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How do you get long hair out of a vacuum?

Long hair is one of the most common types of debris that clogs and stops vacuums from working properly.

No doubt Vacuums are quite popular but are not often used for their original purpose of cleaning up dirt.

Many people, however, are using them to get rid of their hair. If your vacuum cleaner has a flexible hose you should use the hose and if it has a sharp edge or a curved edge you should use the vacuum cleaner.

If you are wondering how do you get long hair out of a vacuum? Here are some simple steps of vacuuming long hair you can follow.

Unplug the vacuum

Unplug your vacuum cleaner, and have a trash bin handy. If you’re allergic to dust, you may want to wear a mask.

Taking good care of your vacuum cleaner is important because it ensures that you won’t have to face dirt or dust build-up.

If you’re concerned that you can’t do it yourself, don’t worry! Simply take some time to read the manual and the maintenance instructions so as to perform regular maintenance checks on your machine.

Unplug the vacuum

Detach the roller brush

Detach the roller brush if you can, and hold it in your lap until the hair has been removed from the upholstery.

If you are unable to detach it, position the vacuum in such a way that you are still able to hold onto the roller brush.

If you can’t detach your roller brush, secure the vacuum cleaner in a position that allows you to lay it on the floor with the roller brush facing upwards and then lie flat upon it.

After that rotate into your most comfortable position. If this way is uncomfortable for you, try lying down on your back instead.

Use a seam ripper

With the seam ripper firmly in your hand, loosen your grip on it to free up some of your fingers. Using the seam ripper, begin working through the hair at the scalp, paying attention to brush direction before moving on deeper into the hair where you can better assess which direction you will need to loosen more of the hair out of the roller.

Also, if you need help finding any stray hairs within the roller itself, search for them with this seam ripper; it has several sharp points on its flat side that will do no damage to the roller but may help ensure all hairs are loosened evenly throughout!

Use a seam ripper

Grasp one end of the hair

Grasp one end of the hair and pull it to dislodge it from the brush, before tossing the clumps of dirt and hair into the trash.

Among the most necessary and often overlooked tools in any quick clean-up on day to day basis is a plain old comb.

By pulling apart any knots and snarls on the outside of the comb, we can easily pull out lint and dust trapped effortlessly.

How does it work?

When a vacuum cleaner’s roller brush doesn’t seem to be picking up as effectively, as usual, the culprit is often a mess of hair strands that have become tangled around the brush.

If this is the case, it’s easy to diagnose – you will see layers of hair looped around the roll, sometimes nearly reaching the depth of the roller’s bristles.

If your vacuum isn’t picking up properly (or stops rolling altogether), the culprit may be hair strands wrapping around its brush.

The best way to diagnose this problem is to look for looped strands (looped often to the depth of the bristles) tangled around the roller.

If you do find them, it’s easy to treat: Do not use scissors! You’ll just get stuck in there. To get rid of the hair, use a seam ripper like tailors and seamstress use. It slices through hair without getting all knotted up.

Regular maintenance of your vacuum

If the beater bar of your vacuum is clogged with long hair it can’t do its job. If two-thirds of the bristles are clogged with hair.

You’re wasting your time and energy because it won’t do a very good job at separating and agitating the carpet strands to throw the dirtier bits along the path of the vacuum.

Depending on your massage therapist you’ll probably need a wrench and a towel or cape.

I’ve seen the towel recommended, but if you have thick seaweed flailing around your body, do you think it would be able to grip the slippery stuff?

FAQs related to how do you get long hair out of a vacuum?

Will hair mess up a vacuum?

That’s fine to vacuum up! …But hair can quickly clog up your vacuum and soon you’ll see that you won’t be able to use it for its original purpose.

Instead, if you’re vacuuming a lot of fallen hairs, use a dustpan since they can help you retrieve all the loose hairs and remove them from the premises immediately.

Will vacuuming baking soda ruin my vacuum?

Baking soda can be detrimental to your vacuum cleaner. Its tiny particles can clog the machine and affect its operation, and over time they could even ruin the motor.

Your poor vacuum works so hard to make sure you get all of the baking soda out of your carpet, but alas, it’s still there!

What to sprinkle on the carpet before vacuuming?

Sprinkling baking soda before you vacuum is a very easy way to add the deodorizing properties of baking powder to your vacuum cleaner and make your carpets smell fresher for longer.

After sprinkling some on top of your carpet, simply leave it for a few minutes and then vacuum as usual.

While vacuuming tends to remove odor-causing contaminants from rugs and flooring, dry baking soda is an effective odor absorber and deodorizer that can help prevent odors from forming in the first place!

Does carpet powder ruin your vacuum?

Tiny particles of grime may get kicked up on your carpet or your furniture, even reaching places you can’t see.

Meanwhile, inside your vacuum cleaner, all the dust and debris that gets picked up can clog the air filter or bag, reducing its ability to work properly which causes it to overheat.

Should you vacuum your couch?

Vacuuming your sofa every week like clockwork is a must, even if you can’t see the dust.

It’s easy to remember to clean your carpets and floors with a wet mop or a mop and bucket, but sometimes we can forget how things transfer from your carpet onto your sofas from contact with the soles of our shoes as we hurry around.

Pet hair, dust, germs, and so on during a busy season might build on the surfaces that aren’t being touched by them all the time.

If you have stubborn stain buildup, you may even need a special spot remover for tough places!


If you are dealing with long hair in your vacuum cleaner, you are not alone. This is a common issue with many vacuum cleaner owners.

Vacuum cleaners are quite convenient and do a good job of collecting debris and dirt on carpets and floors.

However, your vacuum may get clogged with long hair and other obstructions. This article will explain how do you get long hair out of a vacuum. We hope you enjoy it.

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