How Do You Make Your Water Potable and Safe to Drink?

During the early times, people can always enjoy having clean water. It is because they can always get them naturally from bodies of water. However, as time passed by, these water sources have become contaminated. Fortunately, scientists have found ways to purify unsafe water, such as using water treatment systems.

With these discoveries, local agencies and companies can now supply water that is safe for human consumption. Also, to ensure that the supply of water is always safe, the government implemented some essential rules. Are you wondering what the best ways of cleaning your water are? The following tips can help you in making your water potable and safe to drink at home.

Use Reverse Osmosis System in Cleaning Your Water

Using a reverse osmosis system can help in making your water potable and safe. In this method, water flows through a semipermeable membrane, eliminating any impurities. Osmosis is the natural process wherein the low concentrated solution such as fresh water moves toward the highly concentrated solution. However, if external pressure is applied, the highly concentrated solution will travel towards the lower concentrated solution.

In case this process is done in a semipermeable membrane, then the filter can trap larger toxins, giving your pure drinking water free from any toxins. Since it can extract impurities at a molecular level, this is the best option for removing viruses, bacteria, and sediments. It can also help in removing minerals without the need of using a water softener. This water purification method is commonly used in several establishments, including military facilities and treatment plants.

You can also install a small Reverse Osmosis System in your home so you can always enjoy clean water from your pipes. Keep in mind that installing a small Reverse Osmosis System requires regular maintenance. Nevertheless, it is still the best option for cleaning your portable water.

Clean Your Water With Household Chlorine

Chlorine is usually used for cleaning swimming pools. However, some water treatment facilities are using a small amount of this substance to eliminate the toxins found in unsafe drinking water. Using household grade chlorine is greatly recommended for purifying your drinking water. This substance, which is commonly known as bleach, includes 4% to 6% chlorine.

Consequently, the amount you need to add to your water will depend on the number of active ingredients found in the cleaner. Add at least two drops of bleach to everyone’s litre of water. For a gallon of water, you can add at least eight drops of household grade chlorine. You can safely drink it after letting it stand for 30 minutes.

It is an ideal method to use when cleaning the water from natural sources such as streams and rivers. It is also effective for getting rid of harmful substances from tap water which comes from underground sources. However, even if this technique effectively kills bacteria and other viruses, it still needs more time for combating some impurities.

Using a Water Filter

An effective way of purifying your water at home is by using filtration. It is because it does not need any special instructions. You can either choose to have a portable one or the entire house water filter system. Most of the popular models are hooked up to your fridge or sink through the waterline.

These are just among the many methods of ensuring that you have safe and potable water in your home.

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