How do I know the prime cannabis seed?

There are a lot of people who like to grow cannabis seeds at home. If your seeds are not high quality there are chances it will not turn into a healthy plant. The yield of a crop is highly dependent on the kind of seeds you choose. Sometimes it is also important to look at the other aspects. The way you put your water in it and check the nutrients will be up to your decision. It is important to check the cannabis seed packaging for more information. The expiry and production date should be in mind while you make this purchase.

Make sure you choose prime cannabis seeds as it is the starting step to get a good quality cannabis plant. Nowadays cannabis products are very popular. They boast of many benefits for the customers. There are some people who want to consume it on every day basis. Here are some ways in which you can know more about the prime cannabis seeds. If you are interested in growing them follow these steps:

Check the appearance

One of the best ways to check the quality of the cannabis seed packaging is to pay attention to the appearance. The outer shell of the seed has to be strong. If it has a dark shade that boasts of his good quality. Most of the seeds have grey and black shades that is an evidence of their good quality. They shine even brighter when bright light reflects on them. If you are purchasing cannabis seeds from the market.

You can squeeze them in your thumb and check how strong it is to be sure of the quality. . It is important to remember that when these seeds become old they will not be fit for use. When you plan to purchase your idea should be restricted to finding the best ones. At the same time you cannot use the seeds that are not fully grown yet. It will not come out with a strong cannabis plant either.

Avoid the cannabis seeds packed inside the bag

If you find some cannabis seed packaging in a bag it is not wise to use them. They will eventually lose the good quality. When you find some seeds in the cannabis bags it is an indication that a male plant has invaded the female plants. The female plant will now pollinate the seeds that doesn’t have the required THC and resins. This is definitely not a good choice to purchase these kind of seeds. The seeds will just add up a lot of weight in your bag but in reality you will get less weed.

Germinate the seed with high quality

If you want to see the quality of your seeds make sure you put them into the soil. It is a good way to test the seed quality. When you put them into the soil and they start growing well it is a sign that the quality is high. It is easy to get good results in a short time. This is an ideal choice for the people who want to grow them at their home. If you have a wide range of space these seeds will germinate at a better pace. However the commercial seed growers may not benefit much if the quality of the seed is not high.

Purchase seeds with proper sourcing

There is no doubt that the proper way to get the best of seeds is through reliable sources. You can get in touch with a reliable seed bank. They will offer some of the best quality seeds at affordable rates. You can benefit a lot from them as they have good knowledge to grow seeds. These brands and organizations know how to cater to the needs of the customers. You can choose the cannabis seed boxes that have got packed seeds in them. The information about the expiry and production date is also written on it. Most of the seed banks have got excellent reputation in the market. Customers can get the best of seeds and benefit from them in the long run.

Start with a float test

Being a seed grower if you are not yet satisfied with the quality of seeds, try other methods. For some buyers checking the appearance and feel of the seeds is enough. Sometimes it may not be a suitable choice to analyze the quality. The seeds may be tough on the outside but they may not be tough from inside. If you have all these doubts in your head, try out the float test.

Simply take a glass of water or jar and fill it fully to place your seeds in them. If the seeds are floating at the top of the water it gives an idea about the seeds. You can conclude that the seeds are low quality. If the seeds sink at the bottom of the jar or glass this is a good sing. The cannabis seeds are worthy of use and you can purchase them without any thoughts.

You need to be a little patient while doing this test. Sometimes the results don’t come out instantly. It is possible that you have to try it more than once to be sure. All the high quality seeds need some time so they can absorb a certain amount of water. Whether they absorb water by floating or sinking is up to them. Before getting to the conclusion you can wait for about 1-2 hours.

Color and size of the seed

If you want to check the quality of the seeds it is important to look at the color and size. If the seed is in good shape and size you can purchase it easily. The outer shell of the seed must be dark. As the light colored seed may not be very healthy. Some seeds feature tiger like stripes while the others don’t feature it at all. Immature cannabis seeds are light green in color. Most customers never think about purchasing these immature seeds as they are not useful. The soft outer and inner shells that break easily are no more in a good condition.

Keep in mind that the process of storing the cannabis seed packaging must be good. It is the first step to maintain the quality of your seeds. There are intense weather conditions that can take a toll on the health of the growing seed. Light, humidity and moisture can take the freshness away from the cannabis seed. However ultimately a healthy seed will not have any effect from all these conditions. You must understand that each of the cannabis seed is different from others. They all have a biological difference that one cannot differentiate just by looking at it. You cannot fool yourself by thinking that a large and darker seed is healthy. Sometimes a lighter and small seed can be equally good.

Check where the seed is coming from

One of the most prominent questions asked by the seed growers is the gender of the cannabis seed. Whether it comes from the male or female plant is something to look out for. There is simply no idea whether the seed is coming from a male or female plant. There are a lot of researches made on it. Some of them conclude that the female cannabis seeds are more like a volcano shape.

It may seem like a myth altogether and some may even believe it is true. As we have already discussed above that each cannabis seed has a distinctive nature. You cannot differentiate between the two either. It is important to keep these things in mind before you start your cannabis seed business. Choose the seeds wisely and let them grow into plants.

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