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How Does Bulking and Cutting Build Muscle? | Mistakes to Avoid

The fitness industry has a lot of experts talking about the bulking and cutting strategy for building muscles.

Though primarily designed for the bodybuilders, this type of strategy is being highly accepted by even beginners.

Bulking and cutting phases work in harmony with your diet plan and workout program.

However, while the tips work for building some great muscles, not everyone knows how to make the Cutting vs bulking cycle a success.

Although people don’t find these cycles pretty tough, there are some facts that one must be aware of during these bodybuilding phases.

Today, we bring you some pointers on how and why bulking and cutting can be helpful in muscle building.


Bulking vs Cutting – How Does It Build Muscle?

Bulking and cutting phases in bodybuilding are certain periods where you either bulk or cut.

By bulking, experts refer to the state where you build on muscles, and cutting is all about clearing away all that extra fat you gained during bulking.

According to the exact meaning of these two phases of the bodybuilding cycle:

  • Bulking – refers to the state of being in a calorie surplus, where the bulking diet is designed to help you gain muscles and weight.
  • Cutting – is the calorie deficit state. This is the opposite state of bulking. Here, you flush out the excess gains from bulking.

But the question is, how does bulking and cutting work and what can you expect?


Bulking and Cutting to Build Muscle – What Can You Expect?

bulking and cutting muscle building

If you look at the effects of a short cutting and bulking program where you switch between the phases every two to three weeks, here’s what you can expect:

#1. Increase in Energy Levels During Bulking

The energy levels during your bulking phase increase with the right type of diet. This offers you immense improvements in your performance during workouts.

Bulking cycles help you get better at lifting weights and hence maximize muscle gains.

But for that, one needs to focus on keeping the calorie sources neat and healthy.

#2. Need for Diet Control

During a cycle of cutting and bulking, keeping the diet under check matters the most.

If you don’t check on what macronutrients get into your body, you might end up gaining more fat than muscles during bulking.

Hence, bulking and cutting keep your diet in check, which ensures maximum muscle gains and a quicker leaner body.

Many people also supplement their diet plan with different types of SARMs that are legal and natural. This might ensure faster results. Intake of a supplement along with a proper diet plan might be just the nutritional kick you need.

#3. The Quick Gains

By keeping your energy levels high for tough workouts, bulking helps you gain maximum muscles.

But gaining muscles by keeping up the calorie levels may result in some fat.

That’s where you start with the cutting phase, which helps not only in defining the muscles but also in:

  • Improving insulin sensitivity
  • Managing testosterone-cortisol ratios

Together, all such actions help in speeding up the pace of results with some of the most amazing bulking and cutting before and after results.

But at the same time, the whole strategy can turn into failure too.

This mostly occurs in cases of bulking and cutting for beginners where beginners are not able to manage their diet.

Here are some of the cases where the cutting and bulking cycles may not yield muscle gains.


Bulking and Cutting Mistakes and Failures

Sometimes, when beginners fail to remember the difference between bulking and cutting, they may make some mistakes that result in failures:

#1. Not Managing the Diet

There is a difference between the diet you take during bulking and the diet plan you maintain during cutting.

Sometimes, people fail to maintain a sufficient calorie surplus for bulking and end up adding too many calories into their diet.

These calories are stored as fat, which becomes quite excess to be easily flushed out.

#2. Mistakes During Cutting

During cutting, what’s important is to cut out more calories than your intake.

This involves too many workouts and some hard work. Since maintaining energy during cutting is complex, sometimes beginners find it difficult to cope with the cycle.

#3. Estrogen Production Increases

In some cases when the fat levels gained during bulking are quite excess, it could give rise to more estrogen.

Higher estrogen levels invite more fat and your whole cycle would end up in you gaining pure fat and no muscles.

#4. Maintaining Diet During Cutting

Cutting out calories means cutting out foods that might lead to the release of hormones that increase your hunger.

Controlling appetite in such cases can be tough and might cause the failure of the cycle.

But despite these many problems with the cycle, people are still able to sustain the cycle and extract amazing results.

Ever wondered how?

The answer could be the different supplements that bodybuilders take, some might take steroids and SARMs, and others might go all-natural.

While the former does yield maximized results of the phases, they can cause serious side effects like acne, water retention, and a lot more. But there is still a natural path.

CrazyBulk has launched its all-natural and 100% legal range of different types of SARMs that could help you fight all obstacles of bulking and cutting to gain mass and lose fat!

While the CrazyBulk Steroids are already famous for their results, their SARMs edition has what got them back into the limelight.

Here is a quick review of one such natural bulking and cutting alternative, STENA 9009, from the CrazyBulk SARMs range.


CrazyBulk STENA 9009 Review – Natural Alternatives to SARMs

CrazyBulk has come up with its all-natural range of SARMs alternatives for all your workout goals.

Their newly launched CrazyBulk STENA 9009 has been designed specifically to mimic the actions of the famous SARMs, Stenabolic SR9009.

But the supplement only mimics the benefits and not the side effects of the SARM, making it fit for use and consumption.

According to the real Crazy Bulk Stena 9009 results reviews, the pills work dynamically to boost up your cutting and bulking phases with benefits like:

  • High energy levels and stamina during cutting
  • Improved endurance for more workouts
  • Easy fat cutting
  • Less fatigue during cutting as compared to normal cycles without STENA
  • Improved blood circulation for easy recovery

Benefits of Buying Crazy Bulk SARM STENA 9009 

The STENA 9009 by CrazyBulk pays special attention to the health and goals of its users with benefits like:

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Safe results with no major side effects
  • Prescription free formula
  • Easy to use dosage
  • Multiple buy savings
  • Money-back guarantee

Hence, this CrazyBulk Legal Stenabolic Alternative brings you only benefits and no negatives. But do remember to support the use of this supplement with a proper workout and diet plan for the best results. 


Wrap Up

Bulking and cutting are two important phases of bodybuilding. Although they aren’t necessary for bodybuilding, their results do carry a strong impact.

According to fitness experts, both the phases can improve your bodybuilding by:

  • Increasing energy
  • Supporting a healthy diet
  • Improving your lean gains

But sometimes, the cycle could be tough to manage. But all these obstacles can be easily dodged with the help of an amazing range of CrazyBulk legal SARMs.

From their newly launched range of cutting supplements, you can use CrazyBulk Stena 9009 to retain lean mass while maintaining muscle mass. The CrazyBulk Stena 9009 customer reviews also boast of its exciting results.

Hopefully, now you know how to build a shredded physique with bulking and cutting along with the mistakes you must avoid for success.



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