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How Does a Food Delivery Robot Work?

Robots are everywhere these days, from the Amazon warehouse to your local McDonald’s drive-thru and even in your home with a Roomba vacuum cleaner. And the best part about these fancy robots is they serve multiple purposes, i.e., for food delivery, POS ordering, self-serving, autonomous food ordering, and so on.

If this sounds fascinating to you, then we’re sure, after learning how one of these robots-the food delivery robot, works, will leave you stunned!

Best innovative features of the food delivery robot

Pudubot, is the newest type of intelligent food delivery robot in Melbourne, designed specifically for restaurant operations. They have some outstanding features to simplify the entire food serving experience like never before. With an innovative self-serving system, voice functions, and a pre-installed navigation system, the guests can easily place and get their orders served with minor human interaction.

Similarly, there are several other features that a food waiter robot covers, such as:

1) SLAM navigation Technology:

It is a Free navigation technology that enables the robots to navigate safely and securely using the map. This system ensures the food is delivered to the correct table contactless.

2) User-friendly Interface:

Users can avail the services from the food waiter robot within a few clicks only, through a user-friendly menu that’s simple and easy to understand.

3) Voice Control:

The user interface of an intelligent food delivery robot is also built on voice, which means you can order food with just a simple voice command. Yes, again, without any human interactions.

4) Temperature Control:

It maintains the food temperature from when it leaves the restaurant kitchen until it reaches the designated tables.

5) 3D sensors to avoid collisions:

These 3D sensors ensure no collision is made, but the order reaches their designated tables safely.

6) Replaceable battery:

Unlike other robots, food robots have replaceable batteries that keep them running for days. With proper maintenance, these robots can run without interruption for days.

7) Cloud & Scheduler:

All the collected data from the robot servers is uploaded to the cloud for further analysis. Thus, if you want to re-watch the service history, you can access it from the intelligent food delivery cloud services.

Besides, the food robot Scheduler helps restaurants and users to manage their food serving, ordering, and even payment services in advance. This feature assists restaurant owners during peak hours.

How do intelligent Food delivery robots work?

1) The customer places an order through the robot’s user-friendly interface

2) The robot receives the order and starts navigating to the restaurant kitchen

3) Once it arrives at the kitchen, the robot picks up the food from the predetermined location and heads towards the customer’s table

4) Upon reaching the table, the robot serves the food and even provides a bill for the customer to pay

5) Finally, the robot returns to the restaurant kitchen for its next order.

Benefits of Food delivery waiter for restaurants

As they use robotics technology for their operations, the food delivery robots also offer outstanding benefits to restaurant owners.

1) Saves time & money:

 Intelligent food delivery robots are popular to provide a convenient serving process. Since they eliminate human labor by ensuring a contactless serving and ordering experience, eventually, it saves time and money to a great extent.

2) Better customer service:

These robots are intelligent to navigate safely and are also extremely quick at service. It ensures to enhance the productivity of the business performance. Also, they are sure to match your requirements in peak hours in restaurants, hospitals, or parties.

3) Safety & Hygiene:

The robots are built with safety features like 3D sensors to detect collisions, etc., ensuring that food is delivered safely and hygienically.

4) Easy installation:

The process is as simple as working with any other traditional waiters. All you need to do is give the intelligent food robots a map of your location, and they will make their way back on their own.

5) Easy to use:

These robots are extremely easy to use. The user doesn’t even need any sort of assistance. However, it is best to guide your first-time guests using these robots to make them familiar with the process.

Is intelligent delivery robots a good option for business?


The benefits of using intelligent food delivery robots for businesses are innumerable. They can save restaurants time and money, provide better customer service and ensure safety and hygiene. In addition, they are easy to install and use, making them the perfect option for businesses of all sizes.

Are these food catering robots safe?

Yes. Unlike traditional waiters, the food robot waiters are not susceptible to human error. In fact, they are the best and the safest system for hygienic making deliveries.

How much does an intelligent delivery robot cost?

Intelligent food delivery robot costs between $2,500 to $4,000, depending on its features.

The initial investment for robot payment systems is relatively low but can increase with additional features.

Typically, a robot that can work autonomously is more expensive than those that require assistance. However, the cost of having a robot delivery service is still much lower than traditional human delivery services.

More Robots for Restaurant Operations

If you think intelligent food delivery robots are the only AI system made to improve your business operations, then think twice. From food orders to serving and payment, almost everything is possible using high-tech robots nowadays. Several other types of robots serve different purposes and benefit work performance. So, let’s find some of them in the post below.

1) POS robots:

With POS (point of sale) robot systems, the customers can experience a 100% contactless payment option.

When customers place an order, their bill is redirected to the restaurant’s POS ordering system. Thus, these robots enable them to make a contactless payment using their Credit/Debit at the billing while ensuring minimal touch.

2) Multitasking food robots:

These robots can provide multiple services, eliminating the need for customers to wait at the counter for their food. For example, they can take orders, cook food and collect payments all by themselves, making them perfect for busy restaurants.

3) Autonomous delivery robots:

These robots are perfect for busy restaurants and even for street deliveries as they can work independently with little to no supervision. They can take customer orders and deliver food autonomously, ensuring quick service without delays.

4) Self-serve robots:

Self-serve robots are a great way to reduce labor costs for restaurants. It enables people to take drink and food orders, accept payments, and deliver food to tables. This allows restaurants to have more staff available to serve customers in person.

5) QR code ordering system:

This QR Code ordering system allows customers to order food by scanning a QR code. You can place the QR code anywhere near the table. And all the customers have to do is scan the code using their smartphone, select the dishes, and place the order. After placing the order, the dishes are automatically sent to the kitchen for further preparation.

Closing statement

We hope this blog may have helped you answer all your queries related to the food delivery robots. Even if you have some doubts to solve, please share them with us in the section below. And we’ll reach out in no time.

They have some of the world’s best high-tech robots for restaurant operations. Plus, whether you require a machine for food ordering/serving or for taking the payments while storing the data history, they have a robot for all the needs! Also, if you search for a reliable dealer for purchasing robots, Youkey may be the best option.

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