death while handling a forthcoming doom. The show premiered on Netflix in February last year and has since been on the receiving end of highly positive reviews by critics and audiences alike. It managed to grab streaming numbers higher than some famous shows and movies, so it was not a piece of shocking news when the second season was officially announced.


The series deals with the lives of Hargreeves, and seven adopted brothers and sisters with superpowers. Thirty-six other kids were born on the same date and time as these kids, all of them had powers like the Hargreeves, and none of their mothers were pregnant at the beginning of the day they were born. Sir Reginal Hargreeves was a whimsical and wealthy scientist who went on a quest to find and adopt all of them, but he only managed to track down the seven. Reginald helped them practice their powers and use them in a controlled way and named the team ‘Umbrella Academy’. Later the siblings went their way to live life like they wanted until they had to come together when their father died.

The team soon figures that the world was on the brink of an apocalypse and on failing to prevent it, they had no choice but to skip around the time continuum and space to find a harmless time. They could move through time with the help of Five’s powers. Though Five seemed to have the most notable powers in season one, his siblings got a chance to be helpful in the second season. In the previous season, Diego displayed his prowess with knives, showing the audience that he could aim and land his knives exactly where he intended. But in the second season of the series, we witness his skills in a different way altogether. In the latest season’s last episode when the Handler and his army attack the Hargreeves, Diego changes the path of all the bullets shot at Five and lets him escape without getting hurt.

This brings up a question of what is Diego’s powers. If we refer to the comics that are the inspiration for the show, Diego could hold his breath for the infinite period, but the makers did not bring that power in the show’s plot to keep things easy. What they did incorporate was his ability of trajectory curving, which can justify both the knife skills and the bullet dodging. Basically, he can change and aim the direction of any object in motion, be it towards him or anybody else.

Source-Netflix’s Umbrella Academy

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