How do we get you the best exhibition stand design?

ESS provides that whole answer you’re looking for, from exhibition stand design to the construction and transport for your subsequent exhibition. We are presently one of the pinnacle exhibition stand designers, with various exhibition stand design ideas to create a bespoke stand.

Following are the points we consider while creating the best exhibition stand design for you:


  • Our first step in designing your exhibition stand design is to recognize your goal. The real cause behind your showcase at an exhibition. We even focus on what type of merchandise you need to enforce into your exhibition stand.
  • We believe that every stand needs to be designed creatively; every stand desires to be designed as per your needs.
  • For instance, in case you need to promote merchandise without delay at the exhibition stand. The exhibition stand design needs to be utilized while focusing on that. New capability customers and an informational show so human beings can examine/recognize what the product is about.

Design Concept


  • We will take your particular concept and remodel it right into a display-stopping, exhibition stand geared up on your showcase.
  • Expo Stand Services has a group of award prevailing experts, who’ve years of experience. Our exhibition stand design ideas are an effort to construct brand awareness, win clients and entice traffic at your stand. We create the best exhibition stand design that you can be proud of.
  • We take flip your concept into a comic strip to seize all the info you need on your exhibition stand. Once we’ve got created the comic strip we then circulate it onto the exhibition stand builder We feature the info that matters in your exhibition stand design and build.
  • Final Render
  • After collaborating with you and designing the best exhibition stand design you are proud to position your brand. We then circulate onto the 3-D render element, showcasing your exhibition stand as a 3-D version. This will help you an easy heading to the construction technique.
  • The 3-D rendering technique is in which you get to ultimately see your thoughts grow to be reality. All the info such as custom graphics, furniture, and dimensions, can all be proven through 3-D rendering.
  • This technique permits you to do a 3-D walkthrough of your exhibition stand. You can engage together along with your new stand precisely how your capability customers will at your exhibition. 

How to get the best exhibition stand design for your next showcase?

Exhibition stands are a high possibility for your business as you need to create a “wow factor” and first impression. There are many approaches to broadening an engaging, interactive exhibition stand design to entice customers and networking efforts.

Designing the best exhibition stand design, that simply makes your brand stand out, and creates an impression, can be daunting. Many factors can restrict your visible effect and make it hard with a purpose to get noticed.

It’s vital that your exhibition stand channels a “wow-factor”, to be immediately recognizable and create a good impression. You must have heard it many times, first impressions honestly do count, specifically in attracting exhibition visitors.

So how are you going to stand out in a crowded exhibition? You can follow the following guidelines:


Create an attention-grabbing stand with silver and chrome detailing, wealthy timber tones, or material dividers. Dividers are best for setting apart patron discussions from assembly regions.

Don’t be Text-Heavy


Often, less is more, and regarading textual content on an exhibition stand, it simply is the case.

Concision is key. Avoid the use of lengthy phrases. Use a slogan that visitors will take after the exhibition as your sign. Lists of product records that few visitors can pay interest to.

Be certain to use clean and huge font sufficient to be visible from a distance. The location of textual content is likewise crucial. Region your textual content at the pinnacle 1/2 of your stand so it’s not blocked from visitors’ view.  

Take care of the visitors

Potential clients can spend hours at your exhibition stand. Offering meals and liquids is an outstanding manner to attract site visitors to your exhibition stand design.

Focus on your target audience 

Consider the demographics of who can be attending the exhibition. Your exhibition stand design and build should be based on their desires or interests. 

Use suitable lights

The proper lights accentuate the most vital factors of your stand. Attract more visitors by using illuminating particular info with LED stripes or spotlights.

Utilization of Stand Area

To maximize the glide and effect of your area, hold assembly regions to the again of your stand. Ensure that there’re not any bodily boundaries upon getting into the stand. Capitalize on the peak by making use of a pinnacle truss with a rotating signal or developing an excessive arch on your show. 

Include Tech

Product demos are a big part of showcasing, as they can help you to get your target audience’s attention. Take the possibility to exhibit a stay prototype. For instance, an automation organization ought to exhibit their merchandise by developing a robot barman to serve refreshments to attendees.

Keep clients engaged

Staff your stand in a manner that guarantees there’s constantly a person to hold traffic at your stand. Use pictures to deliver complicated thoughts and your business to exhibit brand identity.

Be lively on social media 

There are lots of possibilities to attain your goal organization via social media. To make a bigger impact for your goal on social media, posts that correspond with sports at your exhibition stand. You’ll display the marketplace in which you’re investing in business development and more extra attendees for your stand. Through this visitors are involved even once they leave.

Set desires in advance 

What you need to gain and the message you need to ship is as crucial as your stand’s aesthetic appeal. Conveying your brand’s values and expressing your talents need to be at the vanguard of your exhibition stand design. Ensure that each colleague operating in the exhibition stand completely recognizes the desire of interacting with attendees.

To Sum Up:

Expo Stand Services can provide you with an exhibition stand design including all the factors mentioned above. We also provide a custom best exhibition stand design to be a bespoke exhibition stand. Our uniquely designed stand on your brand, to assist gain the goal of your showcase. ESS exhibition stand design and build include unique graphics connected to the framework. However, the look, feel & manner it interacts with capability customers will all be the equal concept. Expo Stand Services has years of experience in the exhibition stand designing industry. We have served various exhibitors across the globe. Our team strives hard to achieve the end goal behind the exhibit.

That is in which our exhibition stand design into play. An exhibition stands to be like no other exhibition. Your exhibition stand design, the size & the manner in which the stand interacts with capability customers. Expo Stand Services can design, deliver & construct an area simplest exhibition stand in shape inside your given area. We adhere to your finances all while status out from the crowd. To get our services all you need to do is connect with us. We have a team of professional exhibition stand builders and designers that can get you the best.

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